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5/25/2019 c29 34Mistress Twist
These five chapters have been one hell of a roller coaster! First Frank, Jeanie's baby/health, tension between Klinger and Zale! Just wow! Although while Frank is a bit nutty, I honestly do not see him actually assaulting women. He is a lot of things but I don't see him being that low. It is your story, and who I am to question? It is a good turn of the norm, just in my mind I don't see Frank stooping that low. I do see him divorcing his wife though- I think everyone saw that coming! However, a bit of a tidbit: Larry Linville has been charged with assault on one of his wives (I think he had four).

This was such a sweet ending and it is such a pretty name and the perfect homage to two exceptional ladies. Let us hope that Shannon does not get a bit jealous... ;)
5/17/2019 c29 momoflanda
First time I have ever written a review. I absolutely love this entire story. This chapter reads like a conclusion, but I really hope you will continue. I can’t get enough of Hawkeye and Jeanie!
4/26/2019 c23 Mistress Twist
So much tension in the last two chapters... wow. I am happy that there is some confrontation when it comes to Hawkeye and Trapper- all of those feelings are finally coming out and hopefully they can be the friends they once were. Even with Trapper and his wife, womanizing does have a price to pay. He cannot undo what he did, but he can take steps to make it right.

Cannot wait to see Klinger appear and really get this party started!
2/16/2019 c21 Mistress Twist
What a sweet ending to this chapter! It's amazing how something so little (and needed!) can mean so much to someone. Simplicity is the way of life.
I'm eager to see this reunion, this party needs to get started soon!
1/30/2019 c20 Mistress Twist
Oh wow! What is sad is that that was the attitude for the majority of males during this time period. If women did not want to marry or have children, there was something wrong with them. People like Margaret and Jeanie would have been chastised, which is why personally I am surprised that that aspect was never necessarily addressed in M*A*S*H. I think they only time this happened was when Margaret was looking for a promotion and that promotion ended up being her being a "sidepiece" for a general without much of a challenge.
It was difficult being a woman in those days. I'm happy that you did address that here.
I am hoping that Jeanie will be ok soon and I am sensing Mrs. Pettigrew will be a huge part in recovery both now and after the new edition is born. By then, let us hope that the men in the Pierce clan will come to their senses!
10/7/2018 c19 Mistress Twist
Here's to hoping that I'm not seen as a guest this time!

I am hoping that Jeannie does get her 'happy new year'. Her, Hawkeye and everyone deserves! Seems like it never stops and her family is just... I don't have the words. Reminds me of my family.

Here's to hoping for cheerier times!
9/3/2018 c1 Guest
Who the hell is Jeanne? Another Mary Sue?
7/10/2018 c18 Mistress Twist
Wow... that was intense. I would never imagine Hawkeye having such anger. Of course, this is understandable.
Definitely not the ideal dinner.
4/24/2018 c17 Mistress Twist
Seems Peg has warmed up to them visiting from the last phone conversation! I'm so happy to see Erin and Shannon getting along- I had no doubt about that one! I'm also relieved to see that Hawkeye and BJ were only just play fighting or whatever it was. I was thinking worse for a moment!
4/12/2018 c16 Mistress Twist
This shall be a fun Christmas! You can't blame Peg though- I get the reservations and people nowadays tend to forget how much was a lot back then, especially flying cross country. At the same time, I get the reservation of stealing BJ for the first Christmas his family will have together.

Can't wait to see!
3/21/2018 c15 Mistress Twist
I laughed at the jab towards the episode of "Der Tag"! I loved that line and have used it quite often. Great touch! I'm really hoping that Jeanie makes her announcement soon- unless she's waiting till she's giving birth to say anything!
It will be great to see BJ. That will be a nice Christmas!
3/14/2018 c14 Mistress Twist
I really like Dolly! It's a good thing she's around to talk to Jeanie when needed. That conversation they both had was awesome. It was a real heart-to-heart which I feel that Jeanie really needed. She really means a lot to Hawkeye- if a cousin that travels can see it, it's true!

I'm super curious how everyone will take Jeanie's pregnancy news... this will be interesting!
1/23/2018 c12 Mistress Twist
Aw, the letter from Margaret and that tender ending to this chapter- perfection! No cliffhanger, I see! lol
I wonder if we'll see a surprise visit from our favorite head nurse? ;)
1/14/2018 c11 Mistress Twist
That cliffhanger was worth it! I'm happy Larry will be ok and that Jeanie is starting to heal in her own way. I honestly see Daniel accepting Jeanie more and more as a daughter and it's super sweet to see.
1/7/2018 c10 Mistress Twist
Leaving us on a cliffhanger after the long wait! Not right! lol I tease.
I love how Jeanie and Hawkeye are starting to address the issues that's been going on in the town. Represents how strong their relationship is if they can discuss that.
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