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6/29 c2 HenryManning
That's a nice story! Waiting for the next chapters!
10/22/2021 c2 NarutoKazahama06
You're saying that sasuke is sealed/inside naruto?
7/26/2021 c2 Robert's Hammer
Came back to reread this story- honestly I like all of your work but this is probably the most interesting concept of all of them. I really hope you come back and continue it one day
3/31/2021 c2 sguti392
Interesting I like the concept your going with.
4/10/2019 c2 Xeos
This one has the most interesting premise of all your stories. Can't wait to find out what exactly happened at the valley of the end and what is this... thing that Naruto wants to use.
Garra still has Shukaku! That's awesome. I'm guessing Naruto is much stronger than canon. I wonder if they went for a 2.5 year training trip or if it never happened or something else was arranged.
I hope you continue this one to it's end too
4/4/2019 c1 Kilyen
I quite like this story. I loved Patriot's Dawn and now its sequel Nightfall as well, though this one truly intrigues me. I hope you will continue it some time.
3/21/2019 c2 26Sarcasm Dragon
And fun to read
3/19/2019 c2 1Konoha's Orange Fire Shadow
Wow, this is a really interesting concept, would really really love an update to it
1/18/2019 c2 1WriteGameSaitama
I really like this story, hope we can get some more backstory
1/14/2019 c2 angel11xpr
Still fun to write?
1/6/2019 c2 4baud001
Shit was fun to read.
9/5/2018 c2 Guest
Nice. Hope you continue this.
9/4/2018 c2 2Leaning Leon
So Naruto killed Sasuke, took his eyes and now Sasuke is Naruto’s tulips? I like it.
8/21/2018 c2 Ize19
What a cool idea for a story! I was worried at first that Naruto had simply gone insane, but the idea of Sasuke's spirit sharing his body is much cooler, and you write it well. This was a great chapter, with an exciting fight, and great potential. Whenever you find time to get back to this, I will be very happy to continue reading this story.
7/9/2018 c2 3Rorschach's Plot
Shit is fun to read
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