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12/18/2018 c21 OneTruthCup
Wow, what a roller coaster! Things went from sad, to funny (although still with a “background sadness”), to strange and suspenseful, to scary and tragic, and finally ending with some closure, while still being depressing (in a good way).

Jaundissimo continues to be sympathetic and interesting. I like the backstory you gave him, as well as how most fairies perceive him because of his origins. It’s a nice addition to your already extensive world building.

Speaking of, no wonder Dame Artemis is such a “go against the grain” type! She grew up in an enclosed environment where I doubt peity and such was impressed on her much. She’s so crafty and cute here, too! Will she or Anti-Cosmo remember this event later on?

Also, I commend you on your scene with Venus; utterly frightening, and you made it apparent that Venus is secretly on some wacky power trip. There are a lot of signs pointing to as much in Origin of the Pixies, but until now it hadn’t personally sunk in just how obsessed Venus is with having absolute control every second of the day, and how her ego (whether she knows it or not) plays such a large role in her actions. At least, that’s what I’m getting here.
On a related note, AC’s demeanor during Venus’s “episode”/ intimidation session feels very “alive.” You really drove home how scared, pained, and confused he was, not just with Venus, but also in the entire chapter. It reminds me of how young and inexperienced he really is in this story. A good thing I’d say, as vulnerabilities make a character interesting.

On another note, I have mixed feelings on Lohai here. On the one hand, Julius pretty much got what he wanted since the beginning, thus technically making it a success, but on the other hand there’s a distinct lack of fanfare; we don’t even here from her. Then again, maybe that was the point? I suppose it leaves room for the more dramatic part that comes after, and that it also keeps things a little more streamlined, but I guess I expected more of a reaction from AC before just turning her over. It’s not really a bad thing either way, just something I wanted to comment on.

And finally, the very last words of this chapter really struck me. A fantastic way to end this part. Great job!
12/18/2018 c22 29Jet Engine
Let me just process this...

Okay, I'm done. That was a heck of a plot twist there. The question is, just what does Julius plan on doing with this information? We'll just have to wait and see.
11/27/2018 c21 Jet Engine
Hoo boy. Okay, so Julius is a reincarnation after all. Certainly wasn't expecting that reincarnation. That diary's interesting. A neat little peak into Ilisa's mind. ("I am not confident in my ability to woo a giant chicken goddess." I'm sorry; that's just so bizarre out of context. And, in context.) Also...Dame Venus scares me.

On a somewhat related note, Julius picks up that teddy bear, and all I can think is "...Skullbeary?"
11/27/2018 c21 88Bookworm Gal
That was a rollercoaster of a chapter. AC knows for certain who his past life was, managed to cause a bit of chaos helping a Refract escape, and ended up completely terrified by one of the cherubs. Lots of things happening in this one. We even took a short break for genie breeding techniques. Nice. Congrats on another awesome chapter.
11/22/2018 c20 OneTruthCup
I think my favorite part of this chapter is how we get to see things from “the other side” so to speak, of the nest. When I first read the corresponding chapter(s) in Origin of the Pixies, I felt a lot of tension and concern for the characters because they were all essentially powerless test subjects unable to refuse Venus’s whims. Sure, she might have some good intentions sometimes, but that didn’t make the scenario any less hard to read (in a good way of course). In this chapter, besides the wonderful bonus pixie content and AC’s misconceptions surrounding them, I like how you’ve filled in the gaps, and made it very clear how average, well meaning individuals fall into the “they’re fascinating creatures” mindset vs “they’re actual people.” It’s a phenomenon that can happen in real life, especially when one is in a group of people condoning/encouraging such things, and I find it terrifying (so you’ve done your job then).

There are other things I like about this chapter of course. Juandissimo’s appearance was an enlightening treat; All the business with AC and Maddington was tantalizing. Above all though, I think my second favorite part was when Mona was telling AC to give up on his goals.

I think Julius gives himself a lot more credit than he deserves, sure, but more importantly it was a pretty harsh blow from Mona with the way she said it, which further cements the idea that the two aren’t as great a romantic pair as AC first thought. On the surface, yes, maybe even as friends, but the dishonesty on Julius’s part and the core of who each character is meant the relationship was doomed from the start. Besides the obvious, there have of course been big hints of such throughout this story, but in this chapter you’ve finally give us a clear emphasis on their long term incompatibility, and, frankly, I love you for it. You don’t wax poetic about AC’s reaction either, you state what happened and leave the events to speak for themselves. Very striking.

Anyway, I think this was a great chapter. I know from your tumblr blog that you don’t like AC that much because of how cliche he is (which is understandable, really, although slightly saddening to hear), but based off of the way YOU write him, I think I have a new appreciation for him. I like how he means well for his own people, even if he also unabashedly fits the “British, moustache-twirling, dastardly villain” archetype to the point of parody. Still, I love your writing and, even if you don’t love AC, I hope you at least get SOME enjoyment from writing this.

11/14/2018 c20 29Jet Engine
"A group of pixies is called a company." Makes sense.

So much going on! Juandissimo hates his job. Julius learned a bunch of stuff about pixies. Ilisa Maddington. Your headcannons are so intricate. You probably do a lot of research, huh? It's all just generally strange but in a good way.
11/13/2018 c20 88Bookworm Gal
Lots of flashes of a past life going on with this one. Like, a whole lot. AC must have seemed half crazy at times. And we got an interesting factoid about Juandissimo. Not to mention everything with HP. Yep, this was indeed a good and very eventful chapter. Nicely done.
11/3/2018 c19 OneTruthCup
Just when I think I can’t love this fic more, you find a way. You have a real knack for taking simplistic, humor driven shows aimed at a younger audience (not that that’s necessarily a negative, mind you) and putting your own spin on things. Your worldbuilding, while a little clunky at times, is fantastic, especially in these later chapters now that you’re “getting into the groove” of things. I also love how, even though fairy society, anti-fairy society, and everything else in between is shown to have problems, you don’t paint one species as evil or “the bad guy.” There are a lot of misconceptions and “facts” on both sides, which makes sense in such a world, and each kind has their own widespread beliefs, all being equally plausible or false. I’m also greatly enjoying the way that Anti-Cosmo and H.P’s stories are interweaving, even if neither or only one is aware of it at the time. I imagine it will give their future interactions a lot of payoff.

Anyway, this is a great story, and I hope you have fun continuing it.
10/31/2018 c19 29Jet Engine
Aw, I liked Mickey, you jerk! Said the hypocrite. ;)

There are a lot of things I like about this one. The deeper look at Julius's demisexuality, Mickey making the poor guy question things, and of course we can't forget the parallels with "Origin of the Pixies." All in all, a really interesting new chapter.
10/30/2018 c19 88Bookworm Gal
Well, we get to meet Mickey, watch him flirt with an oblivious AC, and then he's gone. And Anti-Cosmo briefly encounters HP and his family again, even if the pixie isn't awake for the encounter. Another eventful chapter. Meanwhile, Anti-Cosmo is figuring out a lot of truths about himself.
10/18/2018 c18 29Jet Engine
Okay, I'm a chocoholic to the worst degree, so this was a fun chapter for me.

And, so they meet. And, that goes about as well as I expected. Poor Julius. He just can't seem to catch a break. Although, I really like that peek at the nature spirits we got. That was some pretty cool foreshadowing.

"I wouldn't want to be Daoist either if my crown were as low as yours." Ouch.
10/18/2018 c18 OneTruthCup
I’ve been meaning to review this ever since I first found it, but, like usual, I was slow to do so. Slow or not though, I really do enjoy this story. It reminds me of famous “classics” written in the Victorian era, a style I’m occasionally fond of. The world building and pace are also great, although I do feel the first few chapters struggled from a little TOO much exposition and world building. By this chapter though, I’m pretty enamored by both this fic and your Orgin of the Pixies, which I’m happy to see this is catching up to. The ways you’re fitting things together between the two stories while still telling individual tales is also admirable. I’m not sure if it’s because this is the latest chapter or not, but this might be my favorite one yet. Keep it up!
10/16/2018 c18 88Bookworm Gal
I liked this entire chapter. And babysitting is a dangerous prospect apparently. Poor AC had a rough day. Very nicely done.
10/2/2018 c17 Bookworm Gal
AC is getting to see all sorts of familiar faces in this one. He gets a rather unpleasant reunion with his brother who is spouting some mysterious things. And he gets to see Anti-Wanda again. Who he clearly has strong feelings for, even if those feelings aren't technically romantic as of yet. This was certainly an exciting and wonderful chapter. Very nicely done.
10/2/2018 c17 29Jet Engine
There are a lot of great character interactions here. I like how just generally baffled Julius was by the idea of a man only liking women. And, I was pretty surprised by Anti-Robin's behavior until I realized what was going on. You evil little lady, you. ;)

I can already tell this Anti-Wanda thing is gonna bite Julius in the butt, especially when Mona inevitably finds out. And, I hadn't expected our little pick-pocket. Interesting quirk. I like it.
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