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3/26 c7 1ThreateningMedicine
Hey, feelingless. It's not nice to comment rude things on fanfictions! You're picking at straws, and you know it! Fanfiction's always been like that, and you're just looking for excuses to shit on this guy and defend re zero! *huff*. Rant over.

Anyways~, I real sympathise with how you felt about re zero, cos I felt that way when I first watched it. I left it, got bored, and then came back 5 years later. Luckily, I'd magically forgotten most the plot so rewatching it was easy, and that time I actually liked it. \\

At the first watch, I actually hated subo and back then I liked characters with power, or at least who weren't pathetic. But over the years while watching stories, I realised I was starting to subconciously, and soon conciously compare myself to amazing characters, wearin' down my mental health. So seeing a pathetic character *do things* after learning from his mistakes actually gives hope that someone as pathetic as me can make a difference in the world.

well, I like re zero for story and charaters, but watching it with a better viewpoint afterwards made me appreciate it as a good show. Not ground-breaking, not bad, not fine, just good. There were many outstanding gems of parts, and many not so ones, but I take them all just the same.

tbh I reccomend reading the webnovel/light novel instead of the anime because personally i found it easier to sympathise with him when not only could i hear his thoughts leading him to (stupid) decisions (making his actions make more sense) , he was also toned down a little.
8/21/2020 c7 Fear Silencer
First off, I’ll say I’m glad you’ve come to see the point is that he’s originally flawed intentionally. However, I don’t agree with your original or current stance even still. I don’t think Subaru is an awful person in general, or, maybe more precisely, I believe he has already grown into someone much more respectable. Since you posted this now, I can only assume you have refused to watch Season 2 or you still hate him into Season 2. In the event of the first, that’s a damn shame, because this is where Subaru finally gets true development and starts to move past his shortcomings and entitlement, which if you truly were reminded of yourself in him, this would, I’d think, be a good thing for you to see. In the event of the second scenario, I honestly just don’t understand why. He’s become, at the very least, inoffensive as a character, and at most, quite likable, at least in my opinion.
If you haven’t watched Season 2, I’d recommend you maybe reconsider? Of course, clearly one of your original main reasons for watching will not be quite as present, but I believe the show stands on its own merits.
However, I’m just a reader on the internet. Do as you will, whether you take my suggestion seriously or not, and I hope you continue to grow as a person as well past your own inhibitions. Well wishes.
8/20/2020 c7 1feelingless4
You know, you could have just left this all behind and not post an announcement in a chapter content of an abandoned story like this; nobody would have cared anyway.

But now that I've given it a quick read, I am obligated (just as you supposedly were by posting this waste of a chapter) to give it a well deserved harsh criticism:

- Copying and pasting conversations from either the anime or light novel doesn't make you a writer. It just shows how of an hypocrite you are by trying to 'fix' something that is trending in Japan.

- To infer that everyone would have liked Subaru to end up with Rem is just plain narrow minded and stupid, that he deserves 'so much better' than Emilia and emphasize it with the f word doesn't and won't make your story as much more appealing to the readers as you think.

- The chapters are basic and simple. There is no character development and the conversations are abruptly cut just to give space to the main character, almost as if NPCs were talking to one another just to fulfill a role for specific quests.

If this is too much for you, I suggest you follow the friendly advice of a guest comment and delete this so that you can forget all this and pretend it never happened.
8/17/2020 c7 Guest
This fic is highly amusing.
8/17/2020 c7 Guest
Bro, you're being such a massive dick but I don't really care, I don't know who you are, but you definitely have issues. I'm in a pretty good place mentally, so I wouldn't know about your situation but just delete this story, just get rid of the past and hide away from it.
8/17/2020 c1 Guest
Read the first chapter... It's quite meh I've seen alot of writers "trying to fix the show" and just make a headcanon fantasy but it's fine. when reading your summary I think your new to the show and didn't understand the point of it. I think that hardcore fans already bashes the point of the show on your head so I won't explain it I have a few words for you though (just continue making fanfictions it's fanfiction for a reason it's your story just don't brag about trying to fix it just try making a story you will get better at it). sincerely - A ReZero fan
7/30/2020 c6 5Ozilla
Dude as a fan of Re:Zero I have to ask do even now the theme of Re:Zero! It's about human persistence and overcoming one's flaw.

Re:Zero is a unique anime because of it's plot and it's MC. Sabura is just an ordinary person summon into a fantasy world that is a horror fest waiting to happen.

Sabura as many flaws that even some of them gets him into trouble. Each arc gives Sabura some growth as a person and he becomes better for it. So you here you are writing the fairy tale of Re:Zero it insult to the masterpiece.
12/28/2019 c6 Guest
I hope you continue its really good story with good writen but i want to know what he learned from betty (about magic)

And I hope for rem x subaru
In end keep the good work
3/12/2019 c1 Guest



11/9/2018 c1 7SSJ Red graffiti
I just painfullly realized that Emilia would never mention her insignia was stolen. She doesn't want anyone to know about it. Heck I should go back on my stories and fix that error.
You should fix it too. She wouldn't want help either. She wants this information to be private. oof. Why did I just realize this now.
8/26/2018 c2 Stranger
Continue please.
7/28/2018 c3 Guest
I find your Subaru very boring - but I was primed to dislike your story by the hateful summary. Were you trolling for hate?
6/22/2018 c1 3CodeRedGaming
Thank you ChristianRed, for your input, but seeing as it is called fan fiction, I will just continue writing my fiction as it deviates from canon. Thank you, and have a nice day
6/22/2018 c1 ChristianRed
lol Subaru was in love with Emilia. Seeing how you can't respect that. I'm not gonna read this fic.
8/7/2017 c5 4MNR-AMR
You're doing pretty good! I tried to do this part but threw out my work a few times, because I kept hitting the brick wall with how I want to write. I kept making it go too fast, chewing through two episodes worth of material in just a single chapter... so, I am going to start posting a thing like yours, but more drawn out, going mostly anime episode by anime episode, and they will follow the anime nearly like a mirror but with slight changes in some of the sentences, and will diverge heavily at retarded bits, while maintaining the integrity of 'possible' as the key word... other than that, I enjoy this writing, have a good day m8!
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