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11/23/2023 c26 Netflixonepiece
Okay, so this would misunderstanding is because the starw hats secretly envy the heroes because they weren’t in their world to save them. Thats really giving me bad vibes, like mha’s league of villain vibes.

I know its all for drama but which the straw hats/justice league be able to patch things up?
11/23/2023 c26 12356789
Hey hang on, doesn’t this make the straw hats gary sues?
11/22/2023 c26 Zorosavage21
Hey man glad you’re doing well and also great thinking with the farmer from the Batman episode, very clever thinking since Luffy eats a lot and farmer brown is an expert on making giant animals to help with world hunger so perfect match up
Glad amazo was done so well too, hope he finds that dream of his and hopefully Harley gets to meet him
11/22/2023 c26 Sargent Epsilon
Seeing how Mercy handled Lex was a nice touch. As was reading the Straw Hat crew interact with each other, the new guy, and Amazo. Also, I like how they got Farmer Brown and his daughter from that one episode to help them solve both their food trouble here and the food trouble back in Wano.
11/23/2023 c26 64mellra
Well done handling the Amazo episodes! We even got to see one of the more obscure Batman The Animated series villains to top it off. Also liking how you're showing the ripples of the SH pirates in the DCAU even when they're not interacting with the JL (like Mercy shooting first and asking questions later with Lex thanks to her "therapy" session and the earlier recruitment of the New Gods).
Can't wait to see more!
11/23/2023 c26 8CRUDEN
Dude your Amazo is awesome i love the take here honestly hope to see aot more from him later
11/23/2023 c26 33TheWhiteTitan
Wow, was not expecting Amazo to become an ally, but it's a nice surprise. Its nice that he's not a violent robot but a farmer who wants to learn about life, and learning how to be the Straw Hat's standards. Can't wait to see how they handle Vandal.
One question, did a JL reveal that they went to alternate timeline or did Waller found out by digging around?
11/23/2023 c26 Random Reader Guy
Great to see this get an update. My question is what are your thoughts on the latest OP arc/chapters & how have (if they did) they affected in any way this story?
11/23/2023 c26 gaming-is-served
having Amazo learning about the concept of life, emotion and friendship with the straw hats is an amazing idea
11/22/2023 c16 K0tar
Waller is exactly the kind of person the Straw Hats are afraid the Justice League would become.
11/22/2023 c26 15free man writer
OK straight up this is probably one of the most brilliant chapters you've ever written. Having Amazo learn about life, dreams, freedom and finding purpose through the Straw Hats was genius And I love how you because Amazo is so inquisitive it actually forced all the straw hat pirates to really think on how to explain things to him. This easily top 3 chapters you've made of this story.
11/22/2023 c26 Omegamorph
Should have guessed that this took place after Wano and that Amazo would join. I was not expecting the duo from the Critters episode though.
11/22/2023 c5 K0tar
I was a kid/teen (don't remember) when this came out, but with my adult eyes I have to wonder what the end game was. Not only would the allergen have killed off all men, it probably had the ability to affect animals as well, considering the fact that it could affect aliens. By all logic, this probably would have caused the complete extinction of humanity, it would have also let to the biosphere collapsing, possibly destroying all life on earth.
11/22/2023 c26 Guest
Gotta say love how it focuses more on the crew dynamics and just the difference in their lifestyles compared to the normal DC world. Interesting idea with Amazo with how maybe the reason why the strawhats don’t like hero’s is because they didn’t get hero’s when they needed them. Super nice touch especially since I finished watching a video about how Luffy basically saves everyone and is a proper hero for them.
11/22/2023 c26 2Caelleh
Honestly, I weep anytime Wano is mentioned now. Since the last update, I’ve finally read past Dressrosa and am all caught up with Egghead. Otama caught me by the heart, and the uncertainty of what’s happening in the world of One Piece hurts. I’m not pushing for the story to move faster or anything, just sharing my thoughts. I think it’s good that I feel so strongly reading updates. Thanks for writing :)
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