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for Dragonball: RPG Tetralogy

10/12 c58 DarkzLP
Today, it's the fourth time i read this story, Klldarkness, and as always, i love reading it, but looks like i am at the end again huh? You've have done an good fucking job my man. I expect you the best! 3
10/4 c1 omni
you do know that Vegeta is an elite saiyan and he was born with a bp over 1000 right?
10/4 c10 2Mangahero18
Shouldn't Kil's power level be like a billion in SSJ? 20Million times 50?
9/28 c12 Seimika
Ugh...he watched anime and didn't learn not to brag,draw out or spill secrets to the enemy...I'm facepalming
9/28 c10 Seimika
Never mind guess I spoke to soon on my last review lol
9/28 c8 Seimika
He should have grabbed the regrowth feat lol he'd still keep the bonus and get to try his ape form for an eventual 4 form transformation. Also hope he steals gokus idea and once he achieves each level of super saiyan lv to hold it up till the energy costs are essentially nothing
9/25 c53 Alejandro Arturo Ferro Figueroa
I'm fucking confused. Is this a sequel for the new game (after tournament of power) or is this just something that I've already read?
9/21 c8 1Truant Cloud Wonderer
His strength is supposed to be 50 for these calculations since he leveled up in the new gravity already. But loving this story. Thanks for writing!
9/21 c2 Truant Cloud Wonderer
Didn’t he level up this chapter? So his power level should be double. The calculation showed his level as 1.
9/21 c39 uchiha-rune
Wow beerus destroyed himself
9/18 c31 Ultrahi
Don't save them. Seriously, don't fucking save them. They don't deserve it, except for Bara, just take him and leave these cunts to their fate.
9/18 c17 Ultrahi
Getting Legendary from some of one's blood sounds like some bullshit
9/7 c55 Guest
The fact that he can die and all his relationships he spent the previous 40 chapters building become useless honestly ruin The story for me since it means nothing matters and it can end at any time due to interference from another gamer also I hate that there are other gamers
9/7 c17 4FireFox2590
Also why is the story in the Humor genre? I haven't seen any funny things in this book, its super grim a lot of the time.
9/7 c16 FireFox2590
Ooooh thats what happened to Broly
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