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6/5 c25 7sagitarius
I've been wondering what the hell happened to this fic (and all of the other fics I follow on this site). Turns out I missed a couple of updates because FFN decided to be assholes about their messaging system.

Great to see that this is still going. Hoping the next chapter comes soon.
6/3 c25 6Mando-Vet
I have thoroughly enjoyed this story and I hope you return to finish it here.
6/3 c22 Mando-Vet
Awesome chapter! I love how you made it so that Luffy's death made everyone go blood crazy for vengeance.
6/3 c11 Mando-Vet
Man, Batman's kind of a dick I'm noticing. He's like a dog with a bone.
6/3 c7 Mando-Vet
Lol, great punishment for Joker.
6/3 c6 Mando-Vet
I'm loving this story! Especially how the Stawhats are so inclusive with the other villains without hesitation. Kinda hoping a few decide to go back with them.
5/13 c25 Guest
For hainbane, we need to remember that this crossover uses the DCAU, which is considered the weakest verse within DC canon. Meanwhile, the One Piece characters in this story are one their current canon levels of power, which makes them really powerful in this verse. Zoro for example is capable of cutting a mountain-sized object and make upper half fly upwards, which requires a massive amount of strength. Combine that with the ability to enhance the strength of his blades, and he would be able to deal a lot of damage to an unprepared DCAU Superman. And that is actually just a fraction of what Zoro can currently do.

Lets also not forget that the Justice League, or almost anyone in both heroes and villains side, at this point in the story, have not taken the Straw Hats seriously enough that requires to not hold back at all. Both the League and the Joker had to learn this the hard way.
5/3 c18 Mizugami18
ben 10?! seriously?!
5/3 c14 Mizugami18
ryou would be the perfect technique against parasite
5/2 c7 Mizugami18
the pairing between luffy and cheetah might not be so great since luffy is slower on certain things, but i seriously would enjoy seeing more of the whole pairing since from what i’ve read cheetah is either lying to herself about luffy just being friends or she’s questioning herself about her feelings towards him. also from what i’ve seen from the Justice league unlimited series is that she seriously needs some form of love after bats used her and probably got her tortured. plus i honestly don’t see luffy going for hancock anytime since he’s shown to be immune to her charm and beauty. and it’d make for a great reason for luffy to go full power 5th gear on the justice league or any supervillain team… or darkside. it would even add to some drama for when or if they learn the strawhats are from another universe and are planning on returning while making sanji pissed since i’ve always enjoyed his reactions for when some else gets the girl. and back to the topic of luffy and cheetah, i’d believe a part of her animal side is probably attracted to luffy’s dominance or conquerors will
5/2 c7 Mizugami18
i’m seriously hoping for this to be a luffy x cheetah story… gods, how i hope so…
4/22 c25 Jimmy
Please update soon love this story as well! and also keep up the good work!
4/22 c18 Fredward1
So glad I can always scroll a quarter of a chapter, every chapter just to get to the damn story. Fucking pm people or put the review responses at the bottom of the chapter. Shits fucking annoying as hell. You have like 350k words. 1/4th of that is responding to reviews. That’s insane dude. That’s padding your word count to the extreme.
4/10 c8 hainbane
I am not familiar with One piece manga. Only anime up to 600s but I find it really hard to believe that anyone from the crew can scratch Superman. Not to mention a superspeed grab into orbit is instant win for him. Same for WW, who is a demigod born from clay and Aphrodite's blessing. So constant unstoppable wins on the side of the crew makes me think this is very one-sided work.
3/27 c25 XtraDepress
Man...25 chapters in and I gotta say...the writing quality of this fic so far is fantastic!

and now that Darkseid is included in the fray now makes things a lot more interesting...Rock Face has no idea what he is about to face...The beats of the Drums of Liberation await the warrior's return.

Though I'm beginning to wonder what will happen if Kaido, Big mom, Shanks, and Possibly Blackbeard as well...surely the balance of power will be titled in the DCAU...though that's just a realm of possibility...but it will sure get things hectic and the justice League, supervillains, and governments May have an insanely difficult time just to take down 1 emperor, and that is just 1.

anyways. take care author!, definitely worth Rereading! :D
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