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7/30 c43 11quarterhorseranch
“Lobelia puckered her lips so tightly that they would have looked more appropriate at the other end of her digestive tract.” *chokes*
9/20/2019 c47 margie-me
Oh, this was beautifully done! I love how you wove Frodo's uncertainty and concern throughout the conversations, the preparations, and the Party events, including his vain hope that Bilbo might change his mind up until the actual event. The descriptions of food and drink could almost be right front of the eye, even if only words brought them to mind (and stomach)! A little foreshadowing at the conclusion was quite fitting. Thanks so much.
9/18/2019 c47 46megSUPERFAN
I'm just going to make a list of things I loved about this chapter: Shire-made baked goods, Bilbo saying impolite things politely, Bilbo's head whipping up at the sound of the Dwarves, "At your service." "Bilbo Baggins at yours", why hobbits have round doors, mathom-labelling, Bilbo enjoying being scandalous, Bell's reaction to Dwarf-women beards, and loads of other things.
Fantastically well done, and a wonderful ending!
9/13/2019 c47 Febobe

On a less emotional note...magnificent.

You've come a long way from Frodo vomiting on everyone. :) I am so proud of you. You had the seeds in you then. Now you're willing to show the whole world what a writer you've grown into. Thank you for taking us back to Middle-earth on this journey. 3 I think this your finest work yet.
9/13/2019 c47 114shirebound
Oh my, what a perfectly marvelous and satisfying ending... especially those last two paragraphs. I loved every wonderful detail, especially about that huge cake! Congratulations on such an epic tale, bringing nearly every corner and character of Hobbiton to life. You should be very proud of this story.
9/13/2019 c47 5Simbeline
A satisfying ending to a great fanfic. I'm really going to miss getting updates for this.
Thank you so much for writing this fic :)
9/6/2019 c46 margie-me
Oh, the trouble and bother to throw such a large affair. Bilbo is certainly aiming for a party of such magnificence, it'll be the talk of the Shire for years, just like his wayward disappearance long ago! And his encouraging Frodo to do something strange on a regular basis, just to keep up the Baggins reputation, is typically him. There's more than fun to be had, preparing for a great leave-taking, and Frodo's coming of age and into his own. You, once again, tell it all amazingly well! Loved it.
8/29/2019 c46 46megSUPERFAN
This chapter can be summarized in the word "YES." There is so much in here that is absolute perfection! Merry is so inquisitive and tween-ish, and Bilbo is the star of the chapter here! He's got tricks up his sleeve, and this party really does have the great potential to be of "special magnificence"! I hope you won't stop here, and that there are more chapters still to come!. :D
8/5/2019 c45 margie-me
This couldn't have come off better, in spite of all the holdups! From Daisy's anxieties, the cow catastrophe, and the missing mayor, the read was just terrific. I could see it all, and nothing disappointed! No thanks to Sandyman, and heaps of appreciation to Bell, Hamfast (keeping Daisy reigned in somewhat), and the redoutable Bilbo Baggins for stepping in! Hopefully, someone might teach Sandyman his underhandedness has consequences at some point (I mean in a fitting way, and not maliciously.) Thanks so very much for the Hobbitiness. (You brighten dark times.)
8/5/2019 c45 megSUPERFAN
Ah, just beautiful! Daisy's grown on me since the beginning of this tale. Bilbo did a great job; he seems to have a talent for just about everything! I loved how Mayor Whitfoot burst in at the end just in time.
(I also spotted Rosie Cotton- yes!)
8/4/2019 c45 5Simbeline
Very sweet! :)
This chapter made my day
7/31/2019 c44 margie-me
My goodness such turmoil! Poor Frodo-how things seem to happen to him! And Daisy, difficult Daisy. The thing that came to my mind towards the end (don't ask me why), are the lyrics to A Bicycle Built for Two! "Daisy, Daisy! Give me your answer do! I'm half crazy all for the love of you! It won't be a stylish marriage-I don't have a horse or carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two!" The very first stanzas just fit her tempestuous nature and Bartimus' adoration. Where does the dear Hobbitess get it from? You hint at Bell, but I just don't see that in her, unless it was when she was a tween herself! Certainly not the no nonsense Hamfast! Very enjoyable!
7/29/2019 c44 46megSUPERFAN
You SCARED me, hurting Frodo like that! :D
I hope Daisy and Bartimus have a wonderful wedding- I only wish we "Big Folk" would be allowed to attend in person! :)
7/26/2019 c43 megSUPERFAN
What a gorgeously Shirelike chapter. :D I have never been so happy to see Merry again, and Bilbo's antics are just... well, he's quite the hobbit! Extraordinary, as Frodo says. Hoping for more, as always!
7/10/2019 c43 margie-me
These homely, gentle, and humorous situations peppering Hobbit life are just what I so love about your beautifully crafted tales. This was so much fun to read! Thank you many times for the bright offering of such a clear glimpse into the humble world the Perianath treasured. A lot of this reminds me of relatives and people I have known, too, actually! I know I have praised your writing before, and will again. The time spent reading is worth every enjoyable moment. My thanks.
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