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5/10 c27 Guest
can bring annie back the other part of clayface
5/9 c27 womp wompx
when is luffy going to use Gear 5?
5/4 c27 4Trado
HUGE chapter with a lot of good stuff! That's also why this review is a bit late, there's a lot to cover.

Considering one of the main characters in Maid of Honour is a Princess, I already had a pretty good idea of how this was going to go. Nami even pointed it out herself, every time the Straw Hats meet a Princess, there's always a big fight that happens soon after. It's literally a pattern with them. It has to be. You can't say it's just a coincidence when they've met several different Princesses and there's always been a fight involving them and their lands.

As for Audrey herself, by the end of this I'm sure she'll become just like the Straw Hats other Princesses: Glad to have met the kind and powerful pirates despite knowing that they're all completely crazy. However, I also think she'll also have a new hatred of the Justice League at the end of this as well because of Orion. I don't know exactly what he'll do, but I'm sure it'll be something that doesn't look good for the rest of the Justice League.

Vandal Savage. If there was ever a time he wished he wasn't immortal, I think that time is about to come. I can picture all kinds of things happening to him and that's if the Straw Hats never find out what he did to another version of Luffy. If that happens, then I don't think even his immortality will be enough to save him. Actually, that's probably why he sent that warning to his past self. I must admit though, I love the fact that this terrifying immortal dictator is so clearly scared of the Straw Hats. He'll never admit that to anyone including himself, but his thoughts when they first appear and some of his later actions prove that this power mad psycho is secretly terrified of our favorite pirates, or at least he's terrified of knowing how easily they can ruin his plans.

Speaking of plans, Joker's out and about killing lesser superheroes and supervillains and stealing their powers. He's almost like a totally different villain now. If it wasn't for the few goofy moments he still has I'd swear he's not the Joker at all. But he is and I've got a bad feeling about him getting his hands on so many powers.

Ivy also seems to have been struggling a bit before with her feelings towards the Straw Hats. However, Luffy seems to have gotten through to her if she's now leading an army of Harleys to help out with the small war that Savage just started. An army of Harley Quinns. Isn't that a terrifying thought.

The Justice League has also finally discovered the Royal Flush squad and learned about their escape, or rather their liberation by the Straw Hats. Then Wonder Woman goes and uses that information to make Ace and Queen distrust them even more then they did before. "Only just today!" I know it's true but if I were in their shoes and heard that I'd swear it was a lie. The others will probably think the same.

Ace and Maureen were also a really good team with Ace stunning the attackers while Maureen froze them and their ride. I know Ace is already very powerful but Maureen's no slouch either. She actually makes me think of a female Shoto Todoroki and I think she has the potential to be just as powerful as he is, if not even more so.

Lastly, my favorite moment from this chapter? Nami stealing the Mona Lisa. I know she put it back but still, great moment.

Keep up the awesome work!
5/3 c27 22jward
more please
4/27 c23 31VixenRose1996
I really loved this two parter, even if the idea hurts my heart. Still, it would be interesting to read like an AU version of this idea were Zoro was the only one who survived and turned into a sorta samurai Punisher. Edgy, I know.
4/27 c24 VixenRose1996
Okay so Sanji saying that Darkseid could serve THEM if he was strong enough had me putting down my tablet so I could laugh for a good 5 minutes. The gentleman/tuxedo mask is like... *chef's kiss* pun intended.
4/27 c25 VixenRose1996
You know, I always found it weird that Supes is so disbelieving that Braniac is back because, yeah, you've seen him destroyed. Multiple times at this point. Clearly the idea shouldn't outside the realm of possibility. Also, I'd actually be totally cool with that sacrifice to destroy Darkseid.
4/27 c26 VixenRose1996
Awwwww, I'm glad Amazo found himself better role models! He'll still be doing crime but, like, better crime than. What Lex would have had him do. Usopp singing was my favorite part lol. He and Brook should do a collab.
4/27 c27 VixenRose1996
Great chapter! It's always fun to see the ladies having a night out. I support Women's Wrongs! Also, it was fun help develop the outfits with you.
4/25 c27 Guest
You don’t have to answer this, just want to comment on how Batman got Luffy all wrong. They don’t respect him for his power, they’re his nakama. The fact that Batman never met a criminal like Luffy is really making him make some assumptions, and the wrong kind. It’s hilarious!
4/21 c1 PawsParlor3
You should have Paige Munroe be part of the straw hats.
4/17 c27 Guest
OMG, this was an amazing episode! It was worth it, every damn second! I was left wanting so much more that I would like to travel to the future and continue reading your incredible story! I hope you don't take too long to update the next chapter! I'll look forward to it!
4/17 c10 Hyperman15
Favourite chapter yet
4/14 c27 Door to Nowhere
Once again, amazing work you did here dood!

Once again, even if they are in another world, the Straw Hats will always somehow get involved with princesses and political intrigue, only difference here is so far Audrey hasn't really become friends with the crew except for Maureen and Ace. Also, Nami reminding us that Vivi will always be the one special princess in all of their hearts (betcha Franky, Brook, and Jinbei feel the same even though they have not met her yet).

Seems Wondie is still having some difficult with her new role as an ambassador, but then again she was always a hero/warrior first and royalty second.

Seems Joker is still going through a plan of his own and basically doing his own version of Blackbeard's plan, which is to collect as many powers as he can. Of course, I'm sure he will be collecting powers and weapons that can actually serve to counter the abilities of both the Straw Hats and the League.

Regarding my previous comments about the games, that's ok, I wasn't expecting them to be added (although maybe the crew playing some rounds of Mario Kart, Mario Party, or Smash Bros. could be a scene in the future), it is just something I did for fun. Actually based myself on Oda's SBS Questions, the only place we learn about the Straw Hats' nationalities, bathing times, or how each of them like their eggs (Luffy is unhinged when it comes to how he likes his eggs).
4/11 c27 Guest
Thank you for this masterpiece
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