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3/23 c27 Strlo
Is it... Can it be... A conquerors haki moment approaching!?
3/22 c5 24He Who See's
'Her body, her choice,'
Babies aren't a part of a woman's body and are a separate entity tho, and all abortions should be banned, period.
3/22 c4 He Who See's
The Straw Hats getting stronger? LOL. You're honestly going to try and out power creep a given DC universe? Superman in the verse goes from freaking out about his powers as a teenager to surviving a planet sized explosion on the sun in the (sadly) canonical Justice League vs The Fatal Five direct to DVD movie AFTER moving at faster than light speeds to prevent that explosion. Even if you argue that Superman was amped in that moment since he was getting closer to his power source, which is fair, all he literally needs to do to out power climb any of the strawhats is find a way to way to breathe or just not need air on the sun and just chill out there for however long he needs LOL. XD
3/22 c2 He Who See's
Having patents, copyrights, and trademarks aren't monopolies, they're literally there to protect and incentivize people's intellectual property, as Japan, the nation that One Piece was made in, quite readily agrees considering the makers of One Piece will readily annihilate you if you EVER try not to give them their cut in any thing they have the legal right and fiat to get a cut in. Furthermore, the public domain is an ass as are the people who champion it, extolling all of its alleged creative virtue... let all these allegedly creative people EVER have the alleged creativity to do with properties once they become public domain is make horror films or games or what have you because horror requires the least amount of investment and because public domain properties don't tend to make as much money from various angles compared to things that Shonen Jump can legally jump you for.
3/21 c27 64mellra
I feel this is the chapter where things really start changing from canon. While there have been other changes in the previous chapters, things more or less have been on track with the JL series, especially since the Straw Hats had been trying to keep a low profile. But like with Alabasta, I feel this is where they gain more serious recognition from the world at large.

Also, it's clear that this Joker is going to play a larger role than he did in the original JL series. With him killing and stealing from both heroes and villains, his threat level is steadily increasing for both the Straw Hats and the JL. Can't wait to see what happens next!
3/21 c27 Caspian123
I can't wait for Bats and Savage to realize that Luffy's an idiot... And then, after seeing him fight, realizing that he's an Idiot Savant, lol. I would say that they would realize his emotional IQ is through the roof, but Savage won't care, and Batman would only see the bad side of it (If he wanted, Luffy could be a very convincing manipulator).

Anyways, it's going to be interesting to see Vandal Savage, a man who seeks complete control, fighting against Luffy, a man who seeks complete freedom, I wonder if philosophy is gonna rear it's head in the next chapter?
3/20 c27 maxkaufman2002
Hi I’ve been enjoying this very much. I have a question who would win in a fight gear fifth Luffy or Mr. Mxyzptlk? in my opinion, I think it would be a draw in a one on one both of them should be able to counteract each other shenanigans but that would honestly be a hilarious fight. Anyway I enjoyed this chapter. You did a very good job showing how the justice league now thinks of the straw hats.
3/20 c27 Evil Reviwer
(Sips from deh coconut.). Was almost afraid you were going to do the whole two parter in one chapter given the length of which. That said I sadly, at this time, cannot think of anything to say. Does not help when you’re awake when you’re suppose to be asleep. .
3/19 c27 Guest
I wanna see the next chapter! Good job!
3/19 c27 9Nexus Matrix
Nice to see you again.

As for the chapter, it's good to see more justice league members are having the interaction with the Straw Hats even if they had many chapters dealing with other problems or other stuff going on. The reaction Wonder Woman had towards them really showed how the alternate timeline really messed them up in many ways.

It's also nice to see the Straw hats and Deckhands even if this was a lady's night out having more interaction with the world and people. The fact being involved with another princess and ended up not intentionally saving the kingdom might as well be some routine at this point.

Vandel Savage almost losing himself is the best part as even someone like him with many plans cannot stand up against people who deal with chaos and are chaotic themselves.
3/19 c27 2Not-Quite-Old Man
Did... Did ivy just make an army of Harley Quinns?!

Also, poor JL. Luffy and the others did so much worse than offer them revenge... They offered the kids a home. And for an outcast... Thats the best thing you can do if you want real loyalty.
3/19 c27 26Cyricist001
I assume Ivy made plant clones to make the army.

Not related to that, I'll write the other Patton quote "We fought the wrong enemy."
3/19 c27 15Vanessa Masters
Lol Oh Harley. At the end.


"Why're you so hesitant though?" asked Maureen. "If we play our cards right, it'll mean a regular flow of money again so we don't have to rob people. It'll be safer!"

"Yeah!" said Ace. "So we can focus more on getting tougher, and Franky finishing on getting us home. Instead you're being weird about this! Like you are about heroes!"

All the Straw Hats felt a warm, tingly feeling at Ace calling Gaia that so naturally. Only they were not going to allow that to side-track them either. Especially as it might embarrass the teenager and derail the conversation further. Through a series of rapid, subtle glances amongst one another, they agreed Robin would privately address it later.

"I told you—" began Nami, only to be cut off as Ace raised a hand imperiously. Intrigued, the senior pirate cut herself off and raised an eyebrow in a silent invitation. This quickly growing confidence was to be encouraged after all.

"You keep helping people like heroes do," said Ace firmly, refusing to back down on this from those who were supposed to be her crewmates. She had to prove she was indeed a peer to them.

Plus, to be truthful, this was all stuff she had been rehearsing in her head for a while, waiting for the proper moment. Her voice was her usual neutral tone, and yet the steel within it was undeniable. "Some days you say the Justice League aren't heroes, and other days you say they are even if they don't give enough meat."

The Deckhands squirmed at this, as either they had not noticed themselves, or did not want to comment on it.

"You worry about them turning evil, but don't you get it? With this you'd get it all, and keep the League as actual heroes. Maybe actually get to talk to them to see if it's true what you're worried about."

"Hey!" said Volcana, as one of said enemies and rather offended. Beside her, Maureen winced as she was caught between her big sis and her best friend, yet kept her peace.

"Volcana, I love you, but Superman also met you while stealing and trying to go on a murder spree," Ace flatly told her fellow government-weapon-escapee. Even if she acknowledged the fundamental difference that Volcana had saved herself, while Ace had been reduced to such passivity that she needed to be rescued. However, the teenager had been given plenty of time to think about this since. "If we do this, if we can make it work, and I know you can, it'll change everything."


She's right.
She's the voice of reason and truth.


And yeah, it's a fresh start for Chopper and his medicine.

Oooooh, Robin saw through Vandal, to a degree.

And Audrey. Befriending them and wanting to help them.

Also, may I point out Sanji is a prince, so he's been causing the crew bad luck from the start, Audrey presence didn't do much.

But genius, another masterpiece.

Bless you for this.
Well, so Vandal was behind those previous attacks?

Also, crazy joker collecting hero and villain stuff.


Poor Pamela, She's worried about being left behind by Harley.
3/18 c27 Turtimus Primal
This chapter didn't go the way I expected, though I probably should've seen it coming. The Straw Hats are total wild cards, especially Luffy. Their presence is enough to throw a Monkey (D. Luffy) wrench into any plan that doesn't agree with them. All in all, excellent work! I actually did a double take or two while reading about the Harley clones

I can't wait to see how Batman and Wonder Woman react to meeting Luffy in person and witnessing his true personality. Even Batman's gonna have a jaw drop. I thought about Luffy asking the Justice League what their dreams are, and Batman's was the clearest answer I thought of; it's A different type of dream than what most of the Straw Hats have, one that may take more than one lifetime: to make a Gotham City that doesn't need the Batman.

I am curious if the Straw Hats will ever learn about their alternate timeline selves. They'd be horrified at what they'd become, given that they do have a strong collective sense of Justice, even if they wouldn't call it that.

With Savage making his coup clear and the explosion going off, Luffy's gonna be mad if he feels his friends were hurt bad enough. Maybe even angry enough to go 4th Gear on Vandal Savage... Unlike Don Quixote Doflamingo before him, I have a feeling Savage's instincts will be screaming at him to run away in spite of how Bounceman looks.

With the mention of the "Bang Babies," I wonder how Static and friends are doing in Dakota City. And what other young heroes live alongside the Justice League in this universe.

Last chapter, I forgot to comment on the Live Action One Piece reference with oregano, I found that pretty funny.
3/18 c27 Sideways8
I loved the chapter but someone who I feel has been far to neglected would definitely be Mr. Mxyzptlk. Given his hatred for superman, he would see the straw hats as 'his best bet' in destroying superman. Plus Mxyzptlk is simultaneously one of the most powerful beings in the universe and yet the easiest to beat, so it would interesting to see how the straw hats deal with him.
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