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14h c127 Ghost Man
Sailor Moon can fly? Whelp...now she doesn't have to run to class. Am I right lads!?

Well that was just rude. They should have had separate fly lands.

Also Ami is best girl. She needs to have confidence.

Luckily the group found and rescued Ami from her 'friend'

Yep. Viluy, you threatened her bae. No one threatens the bae.

Holy moly. The nanobots made Viluy's cells undergood massive osmotic lysis.
16h c126 1Nexus240
I'm also quite surprised that you made Solaris teach the guardians how to fly of all things!
I was actually hoping it would be unique to him only. not that I'm complaining!
Plz give Solaris new powers and new gear soon!
I'm thinking maybe a bike!
5/16 c127 christopherm342
YAHOO! I was kinda bummed last week when you didn’t update this story but doing both of your stories on here I bet can be a lot of work for you and I’ll always understand if you updated or not but I’m REALLY HAPPY you did right now and I’m very happy too cause the Sailor Moon Eternal movies will be premiering on Netflix in just 2 weeks now and I’m also hoping by the end of this month of mid of next month I’ll have a new job and I can leave my old one now on with the INCREDIBLE Story here :). OMG! Sailor’s Moon, Chibi Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, & Venus are all being taught by Solaris to fly! Now they can all fly just like they could in the Manga/Crystal Anime man you are just awesome for combining all 3 versions of the Sailor Moon stories together :). This is so cool and oh hahaha well everyone was able to get the hang of flying easy except Usagi kinda lol, but she’s still doing good and now with learning to fly it will definitely help them with battles and to get around more quicker and oh no Ami seems a bit down and shaken up because of what happened at Mugen Academy: with it being the headquarters for the Death Busters, Yui Bidou being a member of the Witches 5, and Haruka & Michiru both being Sailor’s Uranus & Neptune. Aww but Ami is more upset because of how Viluy was able to defeat her so easy and then Uranus was able to defeat her in seconds and Ami wishes she had her Planet Powers to have been stronger to stop her(that’s right Ami is the only Guardian left who hasn’t gotten her Planet Powers yet :() but Ami don’t let that get to you because YOU WILL GET YOUR PLANET POWERS SOON. Yeah Usagi is right she has something that’s strong than any power and that’s her Brainpower, hahaha oh Rei you always have to say something to argue with Usagi hahaha well time to get home because you all got school tomorrow and don’t worry Ami you will get strong soon. Oh my god I FRICKING KNEW IT VILUY IS STILL ALIVE :O! Okay I’ve said it before but I’ll keep saying it again and again YOU ARE AWESOME! So Viluy is working on her Nanobots and transferring them into her Nanocuff and has made them stronger than before, she also knows how Haruka & Michiru are Sailor’s Uranus & Neptune but she’s more concerned about Ami and with what she saw when she was at the academy and now she’s setting her goal to destroy Ami before anyone finds out about what she saw and she has a perfect plan uh oh :0. Okay now it’s the next day at Juuban Middle School and oooh wow Ami got a perfect score on the National Practice Exam YIPPEE! You go girl, oh what the heck what’s going on here why are there so many students that don’t attend Juuban Middle School here? Some of the students are from Mugen Academy, oh Umino said because Mugen Academy is hosting the national practice exam the teachers had decided to send their students to Juuban Middle School to study with others to prepare and oh wow all of them are in serious mode here almost like they’re possessed yikes. Well like Ami said they’re just studying hard to follow their dreams and aww Usagi you’re barely realizing your a lazy bum and Harusuke only said what he said cause you have to know you said what everyone already knew what you were hahaha. Oh who’s this girl here? Her name is Lily Vildou(wait why does her last name sound very familiar?) and what she and Ami scored the same test scores on the last national exam WOW! Oh Usagi when she was asking your best subject she meant your school subject lol(oh hey it’s napping not mapping hehe little error) , and oh she’s having trouble finding her designated classroom to study and wants Ami to help her but huh she only wants Ami to go with her and not the others too okay this is weird here I don’t like it :0. Okay so the computer lab is the classroom for her to study at and oh she a floppy disk and insert it into a computer to show Ami a program she had her made from her science class with, oh interesting Mugen Academy is divided into five departments: Philosophy, Performing Arts, Physical Fitness, Professional, and Science that’s cool. Wait what students with the high grades are also instructors and teach classes at Mugen Academy and Lily here teaches the science class?! Damn that’s insane but wait what? Those with high grades of their major are considered to be above other students and are elite and special, while others are considered inadequate that’s not right. Oh yeah Ami you tell her, to be a good instructor you not only need to understand the subject but also understand the feelings of the students even to those who aren't doing well so then they can improve and enjoy learning AMEN. Huh, “Logic is all that's required in science or any other class for that matter, there's no need to care about the feelings of others." Okay Lily you are so wrong here and what your saying is not right at all and your not a nice person, oh the others have arrived and came to let Ami know class will be starting and Ami definitely wants to get away from Lily right now so goodbye girl. OMG of course no wonder she was so mean and cruel and her name sounded familiar Lily Vildou is Viluy! Now she’s here to use her nanobots hack the systems to take the entire school hostage and take all of their pure hearts and their hosts and then kill Ami and offer her body to Pharoh 90 OH NO! Oh hehe another error when you put Ami and the Tsukino siblings were walking down the hall to their classroom you forgot to put Mako’s name with them as walking cause Mako started talking with them after Harusuke talked lol, aww poor Ami she’s kinda down after what Lily(Viluy) said to her and wonders now if she’s right but no Ami listen to Usagi & Harusuke and they’re both right if you didn’t have your emotions you’d just be a robot who’s smart and studies but having your emotions makes you to be a human being too. Oh no what’s happening here?! Oh no the students have all gotten their pure heart crystals extracted from them! This isn’t good we’ve got to find the person(Viluy) and stop them now! Hurry Ami & Harusuke will go and try to find them while Usagi & Mako contact the others for help GO! Okay be careful Ami & Harusuke, oh snap what the heck was that cloud thing?! Oh no it’s her, IT’S VILUY! LOOK OUT! Oh no Viluy used her “MOSIAC BUSTER“, attack from her bracelet to entrapped Harusuke with her nanobots that was intended for Ami and he’s telling her to run but she’s not going to SHE’S GOING TO FIGHT HURRY AMI TRANSFORM! Oh yeah Sailor Mercury is on the scene and ready to fight oh watch out Mercury she’s using the Mosiac Buster again! Oh yes Mercury’s “Shine Aqua Illusion”, attack froze the nanobots and freed Harusuke(oh hehehe another error here you put Solaris instead of Harusuke cause he hasn’t transformed yet lol) now hurry TRANSFORM TOO! YES Solaris is ready for action too, let’s take this outside now oh what the hell?! The nanobots weren’t frozen they broke free from the ice and now they have encased both Mercury & Solaris in barriers and they’re both down NO! This is bad here now what?! Oh thank god Sailor’s Moon, Jupiter, Venus, & Mars have arrived! Oh no if they move to attack Viluy will unleashed more power for the nanobots to kill Mercury & Solaris :O! Oh no Viluy also uses this to try and trap the other Guardians in barriers too watch out everyone! Oh yeah Mercury is trying her best to fight back against the barrier and break free to stop Viluy and save her friends, uh oh but Viluy is going all out to eliminate them and she’s gonna start with Solaris NO! Wait oh my god Mercury is glowing and she broke out of her prison and Solaris(still trapped in the barrier) changed to his Mercury Mode OMG I KNOW WHAT THIS MEAN! YES MERCURY HAS GOT HER PLANET POWERS NOW! HURRY MERCURY SAY IT! OH YEAH, “Protected by Mercury the Planet of Water, the Guardian of Intelligence & Wisdom. She is Sailor Mercury! Now douse yourself in water and repent! OMG Mercury used her new attack “SHINE SNOW ILLUSION(which was introduced in Season 2: R Manga/Crystal Anime hehe)”, to free Solaris YAH! Oh Viluy can’t used her nanobots cause her bracelet isn’t working hurry now’s your chance guys, yes Solaris used “Shine Aqua Illusion” to hit Viluy and ALRIGHT Mercury used her other new Planet attack "MERCURY AQUA MIRAGE”, to hit Viluy very hard YIPPE! Uh oh Viluy isn’t finished here and oh my god she just transformed herself into her true Daimon form and she’s going all crazy and if this keeps up the whole school and everyone inside will freeze, now the time has come hurry Solaris & Mercury UNISON FUSION! PLANETARY ALIGNMENT! Oh yeah they’ve formed together and thanks to Mercury’s calculations they can avoid all of Viluy’s attacks but look out she’s using her MOSIAC BUSTER! MAXIMUM POWER! Not so fast we’ve got something new and powerful too to attack with "SOLARIS MERCURY BUBBLE METEOR BOMB!" Oh yeah that stopped Viluy’s attack and hit her but WHAT SHE’S STILL ALIVE?! Geez what does it take to destroy her?! Oh no she’s gonna use her Mosaic Buster again but wait oh snap her bracelet is all messed up so the nanobots turned on her instead now they’re attacking and destroying her, well it’s kinda sad but now it’s over and Viluy has finally been defeated farewell girl. Well now everyone is heading home after today’s events and another witch from the Witches 5 is down and Ami got her Planet Powers and fused with Harusuke too hey yeah that’s true I wonder if Usagi will be able to fuse with Harusuke too :)? Aww Ami’s kinda sad after what happened with Viluy and just wishes she could have helped her changed because it is kinda sad what happened to her but she made her choice and Ami you have a kind heart something the Death Busters don’t have and like Harusuke said keep moving forward and stay true to yourself :). Now after a long day of battle it’s time for a reward and yeah like Usagi said it’s time for hot chocolate and some cake and hahahaha Harusuke’s buying?! Hahahaha poor guy and he says he’s not a walking wallet but I think your sister sees you are hahaha lol :). Well this chapter was really good FINALLY ALL 4 of the Inner Guardians have earned their Planet Powers and can fused with Harusuke too now I wonder will Usagi, Chibiusa, the Outer’s & even Tuxedo Mask be able to fuse with Harusuke too and man oh man I’m wondering how your gonna change up the ending of Season 3: S here and I cannot wait to see Pluto come into the group here and I’m SUPER EXCITED for the Sailor Eternal movies cause then once your done with this season you’ll have good ideas for Season 4: SuperS and to mix both the 90’s & Manga/Crystal(well Eternal) Anime together hehe. Thank you again for updating Dragomaster312 and for making this BEAUTIFUL Masterpiece I cannot wait for the next chapter because we might get to see the next witch(spoilers: Tellu) and the arrival of Sailor Pluto! :D
5/16 c127 Nexus240
And now Mercury fusion get!
All that’s left is Sailor Moon fusion!
Then maybe the outer planets will give Solaris their soul unisons too, and then later their fusions!
But the question is how long will it take?!
Looking forward to more chapters!
5/14 c5 19Sailor MH
Harusuke seems to be a little jealous of Usag about it, because Harusuke doesn't have any kind of weapon. It’s not easy for Usagi either when Shingo says such naughtiness, and her parents participated in it a bit like Luna. Is Harusuke sometimes the only one Usagi feels he can trust because of Harusuke's positive attitude? Umino is clearly a pervo! Mamoru could mouth a little neat. Usagi, and Harusuke did well in the fight without the help of Tuxedo Kamen.
5/10 c4 Sailor MH
Mamoru was rude to Usag again. Harusuke was witty when he came up with a way for enemies to steal energy from humans.
5/10 c126 38Princesskaybug410
Me to friend: LOOK AT DIS
Friend who has only read manga 1 and 2 bec those are the ones I have and I let her borrow mine: Wat-
Me: IT SETSUNA AKA PLUTO -proceeds to make Setsuna on Gacha Club and show friend a picture of Setsuna-
5/5 c126 Amanda27A.g
Yay Sailor Pluto is going to make an appearance Woop woop!
5/4 c3 19Sailor MH
Harusuke is right that more battles are coming. Will Usagi repel Umino at some point, and Umino will leave Usagi in peace because of it, or will Umino be interested in Narus, as in the first Sailor Moon anime? Does Umino Usagi ever see Mamoru? Umino has no idea how wrong he is about his future. Who is Harusuke's soul mate? "Here. Let me show you a few tricks," Harusuke said as he pulled the seat next to Usagi. He then placed a coin to start the game (Did you mean at this point that Motoki would show a few game tricks to Usag?) I didn’t mean ud, but I just made sure I understood the point I just mentioned correctly. Yes, Umino embarrassed Haruna-sensei, and at the same time himself. Even though Umino was under Youma’s control, he certainly got a mark on his testimony like some other students under Youma’s control when he did the atrocities, right? Uminon, and the behavior of his gang, got out of hand. Did Umino realize in this chapter that Usagi did not like Umino? Umino was embarrassed by his previous behavior, even though he doesn’t even remember that behavior? Will there be a memory wipe in any chapter of this story?
5/4 c126 christopherm342
YES YIPPEE! You Updated! I’m very happy because at first I thought you would update your other story only but I’m very glad you updated this week and VERY EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE, they announced last Tuesday that the Sailor Moon Eternal movies will be released worldwide in several languages(including English with the Viz Media Voice Actors returning) on Netflix on June 3rd! I’m SUPER EXCITED, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIES & when you start Season 4: SuperS you’ll have both the 90’s & Eternal movies to help write and mix both together for it and oh wow you’re message in the beginning about changing the ending from the last chapter I got to reread it to start this comment for the this chapter now on with the AWESOME Story :). Okay so from where the last chapter ended and now you re-edited it so Sailor’s Uranus & Neptune stopped Mimete’s spell attack and saved Chibi Moon, Tuxedo Mask, & the students and Solaris managed to destroy Mimete and they said “thank you”, to them but Uranus & Neptune want them to leave Mugen Academy and to not come back and still have no interest in working with them oh boy :(. Oh snap Neptune got out a violin and is playing it to blow out a loud ultrasonic wave at the gang but Solaris & Tuxedo Mask both saw how Neptune looked with the violin and how she looks like Michiru Kaioh, and now Tuxedo Mask wants answers from them about the destruction coming but OMG Uranus just launched her “World Shaking”, attack them but Solaris threw his “Arrow of Sol”, attack too and the whole theater just shook and had smoke everywhere from the explosion and oh what the? The Spector was watching everything from the balcony and knows things are getting intense especially between the two groups here and it’s not good. The sovereign of silence is coming and with how the teams stand with not working together it will end bad and what the Spector can’t interfere anymore cause he or she or they have already done a lot of that and just has to wait and pray they’re get their act together oh damn and also WHO IS THE SPECTOR?! Okay so now the group is back at the Hikawa Shrine and Usagi & Harusuke were both asleep and just woke up after Uranus & Solaris’s attacks collided and caused a confusion and now everyone is shocked and angry that Uranus & Neptune attacked them but oh snap Spector is here and he’s(I’m going with a guy here lol) explaining how Uranus & Neptune don’t want them to get involved in this anymore because they’re Legendary Sailor Guardians shrouded in mystery and was said that they protected the Silver Millennium from the far reaches of space and in a way they’re similar to how Sailor Pluto was, given their own missions and in their own separate domains. They’re also supposedly not supposed to be here but with everything with the Death Busters and the Messiah of Silence it’s why they were reborn here on Earth, and oh no while everyone thinks Neptune & Uranus are enemies for attacking them and are willing to attack back at them if they see them Usagi & Harusuke don’t want to fight them :(. Awww Chibiusa still believes both Uranus & Neptune are good people despite what happened and believes they’re not their enemies like how Usagi & Harusuke are thinking too and we will think of something when we see them again okay :). Uh oh the Witches 5(well 3 now lol) are preparing for another attack again to find the last Talisman and with Eudial & Mimete both dead it’s time for another witch to take over and it looks like Viluy is going to do it and she’ll surprise Kaolinite when she gets the pure heart crystals and the last Talisman and becomes a Magus level too :0. Okay so now Usagi, Harusuke, Ami, & Mako are all in their classroom just relaxing on a rainy day and hahaha poor Usagi depressed because of the all the exams, pretests(not protests hehe lol), & finals for the High School Entrance exams coming up yikes lol, oh Ami mentioned about a new prep school that’s over by Mugen and they allow any student to take their mock exams but WOW ARE YOU SERIOUS?! There’s this one girl who ACTUALLY SCORED HIGHER THAN AMI?! Oh her name is Yui Bidou and she attends Mugen Academy and Ami would like to meet her but something doesn’t feel right here oh man. Okay so Ami is now at the Mugen Prep School to see how the practice tests and see how the students are studying intensely too and oh it’s the girl beat Ami with the highest scores Yui Bidou, oh wait a minute I knew something wasn’t right she’s actually Viluy! Okay so Ami is probably going to take an enrollment trial and is letting the others know what’s going but she’ll be careful though, and now Ami is in a third-year science classroom where she was asked to repot to but huh there’s a square-like case and inside of it was what looked like a galaxy?! Okay this is crazy and from what Yui(well Viluy) it’s a perfect miniature universe known as the Tau Star System? Now Yui has to go to another class and wants Ami to wait here in the classroom for her but oh man there’s a security camera in the room watching Ami! Oh my god Master Pharoh 90 & Kaolinite are watching from the fountain into the camera and looking at Ami and can sense she’s a Sailor Guardian and Viluy is now volunteering herself to take care of Ami and look for the last Talisman from the students and WHAT?! She’s going to obtain the host of a Sailor Guardian because they need the strong energy from it?! OMG this isn’t good Ami GET OUT THERE! Oh wait the fountain lost track of Ami because OH YEAH Ami threw her pen at the camera to destroy it YOU GO GIRL! Now Ami ran out of the classroom and found a staircase which let to the Underground Laboratories and Ami has discovered its an animal experimentation room where all the Daimons have been created from! Hurry Ami get out of there, oh no Yui has found Ami and has 2 students dragged her out of the room and back upstairs to a computer classroom with a bunch of students with blank zombie-like expressions at the screens and now thanks to Yui’s nanobots in her program it will gather hosts and find the last Talisman! NO AMI! Oh wait oh thank god Haruka & Michiru have arrived and saved Ami and now hurry Ami contact the others and TRANSFORM! Okay Sailor Mercury is on the scene and Yui revealed her true identity as Viluy a level 202 Death Buster & a member of Witches 5, oh man Viluy managed to avoid Mercury’s attack and used her “MOSIAC BUSTER!” Now Mercury is trapped thanks to the nanomachines which will destroy her body slowly, SOMEONE HELP MERCURY! Oh YAH! Mars & Jupiter used their new Planet attacks to blast Viluy and break her concentration for the barrier now Mercury is free and okay now. But Viluy is not finished yet and she just transformed 2 students into Daimon Monsters now, but wait Haruka & Michiru just arrived too oh my god does this mean:O?! YES IT’S TIME! Haruka & Michiru TRANSFORM! Yes "Protected by Uranus, the outer planet of the wind, Guardian of the heavens! She is Sailor Uranus!" And "Protected by Neptune, the outer planet of the seas, Guardian of the deep sea! She is Sailor Neptune!" ALRIGHT it’s FINALLY revealed that Haruka is Sailor Uranus & Michiru is Sailor Neptune! Oh snap Uranus just summoned her Talisman the sword we saw last when we defeated Eudial and she used it for her new attack “SPACE SWORD BLASTER!” WOW she not only destroyed the 2 Daimons but also managed to have Viluy be swallowed by the explosion too AWESOME! That was so cool but wait Uranus, Neptune don’t go please, awww they left again but wait who is the person who slipped away from them that survived barely, does that mean Viluy SURVIVED?! Now in a lab inside Mugen Academy for a classroom there a woman unpacking boxes and is a student in the science department, a freshman physics major specializing in theoretical physics OH MY GOD IT’S HER! It’s Setsuna Meiou(Sailor Pluto) :D! Sorry I’m barely posting my comment today I was writing it on Sunday but I was busy yesterday and I fell asleep Sunday too :p. Also I’m hoping by the end of this month I’ll have a new job and be ready and excited for Sailor Moon Eternal movies to be released because I’ve waited for those movies for 5 YEARS, thank you again for updating again Dragomaster312 and thank you for making this story too IT’S BEAUTIFUL, see you next chapter and can’t wait to see Ami get her Planet Powers too! :D
5/4 c125 Ghost Man
Oh snap I for ot this one.

Harusuke doesn't know what a real Emergency is. Hahhahaha!

And that was a crazy show.
5/4 c126 Ghost Man
Oh so a change from last. Okay. So it seems Harusuke and Usagi are similar in that they're wanting to be friendly with the two.

Ami would like to meet Yui. interesting.

You're making miniature universes...those things could power Japan forever!

"I know you know who I am...but I'll give you all my names anyway for the sake of the 4th wall!" ~Viluy

Guys...you knew already right?

Enter Setsuna. Yay!
5/3 c2 Sailor MH
Harusuke, and Usagi get along well. Will Shingo be in danger at some point, and Solaris and Sailor Moon will save Shingo then? Will Ikuko get angry at Shingo at some point?
5/3 c126 William RP
Excellent chapter as always but I was honestly I thought this be a perfect chapter to have another fusion for Ami but I guess you got more surprises of your sleeve also I know you’ve been focusing on your story fairytale and this do you ever look back on your previous stories like try to update them as well the ones are on un finish like the little mermaid or others don’t get me wrong I like this story a lot and I don’t wanna put pressure on you I just thought maybe you want to mix things up because you are one of the best writers i read on FanFiction and I read some of your other stories and they’re good as well so that’s all I’m gonna say I can’t wait for the next chapter mate!
4/26 c125 christopherm342
YES! You updated! Alright I’m really happy now and I just got back too from seeing Demon Slayer The Movie with my boyfriend, his sister, & her fiancé and now I can read more of my favorite fanfiction story YIPPEE now on with the AMAZING Story here :). Okay so Harusuke is walking by himself and everything seems to be fine here for now and here it is Minako tells Harusuke through the communicator that it’s an emergency and he needs to come to them right now and not transformed? What’s going on here? Okay so Harusuke arrives at the Juuban Shopping Mall to find Usagi & the girls trying on dress? OMG they called him down there to get his opinion on which dress looks good on Mako & Minako hahahaha this is too funny lol. Wow this was the BIG EMERGENCY they had haha, so they’re dress shopping because they’re going to Michiru's recital at the Mugen Academy that’s right Usagi got tickets to go and Harusuke got a ticket too and they all should go for 2 reasons: 1-to hear Michiru play the violin beautifully & 2-they could learn more about the Talismans & investigate Mugen Academy more. Okay this definitely sounds like a good plan here but while the girls are looking for dresses they insist Harusuke needs a new tuxedo because he cannot wear the one his & Usagi’s dad lend him and omg because they say he’s a good looking guy(oooh hehe) wearing his dad’s old tux is a sin and he can’t tell if they complimenting him or insulting him lol so he’s going to get a new tux thanks to the girls here. Oh wait what’s going on there’s a bunch of school girls staring at a poster that has Mimete’s human cover disguise picture Mimi Hanyuu oh snap, it says Mimi Hanyuu is performing at the Mugen Academy Memorial Hall Dome and of course Minako is fan of her’s too lol. However the others don’t really know about her though and sorry Minako but we can’t see Mimi’s performance because even though it’s at Mugen Academy it’s happening at the same time as Michiru’s recital sorry Minako lol. Oh great it’s Kaolinite and she’s looking at the water in the fountain and seeing the many times Solaris fused with the other Guardians and Sailor Moon destroying the Daimon in front of Tomoe’s Research Laboratory and now Kaolinite believes the power Solaris possess might be what Master Pharoh 90 spoke of “the light similar to that of the Taiyron Crystal”. Wait no she thinks it’s more powerful than that seeing how it allows him to fuse with the other Guardians and wanted to get her revenge on him but now believes she should bring him to Master Pharoh 90 instead oh no :0, she also remembers there’s another light that seeks destruction and she must not let it get in the way of their plans and so she’s searching for it and all she found was 3 little balls of light yellow, aquamarine, and violet surrounding it as the Taiyron Crystal was looking for the light and a voice came through as well "Awaken. The time has come for the light guided by the three talismans. Let the destruction begin." Now this here is getting crazy and even Mamoru had a dream about this especially with what the voice said too, now just who is that voice speaking and the destruction is coming guided by the 3 Talismans :O. Aww Haruka & Michiru are just soooo sweet and good looking with each other and at first Haruka thinks what their doing is a waste of time but Michiru says all they can do is prepare and collect the 3 Talismans and hurry. Ooh Mimete is now preparing for her concert under her guise as Mimi Hanyuu and also the other witches Tellu, Viluy, & Cyprine all came in to let Mimete know she should stay focused on their mission instead of the human disguise activities she has and to not get confidence level because Eudial had the same but look what happened to her but Mimete assures she won’t fail and will find the last Talisman & get revenge for Kaolinite oh boy. Okay so Usagi and the gang have arrived at Mugen Academy inside the Memorial Hall Dome and the place looks very nice and everyone looks very sophisticated and oh wow Mamoru & Chibiusa have come to see the show too because Michiru gave Mamoru tickets too and he was going to ask Usagi to go too but she already had tickets so. Okay so the recital has started and Michiru is playing beautiful and everything is going very nice but wait where did Minako go? Oh man of course she snuck out to go see Mimi Hanyuu’s performance and she’s able to sneak in thanks to her moon changing crescent compact that she used back when she was Sailor V and she’s changed herself into a Mugen Academy male student. Okay so Mimi Hanyuu is performing great and everyone is cheering and excited so is Minako but wait oh no Mimi or should we say now Mimete has revealed her true identity and is using the Star ornament on the stage to steal everyone’s bodies, souls, & pure hearts too! Oh thank goodness Minako got out of there now hurry call the others, transform, and stop Mimete now! Oh wow Michiru sensed the danger happening and stopped her concert and Minako has warned the others of what’s happening too now hurry Minako TRANSFORM! Alright Sailor Venus is on the stage now(literally lol), oh no Mimete’s attacking but thanks to Venus’s “Wink Chain Sword”, attack the Star ornament is destroyed so everyone should be safe now but oh god no Mimete has just released 3 Daimon Eggs into the audience and 2 girls & 1 boy have transformed into Daimon monsters! Hurry everyone GET OUT! Oh Sailor Venus while avoiding their attacks has left a blind spot for them to attack her but wait oh YES! Sailor’s Mars & Jupiter and Solaris used their attacks to blast the Daimons back and now hurry Sailor Moon finished them! Oh yeah the Daimon Eggs are destroyed and the students are saved but wait oh no Mimete’s not running away this time she’s sending a blast attack at Tuxedo Mask, Chibi Moon, & the 3 students LOOK OUT! Wait oh thank you god Sailor’s Neptune & Uranus used their attacks to stop the spell blast and hurt Mimete and oh wow Solaris used his “Celestial Blade Slash”, strike Mimete and he managed to destroy her OMG! Okay so now Mimete is finished and everyone is safe now thanks to the Guardians & Neptune and Uranus wait don’t leave you two oh man why can’t they join our team :(? Oh well at least another member of the Death Busters is taken care of but it’s still not over yet especially for Venus here who left Michiru’s concert to see Mimi Hanyuu(well Mimete)‘s concert sorry girl but here comes the lecturing lol. Oh snap Spector was watching the events happening here too and WHAT “In a few days, this town's going to be turned on its head, for your bond as Guardians as well as friends will truly be tested. Because... the sovereign of silence is coming." OH MY GOD and even though they’re growing stronger they’re still not strong for what’s coming OMFG :O! Well this chapter was good and interesting because now another witch from the Witches 5 is down 3 more to go and we still haven’t found the last Talisman and things are gonna get intense from here on out and I’m excited because I wonder which witch will be next either Tellu(like the original anime) or Viluy(like the manga/Crystal anime) and Mercury still has to earn her Planet Powers too and also Kaolinite wants to bring Solaris to Master Pharoh 90 for what purpose, my god this is SOOOOO GOOD! This story Dragomaster312 is my ALL TIME FAVORITE STORY ON AND I’M EXCITED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER, THANK YOU AGAIN FOR MAKING THIS FOR US SEE YOU NEXT TIME! :D
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