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for Injustice: Dragons Among Us Character Intros and Endings

4/24 c10 4Drago The Firesword Dragon
Unless you count the Damien Wayne from Brave And The Bold (it was told by Alfred in an episode), he is obnoxious. That Damien is awesome.
8/12/2018 c123 29SulliMike23
I have a couple of characters that you should consider adding. Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star, Judge Dredd, Tracer from Overwatch, and Johnny Cage.
7/31/2018 c123 Spiral-Voltron-Zero0Q1
I am gonna miss this story
In thr words pf the great Spike Spigel

“See ya, Space Cowboy”
7/31/2018 c120 4Drago The Firesword Dragon
When I see "Ingrate", I instantly think of Kirby Right Back At Ya, which was a Kirby anime, and in this funny moments video on youtube King Dedede just yells "Ingrate!" It was the first time I heard it, and it was funny.
7/30/2018 c123 5IllusionMaster17
Well, this long travesy ended, with a very anticipated moment.
The quotes were really cool, mostly focusing on their relationship, and that was really nice and wonderful.
The quotes I liked most were the proposal, when Cynder asks why he loves her, when Spyro tells her that there is always something worth fight for (Still one of my favorites lines in videogames ever) and why Spyro is a real , this was a long travesy, a wonderful odyssey that I enjoyed a lot. At the end, It was worthy everythingD
Wonderful, legendary story! So creative and powerful!
Also, with Overwatch, and the Upcoming MCU (that would be infinitly wonderful) I know this travel still goes on.
See ya next time my friend! Keep doing so wonderful job! :D
7/23/2018 c122 IllusionMaster17
Hey! I know the Null-Fighters!
While I was searching cross fanfics, Yami's one came to me, and like you, made a wonderful job with quotes and hia own characters, specially Dragnarok and Blaze
Honest, each quote was really wonderful, specially Spyro and Cynder talking to their son, or Spyro with Filthnor and Cynder with Vermillion.
A great crossover-ception indeed! And great quotes ad always.
And now, the last one, I don't know if I'll be ready to let it go... but still I need to see it.
Wonderful work! Until next time! :D
7/23/2018 c122 11Yami Null
A-mazing! You really captured my Null Fighters to the T! Excellent work! :)
7/18/2018 c41 Malefor
7/17/2018 c120 5IllusionMaster17
This was so INCREDIBLE!
All the lines are really awesome and shocking, contrasting to a fierce, cruel and evil tyrant like Malefor.
Each line was wonderful, with Spyro talking about the real purpose of the purple dragon and his own will, and with Cynder keeping away from the Dark Master's influences. And with both talking about Clark's and Diana's corruption caused by Malefor, that was unexpected. Then that line about Cynder reffering to Malefor as "master", I suppose that happened when she was corrupted and before Spyro saved her, or some different time (or universe) after that. Than line shivered me a little... But just was one so O quotes worthy of a conqueror and war leader. Very badass and shocking!
Just two more chapters before the end... It was a long odyssey, one that I loved.
7/16/2018 c120 7H.G.Wells
Malefor's lines and animations are all noce fits for him. He's suitably demonic and I do like the implication that he may be secretly corrupting the regime members. That line about Grodd being his new ape servant in this world also made me chuckle quite a bit.

And I really loved his victory animation. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the surprise you have planned!
7/10/2018 c118 H.G.Wells
I'm really impressed that you made Hunter's intro animations unique, rather than just deriving it from Green Arrow. Maybe the game developers could end up introducing Hunter as a Green Arrow skin - though that wouldn't be the same.

Also, does Hunter have his own victory sequence? You did it for the others, seems strange he doesn't - unless I've missed it.

Malefor next then? Well that's worth looking forward to.
7/9/2018 c118 5IllusionMaster17
Well, this get right to the target.
You made a good job with Hunter, and yeah maybe we couldn't see him better in the games, but still had enough to be important to the story.
Here you made it well, with practicing jokes, the mentiom of Green Arrow, and also that line with Cynder calling her Terror, another multiverse.
This was quotes!
PS: Honest, I can't wait to see Malefor in the ring! He is literally the true evil, and Spyro and Cynder dialogues surely will be shocking too!
Wonder how they will deal with him...
7/7/2018 c116 7H.G.Wells
Hi - Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while. But I really wanted to say that your portrayal of Starfire and the other later characters was everything I'd hoped for and more. What I enjoy the most though, is seeing Spyro and Cynder's intro and victory really impressed me with those. :-)

Looking forward to seeing how you're going to end this - in my opinion, there's easily enough good material here to make another excellent injustice/Spyro fic.

There's so many potential stories here - the dragons contributions to the Injustice 2 story, tgey're interactions with the D.C. Characters and universe. My favourite to summarise everything you've written here? Definitely Cynder, with her arch-enemy feud with Wonder Woman, leading to the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny on Themyscira. And her grudging admiration of Scarecrow, of course, as well as the latter's unhealthy fascination with her powers.

And of course, the fact that none of the Dragons can seem to get on with Superman OR Batman.

I look forward to what comes next with baited breath. P.S. - I can only imagine what lines Ember and Flame would have when fighting the D.C. characters!
6/29/2018 c116 5IllusionMaster17
This was so exciting, wonderful and cool! And although you just made 2 per guardian, I really loved it!
With Spyro and the quote knowing that Ignitus its the Chronicler is nice, knowing what we want that to happen, and also with the others mentioning the rest of heroes like Black Lighting or the cold ones ;). Then with Cynder quotes and Ignitus revealing her that he is her father (Still not confirmed, or even mentioned, but sounds like a plasible theory according to the games) and also with the rest talking too about that world, the Rogues, and Cold. Both Spyro and Cynder had interesting, nice and funny quotes.
Wonderful quotes! Just 2 more characters and 2 special episodes, wonder what will be.
Great job again! Until next time! :)
6/22/2018 c113 4Drago The Firesword Dragon
The second last set of quotes feels like you are referencing Pure Light. Cause to my knowledge, that's the only Spyro story with enough popularity that has an evil Spyro.

If that was intentional, that's awesome.
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