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9/1/2023 c33 nmoler19
You are amazing. That’s it bye bye
9/1/2023 c57 1Baahubali
Ooooh sage mode is being learnt, can’t wait to see how naruto progresses with it. Also, mad props to jiraiya for securing the bag, it only took a couple decades. Looking forwards to the next one! Keep up the good work!

Also, Naruto x chiyo is not the weirdest, trust me. Naruto x Kushina or naruto x Naruto’s female twin.
8/30/2023 c57 Pawan957
You take too much time man! Anyway waiting for the next chapter!
8/28/2023 c57 ThyMostInsane
8/28/2023 c57 Ace-Genki
8/28/2023 c57 1Lilthug
I can't believe this fic is almost 60 chapters. I can't see how you plan to end things, but I hope it's sorta bittersweet. Obito going after the six tails was unexpected. You made me feel bad for Utakata. It's like a scene out of a slasher film where the bad guy chases you relentlessly, and no matter what you do, they catch you.

I like how you're writing Karin here. Her dynamic with Suigetsu is always funny, but her interactions with Naruto were always nice. Really hope they find out they're from a nigh extinct clan and are distant family. Sasuke is going on a mission with Sakura? Might be awkward, lol. Though it'll be nice to see him in action after so long. Plus, how the curse mark and his Mangekyou play off each other.
8/28/2023 c57 1Gamesdean1
not to rush you or anything and im glad that you are alive and updating unlike some others but can we please have more frequent updates rather than every 2-3 months? like every month, monthly updates would be sick. overall great chapter though :)
8/27/2023 c57 Illuminated
I feel like Pinky is going to suffer greatly in the Hidan/Kakazu fight for some reason.
8/27/2023 c57
Who doesn't love sage mode? Try the guys that write fanfics where Naruto does not meet the toads, then does not learn sage mode, then they leave the story hanging on its neck. Lol, and I reiterate, I would LOVE NaruSaku (redemption for NaruSaku fans' hearts).
8/27/2023 c57 Guest
It is a bit of time, It is nice to read a new chapter, thanks for the efforts have a nice day and stay safe
8/27/2023 c1 1CoolAdept09
The discord link isn't working. Can someone help
8/27/2023 c57 nirmtheworm14
Great chapter as usual! Although, It says that the discord link is invalid or expired? I remember joining the server a year or so ago but I ended up leaving after I deleted discord.

Im pretty sure I used the same link in your bio to join, I’m not sure why it isn’t working now? Any help would be appreciated!
8/26/2023 c57 1Salty Leclerc
Good chapter.
8/26/2023 c57 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter
8/26/2023 c57 32Adventreader221
i hope tou do the Naruto and Jiraiya v Pein fighr Justice. also i hope you bring the rest if the Akatsuki down. they have no right to let their greedy ambitions run wild.

ler Jiraiya survive. he needs to live.

hope Shizune is alive bjt that is wishful thinkjng
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