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for Dragonball: RPG Tetralogy

5/28 c73 Zzernex
Thank you for the awesome read and the amazing storyline you have blessed us with!
5/23 c1 Dinodogst
Damn, was hoping he'd keep the tail, Saiyan look way more interesting with them
5/8 c12 mattzem6
I got to chapter 9 and boy did this fic take a nose dive fast. Making your MC dumb and having him make stupid decisions to move the plot forward is a poor narrative choice. The whole Sensu bean thing is just ridiclious, All it does is frustrate the reader. Also, having Freza power-up for no discernable reason to just slightly more power then the MC is so contrived it hurt to read. I can forgive alot of bullshit when I'm reading a fan-fiction but the last two on top of all the little things that were either poorly thought out or poorly written up to this point is just to much.
3/22 c31 Desire96
Kakarot is really bullshit... lol, I wonder whether Kakarot's children have potential similar to Gohan
3/22 c30 Desire96
Lol... Human greed or more like Saiyan Greed ...
3/22 c24 Desire96
It's fine and nice to see a different timeline with explanations
3/15 c2 bosssman1420
Three eyes is lame
3/14 c74 1HaiseKanekiV2
3 Thank you for this. he will be missed by millions
3/8 c74 Guest
Oh man. That's a very sad piece of news.
Got me emotional and everything
3/8 c73 Guest
First the creator of dule monsters and know the grandfather of shonen they will be missed.
3/9 c74 3Drunken Hamster
That's a beautiful eulogy.

I remember seeing DBZ on TV as a kid off and on. Having ADHD I really loved the fights and the emotional energy behind powering up and kicking ass. I remember trying to go "Super Saiyan 15" as a four-year-old at daycare. Good times.

Never actually sat down and watched the whole series in order until I was 16-19 or something. Shortly after I discovered anime "properly" by renting Caanan from the library. Dragon Ball, Z, GT, and then Super as (basically) an adult was even better than what I remembered from my early childhood.

Then I found your story and joined our community.

It's still hard to believe Toriyama is out there flying through the multiverse with Shenron, now... I keep trying to forget it or distract myself, both from this event and life in general... But things are kinda looking up otherwise in life... So maybe it's time I actually started living, like you mentioned you did.

TBH pretty ironic that I start at about the same age as you. I wonder if patterns between friends really are as alike as they seem so far...

Anyway. Thanks for the fanfics, the friendship, your words of wisdom, and the community to be a part of.

Until Next Time,
3/8 c74 UHalo
I'm not crying, you are!
3/8 c74 Scallywaag
I found out from this chapter. I was excited and then crushed. Hat man is responsible for practically every anime I love by the influence of Dragon Ball. And you’re right, Until We Meet Again is how to say it here.
3/8 c74 NoFocus
Thank you for the post. RIP to someone who truly made his mark on our world.
3/8 c74 Angryshadow04
Farewell akira toriyama
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