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for His Throne Is Upholden

8/12/2020 c1 70Ariyah
I enjoyed this glimpse of the early days of the Four's reign. I haven't seen a lot of hunting down the Witch's followers, so that part of it really interested me. Edmund's determination to judge well was displayed wonderfully, as was his belief that Aslan would grant them wisdom.
I'm personally of the conviction that Edmund should know about the Stone Table (and he eventually does: Lucy identifies the stone knife in VDT), but the story works as a "present solution", so to speak. He'll learn sooner or later.
1/7/2019 c1 5Whovianeverlark17
so good!
7/9/2017 c1 17CooperGirlHH
Ohhhh, I loved it! Especially the last scene between the two brothers. I think you're portraying them very well. But still, will Edmund find out what happened at the stone table or not? And what will happen to their prisoners? I'll imagine that they will have a hard time finding out what the right curse of action will be ...
Thank you for this lovely story! Looking forward for more from you!

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