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4/25 c27 Guest
You don’t have to answer this, just want to comment on how Batman got Luffy all wrong. They don’t respect him for his power, they’re his nakama. The fact that Batman never met a criminal like Luffy is really making him make some assumptions, and the wrong kind. It’s hilarious!
4/21 c1 PawsParlor3
You should have Paige Munroe be part of the straw hats.
4/17 c27 Guest
OMG, this was an amazing episode! It was worth it, every damn second! I was left wanting so much more that I would like to travel to the future and continue reading your incredible story! I hope you don't take too long to update the next chapter! I'll look forward to it!
4/17 c10 Hyperman15
Favourite chapter yet
4/14 c27 Door to Nowhere
Once again, amazing work you did here dood!

Once again, even if they are in another world, the Straw Hats will always somehow get involved with princesses and political intrigue, only difference here is so far Audrey hasn't really become friends with the crew except for Maureen and Ace. Also, Nami reminding us that Vivi will always be the one special princess in all of their hearts (betcha Franky, Brook, and Jinbei feel the same even though they have not met her yet).

Seems Wondie is still having some difficult with her new role as an ambassador, but then again she was always a hero/warrior first and royalty second.

Seems Joker is still going through a plan of his own and basically doing his own version of Blackbeard's plan, which is to collect as many powers as he can. Of course, I'm sure he will be collecting powers and weapons that can actually serve to counter the abilities of both the Straw Hats and the League.

Regarding my previous comments about the games, that's ok, I wasn't expecting them to be added (although maybe the crew playing some rounds of Mario Kart, Mario Party, or Smash Bros. could be a scene in the future), it is just something I did for fun. Actually based myself on Oda's SBS Questions, the only place we learn about the Straw Hats' nationalities, bathing times, or how each of them like their eggs (Luffy is unhinged when it comes to how he likes his eggs).
4/11 c27 Guest
Thank you for this masterpiece
4/10 c1 Guest
Hope your feeling well
3/31 c25 Onetimejester
Can we get more luffy fights?
3/31 c27 Greer123
Hope you are doing well.
3/30 c27 6King of Fans
Good chapter

I found it hilarious that Nami essentially predicted what was going to happen in this arc.
I can’t wait to see Audrey‘s reaction to this fact.

Audrey's strategy Involving the straw hats was really good. if she can offer them diplomatic immunity inside her country she could skyrocket their medical industry and get a few additional perks from the crew.
Meanwhile, the straw hats will have trouble denying this offer thanks to the money, safe houses, and resources Kaznia can offer them.

I love the freeway Mexican standoff going on, and the little advantages each side has.
Vandal Savage might have to keep his involvement concealed, but he’s also the only one who has a basic idea on what the other factions are capable of.
The straw hats being aligned with the princess gives them the greatest amount of diplomatic immunity within Kaznia. However, one misstep on their end or set up on Savage end and they go from guests to criminals. (As to what degree it depends on the setup)
The justice League meanwhile options are limited as they don’t have any contacts within Kaznia, but thanks to their time-traveling adventure they have a leg up when it comes to Intel.

I love how nonchalantly Ace and Maureen ( the two youngest of the group) handled the terrorist. Savage was probably gritting his teeth in anger, and sweating buckets after that.

That metal plate probably did have some panic warnings about the straw hats. It was probably just written in code or some dead language off to the side.

I wonder when Wonder Woman will realize worrying about the future versions of the straw hats becoming pure evil is not an absolute certainty.
If I had to guess it would be at the end of the next chapter, or during the Justice Lords.
Because knowing someone’s current character, or the fact anyone who has the potential to become good or evil will change anyone’s perspective on a possible future great evil.

I wonder which member of the crew Orion will fight.

Lastly, so that’s what Ivy has been cooking up in her labs. An army of Plant Harleys is a pretty good wildcard.
3/28 c10 7Savior16
Also Robin should as well look at the story of hanuman, it would blow her mind even more.
3/28 c10 Savior16
Also as for added Info, Gol D Roger is as well based on a real life king of the pirates John Every along with one piece whom is Every's treasure that is still not found to this day, this would be one banger mindblow to the straw hats as the one piece is real in the world of justice league and real life.

Hope the straw hats makes this connection.
3/25 c27 4gregorian12
Send you a pm.

Good work on this.
3/23 c27 Unga
Great chapter, always find it interesting when you write Luffy to interact with characters and the world. Will be interesting to see how the next chapter goes.
3/23 c27 1Hoplit
As always quite interesting and verry welll written. But i have one complain. The shortly changing perspectives at the and where a bit confusing, i Needed to read it a second time to keep everything straight. That could also be in part because i didn't check that Ivy made Harley clones. At first i thought they where kaznien made to fight against the strawhats.
I love how Audrey totaly passes the vibe chec with the ladys, even if she has a little problem with stealing. As for the escalation well that was to be expected. To be honest why are the strawhats even suprised? Its like they said, everytime they interact with a Princess it comes down to them saving theire country. There was Vivi wich lead to Allabasta, Shirahoschi in Fishmeniland, Rebecca and Viola in Dressrosa as well as Momo and Hiory in Wano (I am not counting Sanji and his family because they feel diffrent to me, but that would be a funny interacten when the Deckhands overhear an insult from Zorro about sanji beeing a lausy prince or something like that, even if its unlikly that the strawhats would ever talk about that)
Vandal Savage is extremly enterteining, with how he goes from panic attack to scheming about dealing with the presented situation. He is anoyed with Audrey but at the same time is at least partly responsible for her positiona as well as her abilitys to use her position, afteral, while trusting, she is able to understand the power that comes with her position, but also how a monopol on resources, the the medical explorations/drugs from Chopper. He is just an old boomer anoyed with a young woman having fun. But its funny how he falls into the same trap as Luthor, that they asume that Luffy is some kind of strategic genius and tries to analys/predict his next move only to be completly suprised. Even the Justice League is not imun to this. they asume that Luffy is simular to Flash, that he dosen't take most things serious but is smart and strategic guy when he gets serious. But we all know the truth he is hughe idiot. But an Idiot with a big heart, Loyalty beyond imagination and an extremly high EQ. People are loyal to him because they gat loyalty, freindship and family in return.
Which brings me to Queen (as well as the rest of the Royal flush gang). The reaction she had to beeing adressed by WW was pritty much what I expected. And while I can understand what GL means, the strawhats are not your tipical gang. Im gonny borrow something from an erlier comentor. The strawhats didn't offer them revenge, they offered them a Home and a Family wich is a way better incentiv. personally i would wish for some of the deckhands to interact with the present hearos. And I wish the earlier thought of the scars that somebody would have inflicted on strawhats, as well as what kind of world would require somebody to become monsters like they are.
Orion just saying f it, I am going to deal with all of this by myself. is certenly interesting and could lead to a lot of chaos in the next chapter. Even if the strawhats are not going to care about the breaking of international law, even if i could see Nami and Ussop try to use it to avoid the fight, while Robin could do it to test the morals of the Justice league. the citizinship was actually quite the genius moove. afteral she gave the strawhats a huge proove of trust, while at the same time securing important resources.
I could see Jinbey stepping in and stoping Orion from fighting Luffy, while he deals with the attaking soldiers as well as WW and Batman. personally i want Luffy to use his concorours haki to knockout the normal people, only for Batman and WW to be shocked and concerned about the colapsed people prooving to Luffy that they are heros. In my Jimbey vs Orion fight they would come to an inconclusiv result because they are forced to stop the figth, jimbey because he dosn't see a reason and Orion because Audrey tells him to, which he only reluctantly does.
Lets be real this army dosnT even stand a chance, afteral the strawhats where able to deal with 100.000 thousand fishman with relativ ease, even if you argue that there where only 50.000 of them that they needed to fight and did only fight against 20.000 thousend of those (the rest getting taken out by the royal army, beeing slaves freed by Robin or taken out as colateral by Wadatsumi, they where still a hughe amount of fishmen they took out, who are stronger than humans. I could see this as a declarazion of power from the strawhats, that numbers are not enough to deal with them. even if could see Luffy strugle against Vox,s voice.
Are some of the other heros going to show up as well? or all of them ocupied twith the space cannon? Speaking of witch since there is canon one piece character who is able to do excatly the same thing are the strawhats even going to be that impressed by the incoming meteors? afteral i am pretty sure that sanji as well as Zorro could dealt with those with relative ease.
The moment Ace and Maureen had was nice when they took out all the therorists. Did Ace allredy come to terms with the revalation that Robin was suacidal? Or did she burry it deep down? I imagine that an imcomming meteor is going to scare a lot of people especially the girls. It would be funny if one of the strawhats makes an offhand remark about Fujitora. I think something among the lines of "Is one blind old man trowing meteors at us not enoug?" or "Not again, Last time was enough of a Husstle" only to earn a few strange looks. Even if they, now that I think of it didn't witness those atacks direcktly (not counting the flying rubble at the end of Dressrosa).
My personal favorite moment in this chapter is a possible futur for Volcana and Maureen, where they both live in Kaznia and are save from the Justice league as well as the US goverment because Audrey uses the Products of Cherryblossem Medical as leverage against there sayfty. All the while Volcana is in contact with Superman to explaine to him that she is reteired for good, afteral she has a place where she is save as well as someone she has to take care for good. It be funny if the Deckhands become the Kaznien Hero assosiation who is dealing with crimes as well security in Kaznia (not counting Clayface, who will be an actor again, as well as Cheeta who will be running cherryblossom medical, and maybe Ivy as well as Herley who take up somewhere in the forrest, or become activists).
Joker becomming a combination of diffrent gadget based heros and villans was extremly interesting. But I am not sure how effective all of his upgrades are going to be against the Strawhats, especially the heavy hitters. But he is leaving a bloody trail of boddys behind. Boddys of Villians as well as Heros. Its going to be interesting to see how that is going to develop, afteral if he gives his equpment collection to every criminal he recruted the amount of damage he could do against even the strawhats might not be miniscule afteral.
Personally i cant wait for the after mission meeting where Orion shares his opinion on the Strawhats as well as apologizes after beeing humbeld by one humble fishman. it would be intersting seein the rest of the new members react how Orion is going to discribe the strawhats. Depending on what Orion tells them they could be impressed, dumbfoubded, or just confused (or really a combination of those).
Cant wait to see how this will continues. I wish you all the best creativity wise, as well for you personally.
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