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8/10/2020 c40 14Dimac99
Another wonderful, wonderful fic. Again I have been greedy and reading through the night till my phone dropped out of my hand, but I just always wanted to know what happened next and I couldn't wait! I loved so many different threads, and I know I won't remember them all. Well, I loved them all, but there was so much going on.

I liked April's story, she still felt like that wonderful, sweet, geeky kid, just an older version. Her relationship with Jessica was adorable and her frustration over her relationship with Anna was palpable. Talking of difficult parental relationships (which is most of them in this show!) I really loved how Rory kicked Christopher's arse. Again. Standing up for Gigi like that was awesome. Like with Lorelai, becoming a mum has kinda been the making of Rory, even if her way has been even more untraditional than Lorelai's. And Spencer is a sweetheart. I almost cheered out loud (in the middle of the night!) when he gave Christopher what he deserved. And I love that Gigi, Kitty and Willow all have their own personalities, they didn't feel like generic kid character stand-ins. The angst with Emily and Richard was really good. I particularly loved the something-and-nothing with his TA, it was perfect for Emily to react to and thus create conflict with Lorelai. There were so many wonderful things but now I have to rush off and start the third part. I can't wait any longer!
10/7/2018 c29 toyia1996
I really do love this story, all three of them. So much emotion; love, fear, saddenes, joy & happiness. One if the best gg stories I've read. And I've read a lot. Keep up the great work.
9/30/2018 c1 toyia1996
Loving the series. Questions? What is Rory doing now? What did she major in Yale?
9/2/2018 c25 Amy
I love this story so far and I loved that we finally got to see lorelai and Gigi share a sweet moment. I've been waiting for that!
7/3/2018 c40 17frazzledsoul
So I just finished this and loved it, and am going to attempt to review all 40 chapters at once.
Luke/Lorelai and their many, many kids - I have to say that I loved this, and I loved seeing Lorelai so maternal and Luke attempting to wrangle their many offspring. There's something fundamentally off to me about the arrangement in AYITL between these two. It's not that I thought their relationship was unsuccessful or that they weren't happy, but Lorelai repeatedly said she wanted this life and so did Luke. So I relish reading stories where they achieved it.
Lorelai taking a step back from the Dragonfly and doing dressmaking on the side - I liked this very much, because Lorelai the mother of many small children would be different from the Lorelai from canon, who could focus more on work. I liked that she can find something to be passionate about and also be a mom, especially since she seemed to struggle with having neither of those things in the last "season" that we were given.
April's sexuality - There's been some attempts out lately in fanfic to go this route with Rory and I don't find it entirely truthful, so I think it fits much more with April.
Lane going to college and getting a functioning job in the music business - I liked this a lot, because I'm not sure Lane from canon really viewed being a working musician realistically and then she gets distracted by marriage and babies and this whole huge aspect of her character basically disappears. So I much preferred this approach.
Rory and Gigi - The most we ever see of Gigi is in S7 and I actually like a lot of things from that season, but I never knew whether they were trying to tell us Christopher was responsible or not. He does well one on one with Gigi but he also makes huge changes to her living situation without thinking about it and sends her away for long periods of time. I've always been uncomfortable with the way Rory totally rejects her and denies that she exists. So I much preferred Rory taking responsibility for her and cutting Christopher out completely. And of course I am glad to see her settled romantically.
Emily/Richard - To be perfectly honest, the grandparents are my least favorite part of this show, but one of the reasons I clung to the idea of Luke and Lorelai having kids in my head after the show ended is that I theorized that getting to spend time with grandchildren would loosen them up and bring them closer to Luke and Lorelai. So I very much liked the way this played out.
So I am going to catch up on the third part of this series now and I hope you continue writing beyond what we know about these characters.
6/3/2018 c27 Guest
I'm re-reading this story for the 4th time and I finally caught the name of the law firm in Chapter 27: Jackson, Ladd and Smith. What a hoot!
3/1/2018 c40 Lucy144
I know I'm late to the game but I just had to review. I recently discovered both parts of your story 'the pursuit of happiness' and 'life and liberty' and it is the best Gilmore girls fanfiction I have read. You had me hooked, I've laughed and cried both happy and sad tears and I loved every minute. I can picture everything happening in my head and it's just a perfect story from beginning to end.

If you ever want to write more, I will definitely readyour writing is amazing!
2/13/2018 c40 Guest
It's been several weeks since this fic ended and I still find myself bummed every time I come to read some GG fanfic because there are no longer any new installments of Life & Liberty waiting for me. Guess I'll have to just reread the 2 fics all over again! I need my fix of Kitty & Willow and Spencer & Gigi and all the rest!
2/3/2018 c40 Sarah
I'm a bit late to the party - but I just wanted to say: Thank you so, so much for this! This wonderful, constantly-fitting tale always marked a bright spot in days filled with studying and doing papers and whatnot for me and I enjoyed seeing how all of these dearly-loved characters got on in life immensely. If you ever consider continuing this or taking up another story - I still think you're doing Emily extremely well especially - please do, I'd read it all! :) Sarah
1/19/2018 c40 Guest
I hope beyond hope that you will opt for a trilogy (at least!) and give us one more story (at least!) in this series. The first one & then this one have been simply fantastic. I love them.

I don't care if a new story picked up right after the wedding, or within a year or two of it, or if you wanted to jump ahead 5 or even 10 years, but I would just love to see more of your version of the original Gilmore Girl characters and of course the extra characters you have created as well.
1/4/2018 c40 rajjja
Thank you, Thank you - for the WONDERFUL stories! I read both as they were happening. 2017 was a very dark year for me - and your stories were my escape. I will miss the glee I felt when the email came telling me there was a new chapter posted. I would save it for a moment I could be alone and uninterrupted. And it was often a good way to close a day filled with bad news. I read it mostly on my phone and I could never get the "Review" function to work correctly, so I think this is my first review.

The best parts:
- LOVED Kitty and Willow! You did an amazing job with those characters.
- The April story line was great. It is a story that needs to be told of teens struggling with their sexuality. It is challenging for everyone involved, especially adults who are worried about societal expectations. I hope your story helps others dealing with this issue in their own families.
- The Rory/Gigi drama was fascinating. I am impressed with your story creation abilities! I never saw that coming. Again - real-life families are messy. It is nice to see a portrayal that they can be messy and loving at the same time.
- Lorelai being a mother of 6 was hilarious to me. Thank you for not making her a super-mom that could work full time and manage all those little kids.
- I would have loved to see more of Luke being a dad. Richard got to loosen a lot and that was nice to see.

I hope fiction writing is part of your future. You have a real gift of characters and dialogue. And good stories to tell :) Best of luck with all your 2018 challenges.
1/3/2018 c40 X
This is by far the best fan fiction I have read! I would give literally anything to get a sequel of when the kids are all a little but older. Don't really need a prequel just REALLY want a sequel
1/2/2018 c40 AndieSav
This is an amazing series. I read the two fics of this universe in several days and wish there was more. They were so good I didn't want to reach the end. The kids are adorable sounding- Kitty and Willow seem like a little Lorelai and Rory with their personalities. So funny. Great a boy was thrown in, and I love that Grace resembles Rory.
I loved April's storyline with identity struggles, custody, and especially her relationships with Lorelai and the grandparents. Great transformation with the Gilmores as well. They really were meant to be grandparents.
I kind of missed Lorelai/Rory moments because of all the family additions and Rory moving and growing up. You did a great job bringing them into the story given the circumstances, I just always wish for more of those two. They have such a special unique bond no matter how many kids come after. Actually, when Lorelai went to see Rory the morning of the wedding and saw Rory & Gigi snuggling close in bed, it was a nice full circle moment not only because of how far they have come, but also because Rory/Gigi sounded like Lorelai/Rory 2.0.
Rory's journey through these fics was probably my favorite. You handled her depression and anxiety so well. It was heartbreaking and I loved seeing the family rally and her overcome. Love that she went into that field, has found a career, amazing relationship, and fought for her sister. Oh, also, it was mentioned several times how she wished Luke had been able to adopt her..just fyi there is such a thing as adult adoption. And you don't even need the bio parent to sign away rights then. So if you do plan a sequel or one-shots or whatever to continue this story, that is a possibility maybe when Gigi's is dealt with as well.
I could go on, but basically I thought these were wonderful fics. I would love (LOVE) to read more, but get you need a breather. So thank you for what you've written.
1/1/2018 c40 9Sondrasr
Such an amazing chapter and end to such an amazing story. I love how you have written this family. From their highs to their lows and everything in between. Thank you for letting me be a part and read your terrific story. Please consider writing more, I would love to read it.
1/1/2018 c39 Sondrasr
Such a cute chapter. I can't see Luke wearing moccasins though. Now that would be a funny picture. I am glad that Christopher did the right thing when it came to Gigi. He did seem a little subdued about it. Maybe he has realized all that he has lost. So glad that everyone was able to be a part of April's graduation. You did such a great job of writing all of this. Please consider writing something else.
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