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7/29/2019 c10 1Viate
Rip Wave
7/29/2019 c10 7Time Parad0x
Im absolutley no fan of this chapter -
Simply because the Bad guys were able to fullfill all their goals without any consequences to them - Hell they killed Konoha ANBU and instead of Jiraija killing them and ending the threat they are for Naruto as long as they are alive he let them go ... allowing them to tattle to Akatsuki what they learned, that he has a Wood-elemental user as his bodyguard, that Naruto is mentally vulnerable when person he cares about are killed in front of him etc

Sorry, but despite the risk (this fight might have been) the logical thing should have been to try and kill them even if they just got one, it would be one Akatsuki less, they would have to care about and would no longer be able to kill more Konoha Shinobi at a later date or take part in kidnapping Naruto ...

The next time they meet some Akatsuki guys it might not be as favourable as it was now ... wasted opportunity !
7/29/2019 c10 ThelittleKing
I'm really bad at reviews so I'll just say I really enjoyed this chapter, especially with the emotion trauma Naruto is going to go through. I'm interested in seeing what type of person be becomes thanks to this. Although I find it weird that Naruto didn't get somewhat angry at Jiraiya when he revealed that he was Narutos godfather, after all where was he when Naruto was younger (I understand that Jiraiya had an important spy network to run, especially after Konoha being weakend because of the Kyuubi attack, however Naruto most likely won't for some time)
7/29/2019 c10 deniswanheda
Muy bueno, tanto el omeik como este capítulo, me parece que veremos un naruto mucho más decidido y serio que nunca antes, también que no dudará en ir a fondo contra los que quieran seguir con el siclo del odio
7/29/2019 c10 LordAries34
I think the omakes are stupid and don't have any point to the story and would rather not have to read them
7/26/2019 c9 ThelittleKing
Wow, this story is really great. I was a bit sceptical when Natuto was supposed to write a book but I really enjoy what he wrote about. Usually authors make him a Jiraiya #2 when he writes books so I'm glad that isn't the case. Perhaps when he's a bit older lol.

Anyway, I really enjoy this storyline. I'm hoping this story won't only be about the time skip but perhaps another 5-10 chapters? Thanks for writing this!
7/24/2019 c9 zafnak
As for your poll, I think there should have been a 4th option- "Figured something really bad would happen to them and I'm sad it did"
7/24/2019 c9 Richard1081
Wonder if Naruto's book has reached Suna and Gaara yet
7/23/2019 c9 nughar2.0
this is the most promising fanfic I've read in years and it incorporates stuff I haven't seen before and I really where this is going, I don't really give a shit if there are parings or not as long as it's good. keep up the good work
7/20/2019 c9 nughar2.0
Where to begin

This fic is probably the best new fanfiction I have seen in 5 goddamn years, I love what you have done with everything so far. Most fanfics have them train for at the highest, 1 chapter and then time skips 2 years and his personality is completely different and he's bustin 70 new jutsus out his ass no explanation and they are only used like once. I'm all for a pairing if you're up for it. BUT I swear to God if kurama refers to anybody as "Kit" like every other fanfic I'm done with this, it's not good and it just sucks
7/16/2019 c8 deniswanheda
Realmente me dejaste atónito, no me esperaba la muerte de ellos, entiendo porque lo hiciste y lo respeto aunque no me guste, lo de naruto dándose por vencido no lo esperaba, pensé que veríamos a naruto de tres o cuatro colas, y si me imaginé que era yamato
7/12/2019 c8 dai sennin kurosaki d naruto
it'd be cool to see what some of his friends & other in the village think of his new book.
7/12/2019 c8 8Carlos619
you did something that not even kishimoto did. I applaud your choice and enjoyed your story even more. I cant wait for the next chapter
7/12/2019 c8 Kail990
Nothing against the chapter itself, its well written, the deaths of Tazuna werent really needed imho but I dont really care that much, its your story and I can see Naruto using this event as a reason to push himself even harder
1/20/2019 c6 Flying Raijin
I think you're taking this training too one-dimensional ... for months just taijutsu . Naruto needs to exercise more his chakra, more then just taijutsu is able to.

in my opinion focusing just on one will lead to others to deteriorate. for example next you'll focus on ninjutsu, só will Naruto's taijutsu get rusty because he doesn't practice it?

also, I know this is one of those Fanfiction devices that is just so used, but what is there of sealing in the so called gravity seal? what did this seal actually seal? I would say a movement restriction seal could be called a seal as it would seal movement for example

(it could even be argued that a paralysis seal seals movement completely, and if you relax it a bit you would have one that could regulate movement depending on its strength... just a thought)
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