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for A Family As Sweet As Chocolate

7/25 c18 24711
Hallo, die Geschichte ist super. Gibt es neue Kapitel? Ich w├╝rde gerne erfahren wie es weitergeht. Lg
7/24 c18 The Crimson Killer
I really want anther chapter. If you can and have ideas ovcores.
4/20 c18 kristinamanga
When is the continuation of the story? XD
4/20 c3 kristinamanga
"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is my favorite movie! XD
4/10 c18 4EricFreak
Just finished reading all the chapters available. This story is pretty good. Hope you continue it sometime.
3/3 c4 HowardAmos
Chapter not boring at all. You skipped just the right amount of repeated detail and put in good new stuff (the chest on the rack, and Narcissa).
1/14 c18 bkerrmom1
I actually like the dialog. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next !
1/13 c12 bkerrmom1
Excellent chapter and brilliant timing to maximize suspense!
1/13 c4 bkerrmom1
I am in love with this excellent story ! I never would have looked for a HP Wanka crossover but I love your HP Dr Who so I looked to see what else you had written . ... I am so glad I did !
1/12 c18 60D.J. Scales
Nice work.
1/10 c1 D.J. Scales
Excellent Introduction.
1/6 c18 2Rosalind Fairchilde
Hope to see the new chapter come out soon! As for the school debate have him start at Ilvermorny and be there until fourth year when the goblet of fire fiasco happens I would hate to see Charlie and Harry go to separate schools and not interact
1/3 c18 rgaddis85
Come back! This story is wonderful!
11/18/2021 c18 Selene-hell
love it hope you post a new chapter soon
9/26/2021 c18 Shadow-Wizard1
I love your story and have reread it many times since you last updated it. I do really look forward to reading more once your ready with the next chapter.
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