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4/11 c3 5C3nterF0ld
I will NEVER understand why a majority of FF writers make male Harry a lil wimp as bitch but EVERY ff writer who uses female Harry makes her badass. tf lmao. nice story tho
3/23 c3 cassnova5424
that line will never get old
3/22 c3 Ariadne Venegas
So much LOL and Win! That’s why you need Iris Potter in your life right there!
3/14 c3 Guest
It's to bad their isn't more to this story. There's so few fem harry stories that are star wars crossovers. And the few that are have a annoying habit of doing what a lot of other fem harry writers do and calling the female character harriet. What horrible name completely ruins the story. To many star wars and harry potter crossovers use the canon harry potter. Canon harry potter is boring and dull and is one of the reasons I never been a hardcore potter fan. Of course I'm sure if a hardcore fan by seem chance sees this comment. Then they'll get triggered and start shouting a number of obscenities. Something that both potter and star wars fans do when someone dares to criticize their beloved franchise.
3/10 c3 6era-romance
this was hilarious can't believe I missed it before. thank g for reddit recommendations lol
2/18 c3 30LordCroussette
damn, I want more xD
2/4 c3 Gamer71796
so... I know this was a little 3piece of a one-shot but suddenly I find myself in need of more Harry Potter/Starwars crossovers. There aren't many to begin with and fewer still that are worth reading. I can honestly say this is the first I've seen take place during these specific events and funny as shit to... I hope you have more stashed away somewhere
2/3 c3 herxy
This was short but very entertaining hahaha
1/31 c1 1Ace of Hate
More please, this is too good.
1/28 c3 Phoenix
Well this is short sweet and rather entertaining.
1/24 c3 2willam and jack and jake
very well done
1/23 c3 Eriktheviking70
Great fun insanity.
1/19 c3 Gracie15Trowa
1/19 c3 2EthanVicor
Love it.
1/14 c3 Shivers82
Nice little short what-if.
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