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9/13 c50 Phazer12
Ahh, Danzo strikes back, or is Danzo just trying to get a hold of the Jinchuuriki? For all we know, Danzo is just frustrated with how Naruto's book questions all things he has done and the shinobi structure he supports and knowing he can't actually take an action against him with the public outrage and needing the Jinchuuriki, he goes for this attack. The bombs are very underrated; they have the potential to be used dynamically anywhere. But just seeing Konan use a river full of it against Obito is similar.

But still, even if Konoha manages to put all the blame on Danzo and cohorts, it leaves the other villages. They can't wage war against Konoha when their shinobis morales are a bit down. It's not highly possible for them to sacrifice people in high positions just as a scapegoat.

So what if like before, Kumo, being led by hot-headed Ay, call for a Kage summit and asks all to put Naruto Uzumaki on the block! Ohh the possibilities that this has created in the whole shinobi nation.
9/11 c49 Gwynx
8/30 c26 thoughts
at the very end you said that it's gonna be really different from canon, i'm concerned because itachi was already a really good character and villain in naruto which doesn't need to be changed.

however since you have proved yourself before i'm gonna trust you on this one.
8/30 c14 realistic story
i really like how you can produce a darker plot while making a really realistic unlike some otherfanfics that i am not gonna name.

keep on going this fanfic is awesome.
8/23 c50 2TrenchcoatMan
Whats a little explosion gonna do to a jinchurriki. Honestly, I think Naruto's fast enough to get out of the apartment, but even if he wasn't i have faith he'd survive the explosion. This definitely has Danzo written all over it.

8/22 c13 swiftrabbit
Emotional turmoil doesn't affect muscle or chakra growth. That is stupid and lame and way overly dramatic and, again, stupid.

I can understand coordination and chakra skills, but muscle and chakra growth? What, you think mental stability has that much impact? Kakashi would be a skinny limp noodle with no skills at all if that was the case, genius or not. The guy is all kinds of fucked in the head and so beyond massively depressed that it's only his loyalty to his friend's memories that keep him alive. Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru are prime examples of mental instability having no impact on growth. Or any of the Akastuki really, except Sasori since he doesn't even have muscles.

Especially Orochimaru and every single one of his Sound Ninja, Kabuto being the biggest depressive of the bunch. Karin is arguably the only sane one and she is still unstable and full of abandonment issues.

What I'm saying is, your excuse is just author bias; if Naruto is doing all the exercises every single day and eating right, being forced by Ma no doubt, his physical and chakra growth should be heavily noticeable. His control on the other hand would've suffered, emotions affect those that is true. Again, emotions affecting involuntary muscle growth, what are you smoking :)
8/17 c50 6Arrexu
This is nice. Basically what sasuke tried to do for an episode but got beaten instead. Revolution because the system is flawed.

Dangerous thinking in a militaristic dictatorship. Naruto would have to cover all the bases if he wants to do this the right way. Even then the effects won‘t be seen in his life time of the plan works.

He would have to speak with every Kage and convince them to abolish the shinobi creed.

If they do then there’s no stopping the next generation to fight with sticks and stones rather than fists and jutsu.

You took a very daunting road author-san. this is one of the stories i‘d very much like to see the conclusion to.

Best wishes and good luck!

This story earned it‘s dub
8/16 c7 12Gold Testament
A heart being ripped out makes me think the killer is Kakuzu.
8/16 c50 ThelittleKing
Lots and lots of politics. Everything seemed to be going so well for Naruto, almost too well. I'm glad you decided to change that up a bit. His plan was good but he isn't a genius. He can't plan ahead for everything like Shikamaru, so well done. He'll survive it for sure, I'm hoping it was only a clone, but we'll see. Loving the Naruto and Sasuke team work as usual. Team Hebi's interactions are always fun. Great chapter and I'm looking forward to seeing what happened to Naruto and how they will deal with Danzo now. Feels like it was his last desperate gamble! Certainly a cliffhanger
8/15 c31 OrigDayday
Didnt he actually see hope in most people? Why did is go so far as to completely rip hope away from himself… Wouldn’t he just join the akatsuki then or do something rather extreme to get the world to change because he only expects disappointment?
8/15 c21 5RFDN
Elemental clones aren't a version of the shadow clone. They are physical clones but from what we have seen they do not have chakra systems capable of using ninjutsu, they do not give memory feedback (that was specifically stated to belong only to shadow clones) and they require a source to be formed. It is also implied they are directly controlled by their user unlike shadow clones which can/do act on their own.

What your technique sounds like is a trapped version of the shadow clone. We know it is possible from two different accounts Itachi used non-elemental or one could debate fire elemental chakra for exploding clones in the finding Tsunade arc. Then during the Pein arc we see Kakashi have lightning trapped clones.
8/14 c48 1GabiLime14
Ohhhh this part of the thought of Gaara really hit a chord inside me! PROTECT GAARA AT ALL COST! :C
8/14 c50 Guest
Update sooner! I can't stand these long updates!
8/13 c50 avidnarutofan
This was a good chapter though I wish certain other things happened.

We got to see how Tsunade dealt with Naruto which was great but not how she dealt with the normal citizens who'd read the book. The same goes for the other villages.

The interaction between Naruto and Sai was great. It showed more independent thought from Sai than I feel canon did.

It's also good to see Sasuke be a bit more reasonable. I don't expect it to last but for now it's good.
8/13 c50 1Nithi velu
Good chapter. How Naruto going to survive the blast?
Also loved Karin and Naruto part. Like something that Karin likes about Naruto. Would Sasuke explore more on his visual powers.
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