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3/18/2018 c1 21Psycho Tangerine
I love this look into Billy's autism and his sensory needs and challenges. All the noise and chaos of being a power ranger has to be overwhelming for him.
10/22/2017 c1 8Saturday People
I had read this before and sobbed because a lot of the things you had described were relatable to me and reboot!Billy is just the best and you captured him and his feelings perfectly. I decided to reread it tonight and once again, I'm crying :').
8/7/2017 c1 Krysaffe
Wow... I'm so happy I read this story, the way you captured Billy and his thoughts and his mannerisms is amazing. But what really got me was the emotion you put on about him missing his dad. And as i type this (with tears streaming down my face btw) this story hits close to home. The amount of grief a person has and the amount of guilt of thinking that if you forget about the person you lost does overwhelm you. And it made me think of my mom, I lost her 3 years ago and each and everyday I miss her a lot she was like Billy's dad was to me, my comfort and confidant and all around best friend. These days I think about her every once and a while, but everyday it gets better and somewhat easier. Especially if you have friends that help you through it all, I just wanted to say thank you for this beautiful well written story. It actually brings comfort that its okay to not miss my mom instead of being forced to not miss her. Thank you so much for you beautiful words.
7/16/2017 c1 Deletethisaccountassoonaspossi
Wow. Just, wow. This is an excellently written short story, and it definitely feels real. It's hard to write a character with any kind of mental disability, and you did so expertly. It's also fantastic to have representation of Autism in writing. You captured it expertly. I also love the introspectiveness of this story. It flows well, and Billy's thoughts are captured expertly.
Next, the use of the blanket in the different stages of the story can represent Billy's happiness. With his father, the blanket is present, and Billy is generally happy with his family (movie nights, etc.) When his father dies, Billy is upset, and the blanket is packaged away. Then, when his friends come together with him, the blanket reappears, and Billy is happy once more.
In general, this is an excellent story, and you did a fantastic job describing everything. I love the descriptions in this story. They're fluid, and show us the world as Billy sees it.
Generally I loved this.
7/13/2017 c1 5San Wolves
This was great. This was so good. I really enjoyed it. I loved the new reboot of Billy, it's so interesting to see. You never get to see autism portrayed in Power Rangers -at least none that I have seen- until now with the new 2017 reboot they did.

Anyways, this story was great! I loved how you did Billy. This was really great.
7/12/2017 c1 5Kaiser Chris
This was a really great story. You captured the character of Billy pretty well and I liked how you made his struggles feel real. The last part of the story would've definitely made for a great ending scene for the movie. Job well done!
7/12/2017 c1 14a sorceress girl
i feel a little silly typing this but this story made me genuinely cry (i'm crying right now as i type this out haha). the opening paragraph is lovely, not because of the content in it (it's something i deal with and it's not very fun hahahha :')) but because of how it was worded. this bit in particular i really liked; "School was a jumble of mixed words, jumbled colors, and squeaky sneakers against the gym floors. Navigating the crowded hallways of Angel Grove High was a nightmare. Every slight tap of his shoulder felt like a hammer against his skin."

the tears really started rolling when his father brought out the blanket, like they were threatening to come out when billy was talking to his dad in the basement and apologizing to him but they were just bursting out when i got to that bit. the description of the texture of it and how it reminded him of something he liked (the floor tiles) and the fact that they had it specially made for him i just? i'm not sure. and then how the blanket became synonymous with his father and it was more or less bittersweet feelings. "All except his blanket. That blanket was everything right in the world. It was safety. It was comfort. It was...his father, replaced with texture and fabric. What exactly was he saying? He was fine without his Dad? That his father's memory meant as little to him as a piece of cloth? No, his father deserved better than that; knowing comfort in a world without his father was a terrible kind of betrayal." it's sad that he felt that way and it's just another one of those, its a beautifully written if rather sad thing :'). the conversation with his mother had me smiling through the tears too, especially the part about billy singing and sounding like his father. and then the (happy) tears came back when she pulled out the blanket again and how all the memories of his dad came back. the last paragraph was really, really beautiful as well.

anyway, this was just beautiful to read and i love it a lot. billy was my favorite character in the reboot and it was such a delight to see something that got into his head like this. gahh sorry for rambling so much.
7/10/2017 c1 6AttackOfTheBourgeoisie
Wow this is beautiful

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