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for Age of Extinction: Altered

6/3 c14 Captain Jaguar
I still enjoyed the movie and I want Star Wars and transformers to be more tied together like marvel and I love all the transformers movie but the first one will always be the best and hold a special place in my heart.
5/31 c13 Captain Jaguar
I picture Jeffery combs voicing ratchet and I like the movie actor who played ratchet I’m so glad ironhide and ratchet and jazz don’t die , but I’m still sad about jetfire and I do respect that nobody’s safe and people die.
5/31 c12 Captain Jaguar
Optimus speaking to alpha trion gave me that vibe from revenge of the fallen when Sam is talking to the primes and I picture the matrix of leadership music playing in the background and that music is powerful.
5/25 c15 Captain Jaguar
I picture the music from the end of the first movie playing when optimus thanks grimlock like he thanked Sam and that was a beautiful parallel.
5/25 c14 Captain Jaguar
Prowl stole the show he reminds me of Lennox and I’m glad him and magnus were working together in the last knight fanfiction , they just destroy in a movie together.
5/25 c13 Captain Jaguar
I picture the optimus arriving score playing from the first movie , gives me chills every time and gets me fired up.
5/25 c12 Captain Jaguar
I was reminded when Sam spoke to the primes in revenge of the fallen and the matrix of leadership score playing and I got choked up reading those words and that was one of my favorite parts of the movie.
5/25 c11 Captain Jaguar
I picture the music when he’s breaking out of the ice playing in the back ground and him saying I am megatron was the icing on the cake and this is what he should’ve said and this brings me back to my childhood and the first one will always have a place in my heart.
5/25 c10 Captain Jaguar
I finally got what I wanted to see and I still enjoyed the movie but there is parts I would improve on and nothing can top marvel because marvel does a great job of tying everything together.
5/25 c8 Captain Jaguar
I’ve always thought that quintessa was good before she turned bad and that she built the knights of cybertron and optimus and megatron as her protectors and it’s like guardians of the galaxy with thanks and gamora and nebula how gamora always won and nebula always lost and that’s what I’m getting at . Quintessa got corrupted by the power and she wanted to take over cybertron and use optimus as nemesis prime to do and the knights took away optimus and saved him and took the staff and I think quintessa’s lying to optimus about cybertron that it’s her home planet and she’s like ego and thanos combined and I think she’s trying to restore her home and she’s lying about restoring cybertron and she’s manipulating optimus and megatron.
5/25 c7 Captain Jaguar
Instilled enjoyed last knight and age of extinction and dark of the mooon and there’s parts I would improve on and be more coherent.
5/25 c6 Captain Jaguar
Sam’s death and Cade’s speech inspires optimus to fight for humanity and optimus is reminded that there’s food in humanity and there’re people like Lennox and Cade and Sam and he’s reminded of how Sam was willing to sacrifice himself to protect the allspark in the first movie and like Sam said no sacrifice, no victory and how he went half way around the world to bring optimus back to life and Cade’s speech reminded of what optimus said in the first movie about how he has faith in humanity to ironhide and how freedom is the right of all sentient beings and he’s willing to sacrifice himself to bring peace to earth.
5/25 c5 Captain Jaguar
I really enjoyed optimus’ connection sith case and how Cade saved optimus in last knight and said I can’t do this without you optimus and how Cade is pure of heart and he’s a true leader and how he’s willing to lay down his life for optimus , even when he was under quintessa’s control and like bumblebee said I’ll lay down my life for you optimus.
5/25 c2 Captain Jaguar
I feel like Sam and mikaela’s death is very interesting and tragic like ratchet’s death and how cemetery wind are hung in and killing people protecting the autobots and I understand both Lennox and Cade both want what’s best for the autobots and they’re two people with different points of view and go head to head is deep as conflicting drama.
5/24 c1 Captain Jaguar
I love all the transformers movies , but I was so sad they killed ratchet and ironhide and jazz and I wanted them back and I still enjoyed the movie and there’s stuff I would improve on and I still enjoyed the last knight and I still love the first transformers movie it’ll always be the best and have a special place in my heart.
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