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2/27 c36 Bruh
'Whatever you're doing had better be damn important, idiot…' The Inuzuka knew it was; the knucklehead wasn't someone who would lie about something like that. Still… "You're so oblivious." He was speaking as if someone could hear him. "How can you not see how she feels about you?"

So? Is Naruto supposed to fall in love with her because she loves him? Love doesn't work that way. What if Naruto just doesn't like Hinata if it's the reverse people would be telling him to give up but since it's a girl they just call Naruto an oblivious jerk.
2/21 c30 brutusjr
Always hated when authors use Naruto's conscience or inner self against him... Hopefully you get that out of your system quickly so I can again go back to enjoying this story.
2/20 c59 Diego Montoya1
Vaya churriada eterocatastronica hermano
2/14 c1 Ace-Genki
W chapter
2/14 c49 atomic arthropod
I didn't like that Tobi basically threw Deidara under the bus here. He might not "care" about his subordinates, but he definitely should care about manpower, and Deidara is a very valuable asset for the Akatsuki.

If his plan were to escape, I think Tobi would have tried to save Deidara as well, especially since he revealed his Madara persona to him. But tbh, it makes more sense for Tobi to just hold everyone off while Deidara makes a break for it with the Sanbi in tow. This isn't DMS Kakashi, and Jiraiya is an imperfect sage. Tobi can take them both on at the same time. His Fire Release is just as strong as Madara's, and Kamui is both the best defensive technique AND the best offensive technique in Shippuden. And we already know Deidara soloed Isobu in canon.

The only real risk I can see is that if Tobi reveals too many of his cards, Kakashi might figure out he's Obito, which I imagine was a major concern for him. But if his goal was just to kill them all anyway, why would he care that much?

The Akatsuki blundered here (imo). Tobi and Deidara could have handled this entire fight way better.
2/14 c59 Guest
Wow, I really just finished this in one day. This has to be the best Naruto fic I've read recently. You made Naruto strong without being too overpowered too early. You handled character interactions in a way that felt believable and true to form. And your fights have been pretty engaging too!

Very fond of this story
2/14 c58 Guest
Holy shit. They are so fucking dead. It took *Seventh Gate Guy* just to put Kisame down. G fucking G
2/14 c55 Guest
Oh cool, not NaruHina.

Naruto x Karin, then? I love rare pairs
2/14 c54 Guest

Woo! Love the politicking
2/14 c53 Guest
No way Danzo's dying that easily. He's def got a plan in mind
2/14 c52 Guest
Karin can actually use normal medical ninjutsu too. She used the mystical palm in the anime.

She's no Sakura, obviously, but she's pretty good. Not to mention a crazy good sensor
2/14 c51 Guest
Theory time!

I'm assuming by the "pure evil" bit that Zetsu is in the village. Gonna go on a limb here and say the bombs were from Konan, and it's actually the Akatsuki that bombed his apartment, not Root.
2/14 c52 Guest
Yeah, I adore Team Hebi in this story.

Incidentally, Juugo was always my least favorite member, and you wrote him out. Glad you replaced him with someone more entertaining lol

Sakura is really great in this story too. Love the way you're writing her
2/14 c51 Guest
Oh, the lady's Zetsu.
2/14 c50 Guest
Now I kind of want you to go the Naruto x Karin route
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