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9/30/2019 c11 37JanetM74
What a ride!
2/1/2018 c11 104Godsliltippy
This is great! I love that you took an overused character model and made her a villain!
You have all the characters' personalities down and then some! I can't wait to see where this story is going!
12/7/2017 c11 Minimam
An amazing story and such a cruel cliffhanger. Looking forward to the next part
12/5/2017 c11 Annie
Holy shizzballs! This story just gets better and better! Cannot wait for the nect instalment. Thank you again for sharing this creation.
12/4/2017 c11 Guest
This is brilliant! Very much looking forward to the next part!
12/4/2017 c11 Guest
Your beta’s right. That was a TERRIBLE cliffhanger how dare you

(I loved it anyways though! Your writing is just so dang AMAZING and expressive and just...ahhh)

(You have no idea how excited I was when I saw this update this morning, though. Like dang...usually I have issues getting up on Mondays but not today)

Can’t wait for the next one! I really want to know what’s going on!
12/4/2017 c11 13Bow Echo
Wow another chapter that just blew my socks off, and a serial, oh my, already highly anticipating the brilliance of part two. What a cliffhanger that has allsorts dancing around in my brain.
But back to this one, as prattling on about what will happen in the next one hardly fair on such a magnificent chapter. John so rattled, completely blindsided by their new foe. Second and third guessing, the zero g version of the pace, the check ups, our spaceman highly frustrated by an invisible threat. Love Gordon comparing him to Oz. Gordon injects some much needed humour, and love his default for swearing. Sure not hearing his own voice somehow takes away the shock factor for him until one of Grandmas little warning shocks at least. The family recuperating short lived as eyes are turned inwards to the source of the intel. Cruel cliffhanger, no, i don't think so, a great hook to rival The Empire Stikes Back, most definately. Eagerly awaiting the author alert ping. Your writing is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait for more.
12/4/2017 c11 21CreativeGirl29
Another cliffhanger! AghhhhhI will try to wait patiently.
12/4/2017 c11 Sueemm
Glad to hear the there will eventually be a happy ending. The tension here is almost unbearable. Post next chapter quickly please. No pressure then. Great story.
12/4/2017 c11 1LadyEquiN0X
I was so happy to get the email notification for your chapter update. I dived into it the moment I could, and it took me over an hour to finish it because I was savouring and hanging on every word, rereading each paragraph to get the scene right in my head.

And oh my Lord, I really don’t know what else to say, except *stands up and applauses* My heart is twisted with emotions for everything that they’ve been through as a family, and I doubt I’d be able to sleep tonight thinking of what is to come from this unseen enemy and who the informant is.

You have a brilliant team in Soleil_Lumiere and PreludeInZ who both inspire you to write with a magic I can only aspire to achieve someday. Emotional as I am right now from the chapter, it is also very full to the brim. For that, I thank you.
12/4/2017 c11 55Oblivian03
This was great! Kind of sad and with lingering tension, but the 'Grandma's farts' comment unexpectedly had me almost rolling on the floor in tears. Should have expected it - you always write Gordon well (not to mention the others). Look forward to more!
12/4/2017 c11 36WhatHaveWeDone
Woe. That is a cliff hanger and a half. Love it! can't wait to see what you do with them next.
10/25/2017 c5 CHEESEPUFF
Using the family card to get access to brothers
My favourite manoeuvre
10/25/2017 c4 CHEESEPUFF
Why Bo Kata?
10/25/2017 c1 CHEESEPUFF
This is really good so far
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