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3/18 c27 2shados960
This update just made my day! What better way to make my Sunday morning more enjoyable than seeing Justice update, and boy was it worth the wait!

The chapter feels like it is the start of something bigger as Maid Of Honor began as canon with Bruce and Diana having their dance(which I particularly enjoyed because the extra bits you added in their conversations feel more fascinating and better yet expand on a few things.). Not to mention I do like the idea of Wonder Woman and more importantly the Amazons transitioning to be more apart of man’s world, particularly teaching self-defense classes to women in need, and perhaps can be expanded upon when the Justice League becomes more well built than just the core group. Not to mention some amazons like Artemis and Donna Troy joining the superhero team as well, but who knows? Though for Diana to fully understand and adapt to her role as Themyscira’s ambassador, she has to overcome some of her flaws; such as her temper which was fully displayed in this chapter.

But unlike before Bruce and Diana get to enjoy the party more, as things begin to change from originally as Princess Audrey gets into a car accident with none other than the whacky but beloved ladies of the Straw Hats(Clayface included) as they’re celebrating Maureen’s birthday. Thought the reason the Terrorists didn’t show up was probably because the second they saw the SHPs in the limo said "nope" and sped the hell out of there.

And of course, the princess knows who they are, but instead of being terrified like most people would upon recognizing them, she immediately goes off with them on the supposed "villainess’s" escapes across Paris and its wonders. Not gonna lie who wouldn’t want to miss out on hanging out with the Straw Hats? Plus of course, she’s a Soul King fan to boot! But along their tour of the museum has a certain cat burglar snagging the freaking Mona Lisa along the way. (And I never thought I would almost feel bad for a painting, lol). When stealing food from a high-class restaurant Audrey is quickly reminded of the fact they are criminals which leads to them learning Audrey is the princess of Kaznia.

But during the second part of the dance, Diana gets the nasty part of upper society such as gossip. Particularly on Bruce, though my god that was more than a bit low for that old lady to hit on that whole Susan situation. Talk about being spiteful of others. I liked how you mentioned the time Poison Ivy had her scheme to rob all of Gotham’s rich elites with those plant humanoids such as "Susan". Not gonna lie that was genuinely messed up so I can’t blame Diana for thinking of Ivy as a monster, but at the same time can’t judge a book by its cover. But there’s more going on with Ivy as seen later. I will say I do love how you’ve expanded upon Bruce and Diana’s interactions in this chapter and how it’s a slight ripple from being given more free time from the SHP’s finding the princess first.

And not gonna lie I laughed when Nami had her near hysterical rant about how they always get tangled in royal affairs and how it ALWAYS spirals out of control. Though Audrey doesn’t appreciate her and her country being viewed like they’re in an episode of Game of Thrones, LOL. Though it also lets Ace and Maureen learn that the Straw Hats have more than once saved royalty in the Grand Line, and can already tell they’ll be begging later to hear all about it. Not gonna lie I’m with Nami, she has every right to act that way given how it always happens. It’s kinda funny how even when stuck in another dimension, they still wind up in this scenario with royalty.

But Audrey from taking a liking to the SHPs and their carefree nature(barring their criminal tendencies) has an epiphany and suggests to the ladies they align themselves with her homeland Kaznia and be offered the benefits of Diplomatic Immunity in her country. And I’m not gonna lie that is rather ingenious because this would solve so many problems for the pirates as Audrey points out. But while the pirates are reluctant, the prospect of re-establishing a brand new Cherry Blossom Medical is something they can’t ignore and decide to play along. Not to mention Soul King being able to perform his concerts again, which may be what Audrey is hoping for as well given she is a huge fan too. Though it’s like they say…don’t meet your heroes 'cause if Brook asks a certain question…yeah it’s the gallows for Brook.

But for all this to work, Audry has gotta remember to make sure Luffy is given food. After all, they ain’t selfless heroes like the Justice League. You gotta give their captain some tasty meat!

But besides Batman going out to stop the canon STARS lab robbery, it looks like the Justice League has learned about the Meta teens that were illegally weaponized by the “illegal military program"(which is just partially a cover story to hide how deep Waller’s projects are and have been fed a cover story to prevent Project Cadmus from getting compromised. If anything after the events of Maid of Honor, Cadmus is probably going to be granted more funding than beforehand.) and how the Straw Hats rescued them; but I couldn’t help but sigh exasperatedly as John already thinks they’re gonna use and weaponize them. This couldn’t be any further from the truth, barring just giving them a place to stay till they figure out what they want to do. Though John is sorely mistaken if they think what they say in that alternate future is gonna give them an edge against the Straw Hats, cause they only saw the tip of the iceberg.

As all this is going on, Joker is once again continuing to kill and collect the meta tools of various villains and vigilantes. Such as Hourman…whoever the heck that is. But it’s becoming apparent Joker is going to be using those Blackgate crooks as his fodder or guinea pigs for the super items he snags. Only time will tell how much he needs before feeling ready to take on the SHP’s. And already I can imagine him targeting other Gotham criminals such as Bane, Clock King, and Mad Hatter as they’d be good choices for killing and gaining their super tools…

But soon we finally get Luffy wanting to understand why Ivy has been so distant from everyone else lately. But despite Luffy being very simple-minded, he easily reads people. He’s really great with people and can probably know more about a person than they know themselves with just one conversation. Such as understanding what they need and soon figuring out why Ivy is distancing herself from the SHPs. Yet this causes Ivy to physically lash out, though it simply confirms what Luffy’s prodding found.
Since they’re planning to leave for their world, it’s understandably left her frustrated and feeling especially since she feels Harley is gonna automatically come with them given her independence issues. But Luffy pointed out some valid points that even her plants can’t replace being around people and true friends. This already seems to be something she’s trying to deny, but deep down knows that Luffy’s right; and further shows how she’s changing from the person that Bruce and Diana see her as. I’m very eager to see how this further plays into how Ivy will be confronting these internal issues and what comes next for her! It’s interesting!

However, as Batman and Wonder Woman discuss the robbery, due to Diana not having the same relationship with Audrey as originally leads to a more formal investigation with a neutral perspective placed into it. Though Diana’s questions to Batman about "Bruce" definitely were interesting…and opened a lot of answers to her about the billionaire…

However, as the Straw Hats were pointing out the pros and cons of accepting Audrey’s offer for diplomatic immunity, I wondered why they didn’t at least bring this up to Luffy, but maybe because Nami fears it’ll end with their captain automatically saying yes due to his sense of adventure. Still kinda of weird, but not a big deal either. Though the fact this would all garner unwanted attention would be a reason to be cautious, Audrey’s offer of a banquet would immediately erase those concerns for Luffy and maybe another reason why they left him out of this discussion. But Ace speaking up and voicing all the pros that could come from accepting Audrey’s offer was great to hear and see how far she has come from her canon counterpart as she has developed a LOT more confidence in her personality. Not to mention the fact Ace is calling Gaea their home is so touching to hear and how she considers her Nakama’s home to be her home now. It really warms the heart. But her defending the idea of diplomatic immunity certainly would solve many problems, such as giving them back their legal means of gaining funds to go home without needing to do so many robberies; and the fact some bias is shadowing their decisions. But what really sells it to them is the prospect of finally getting out and be more free to do what they want instead of hiding out in their dock base. And thus they promptly tell Luffy about what’s going on and he probably doesn’t waste any time on approving, especially since there’s a banquet involved LOL.

Though nice to see how Maureen and Ace are already willing to defend their unofficial royal friend and her proposal; shows how the SHPs have impacted them.

Big Barda and Hawkgirl’s interaction was also a nice touch as it delves more into their background and reasons for coming to earth. It's interesting to see how an ex-Apokolipian would feel to be on New Genesis and how even their supposed paradise isn’t picture-perfect; with Hawkgirl acknowledging her planet has similar flaws, but may be blinded to further issues that may have become more noticeable. But I easily see Barda and Hawkgirl are gonna be good friends given their similar personalities(at least till…certain events occur to put a huge wedge in all of that) but also how Mister Miracle when seeing Luffy firsthand may get a better read of his character given he is supposedly the New God of Freedom in the DCAU.

Soon enough the engagement party starts and after the ladies “borrow" some exquisite dresses while returning the poor Mona Lisa to the museum, but also shows how all their training is proving beneficial. Particularly for the DCAU residents who have become more prepared in case they have to fight, alongside new tools to use as well. But anyhow the (totally not a couple) Diana and Bruce attend the engagement party, and would you look at that, the SHPs also come at the same time to meet Audrey’s fiance Vandal Savage. Needless to say the inevitable occurs as all hell breaks loose once Batman and Diana, Savage, and the SHPs all meet each other. But before getting into all that, first things first. Holy crap was Savage’s internal reaction as funny as I hoped it be. This line alone sold it for me!

"Vandal Savage, first of the world, screamed filthy profanity within his head."

LOL! I can already imagine said profanity was probably in multiple different languages to voice out his absolute fury, a chunk of which probably are dead ones. But as the immortal conqueror is hilariously freaking out in his head and mustering as much willpower to not explode whatsoever, our methodical Queen Robin immediately notes how Vandal is barely containing his wrathful and borderline panicked emotions, (oh Robin you have no idea what kind of can of worms the answer to that reaction is nor do I think you or the others want to know).

Diana however is quite outraged seeing not only a certified madman but also the SHPs all at once and is quick to throw accusations at them. Unfortunately, it appears Diana is done trying to talk things out with the pirates when remembering what they could become if not handled and is ready to fight the pirates. At least till Audrey fearlessly gets in the crossfire and puts the fellow royal in her place and reminds her she’s inches away from causing an international incident. And not gonna lie, you gotta commend Audrey for not flinching against the anger of an Amazonian warrior in front of her. But oh Diana, it looks like you have ways to go before you are fully ready to embrace the responsibilities of an ambassador for your people if you don’t learn to control your temper and keep your composure; something that will need to be addressed after all of this. Especially since she displayed a chunk of the hubris she ironically said she doesn’t have when facing the pirates; she’s gotta learn not every situation( particularly a political one)can bend to how things usually operate against supervillains.

Yet an attack from terrorists puts this mess to a pause. Guess they decided to reschedule their attack after being caught off guard in Paris, but it is quickly stopped by Maureen and Ace who quickly incapacitate the terrorists without breaking a sweat! Yet it allows Diana to learn these are some of the meta teens freed by the pirates though I can already tell the League is gonna be trying to convince them to leave the pirates thinking they are being emotionally manipulated. However, I’m very interested to see Batman’s interactions with Ace after having changed so much from the SHP’s.

Yet after Savage decides that the Justice League’s issues are to be put off till tomorrow, which the SHPs gladly take, much to the chagrin of a frustrated Diana. But as Vandal “tries” to console Audrey, which is like watching a wolf in sheep’s clothing pretending to act nice, Vandal goes off to address the “nuisance” that has come to his doorstep. Or more like a colossal disaster that he fears is about to unfold given not just the Justice League is here but also the Straw Hat Pirates that his alternate future self ominous warned him about centuries ago and has left him dreading their arrival for many years. And even worse since he had sent numerous assassins to kill them the second he learned of their arrival on earth, only to fail spectacularly and continue to worsen the nightmares and paranoia those pirates have been tormenting him with for so long.

But despite how these pirates have arrived in Kaznia on the supposed "Eve" of his master plan was about to be enacted; he at least hasn’t become too irrational and understands it’s somehow all a coincidence. A very odd and ridiculous coincidence, but given they don’t know about him, it wasn’t on purpose. Heck, the fact he’s willing to unleash the majority of his arsenal on the pirates is commendable but, I think Savage should’ve gone all out with the rest of his contingencies when dealing with the SHPs. But just like Luthor, Vandal is also under the belief that Luffy is some kind of master strategist, which has me chuckling so much cause just like Luthor, I cannot wait to see his face when he inevitably meets Luffy and learns that he’s just a carefree idiot. Or probably will be in denial at first until he gets the memo and probably loses it when he realizes his plans for world domination are being ruined by a simple-minded buffoon.

Nonetheless this causes Vandal Savage to speed up his plans as he commences his agent to poison the King of Kaznia like in canon, alongside the army he has prepared for the pirates, but may fear that it won’t be enough. Yet as he plans all this out, both Batman AND our beloved spymaster Robin listen in on Savage and let them see that something is going on behind the scenes with Vandal.

Yet as the SHPs lament how their fears of getting tangled in royal affairs came true(and realizing Wonder Woman is also royalty makes it even funnier since they were doomed to get in this rabbit hole even more than before.) but are already realizing Vandal Savage is not who he appears to be as they discover the evidence given by Talon is pointing to Audrey’s finance being a madman vying for conquest. Yet Robin is still mystified by how Vandal reacted to seeing them despite never meeting him till now. Oh if only they knew the context…but that’s more like opening up Pandora’s box.

Yet when hearing Audrey’s father has fallen "ill" the pirates already can tell it’s a huge trap meant for them or the League. But not only can they not ignore how this could be their chance to finally restore Cherry Blossom Medical but also Zoro points out how it’s about time they send a message to the Justice League, Supervillains, and any other factions wanting to start trouble with them to back off. And what better way than by showing more of their immense might against Vandal Savage and his army; which will undoubtedly make him and the heroes absolutely stunned and more than a little terrified of what their captain is capable of…without even putting all his effort even. And with the world undoubtedly going to have eyes on this event will make the rest of the world see what these pirates are truly capable of…which may be a good and bad thing.

As while it will certainly make a lot of people crap their pants in fear and back off, it’ll also give ammunition to those like Cadmus and justify their project even more.

Meanwhile, as Diana is heatedly fuming over Audrey defending the pirates while she and the rest of the League discuss the matter, Batman wisely tells her she needs to calm down and address the fact that just because she’s a hero, it doesn’t mean she’ll always be praised for everything she does. Such as particularly almost causing a national incident because the pirates were there alongside a man they have no evidence of being evil besides his supposed grandfather. Yet it also shows how Batman is far more nuanced and understands more than anyone that not everyone is gonna like what they do; given his own experiences with Gotham NYPD, particularly when he first started as the dark knight. Yet they overall conclude that Vandal Savage is up to something once hearing the King of Kaznia has fallen ill, and have to stop him while also preventing the Straw Hats from gaining diplomatic immunity and becoming allies with Kaznia…all while knowing it would allow them to regain their honest means of profit through their medical advances without committing any more crimes; while allowing the world to once again reap the benefits of Cherry Blossom’s medical innovations.

Yeah doesn’t it feel like the smart thing for the Justice League to do here is to just let the pirates cement the deal with Kaznia? I mean yeah, they can’t excuse all of the crimes they committed that resulted in situations like Gotham’s huge crime wave, but wouldn’t this solve a lot of problems in the long run? Especially since Diana remarked they would’ve been “excellent heroes”, so wouldn’t this allow them to do good? If anything not letting them seal the deal, would only escalate the situation further. It kinda feels like their self-righteousness spiked up behind the scenes there because their egos are still wounded from getting thrashed by the mad alternative future Straw Hats. Heck wouldn’t surprise me if Flash mentions this given he is the one who is willing to defend the pirates; but either way, the League will have a hard time ending the deal given how Chopper is the only one who can cure Audrey’s father.

Eventually, the pieces are all set in place as the Straw Hat Pirates and the Justice League converge to Kaznia, but for the pirates, the whole group is now here and Luffy already has a good impression of Audrey for how she stepped up to be temporary queen of her nation. But Chopper nearly pissed off her bodyguards when he bashfully calls their queen an idiot, but Sanji thankfully stepped in and explains it was a verbal tic. But see Nami or Robin telling Chopper to not call people idiots when they compliment him in case it results in a fight. Luffy on the other hand quickly is released and explores the castle, all while poor Audrey has no idea what natural disaster she has unleashed upon her palace. Yet as Vandal sets up his plan to eradicate the Straw Hats and initiate his global conquest, Batman and Wonder Woman arrive and meet Franky, who thankfully wasn’t in only speedos as they definitely would’ve set a bad impression. Unlike Brook who asks his panties question and gets clobbered away and wisely so before Diana loses her patience. Yet as Chopper diagnoses the king they inform Audrey of the high-profile robberies committed by Kaznia special operatives but Batman decides to use the opportunity to finally see Luffy and what they’re dealing with. Yet Audrey reminds them the Straw Hats are official citizens of Kaznia, which Savage internally admitted was an ingenious move and what partially forced him to take drastic measures to rule the world. And prevents the heroes from apprehending the pirates…for now.

But as Chopper discovers that the king has been poisoned, and Batman and Diana stumble upon Luffy while he’s becoming a black hole for food, Vandal initiates his plan and ambushes the Straw Hats with a bomb underneath the Kings bed to try taking out as many of them as possible(but most likely Chopper activated guard point and saved everyone from the blast) and pin the attack on the remaining SHP’s as his cyborg soldiers disguised as staff pounce on Luffy. I guess he amped up his forces ever since getting that ominous warning from his future self. Meanwhile, Orion is getting ready to face the pirates he’s heard so much about but I fear Orion’s arrival may be a wild card as he may find Luffy as he tries finding his fellow Leaguers or find Chopper and the others and end up attacking first before asking questions. That will be disastrous for the Justice League given they’ll be violating the citizenry rights Audrey had given to the Straw Hats, and legitimately cause a international incident…ooh boy.

But what was absolutely insane throughout all of this was seeing Ivy unleashing an army of Harley clones onto Vandal’s army via jet deployment! Holy crap that was one helluva twist to see(that speech alone was hilarious!) and imagine the kind of chaos that’s gonna start as Kaznia’s soldiers face an army of jester pirates! Though Sanji may feel mixed given its Harley but the idea of clones may give him an uncomfortable reminder of Germa 66’s clone soldiers. But meh, he’d probably let it slide. Though I definitely can tell the others through Observation Haki senses the plant humanoids Ivy had been brewing up, at least are now being used for a good cause: unleashing mayhem onto the enemy!

But no matter how this ends, this will undoubtedly allow the League to witness Monkey D Luffy’s power. Or more accurately a bigger portion than he had displayed with Parasite. Which will send ripples across the globe. But something tells me despite probably emboldening the League’s attempts to stop the deal with Kaznia, things may steer in the pirate's favor given they are going to be aiding in stopping Vandal from taking over the world with his satellite laser weapon. Not to mention I imagine the crew will be split with Sanji and Luffy paired with Batman and Wonder Woman given the cook was in the kitchen and will immediately join up with his captain. Needless to say, I am very eager to see their interactions despite the situation; as it may be an eye-opener.

Overall this was easily a great setup chapter for what is to come, and I cannot wait to see the next part of Maid Of Honor. It may take a while but I’m willing to be patient and let you cook up another awesome chapter like this one!
3/18 c27 Wynnt'r
Wow, that's quite a chapter! :D And Batman finally meets Luffy, I think? The chapter is good and big, but I tend to get lost when it comes to detailed chapters! XD Fortunately, I do reread parts just in case.

I didn't make it on the Guest Review Answers :(
But then I realized I didn't post a question! XD Silly me.

*Also forgot my password, hence this guest review. Sorry about that B. Victor. .o.

Um, let's see. Way to go Maureen for talking to the Straw Hats about their... characters/mannerisms? I think that is the right word. How they say their are not heroes, but they still do a lot of good things. She could have pointed out how Sanji helps feed homeless, and Nami gives out money in secret to those needy and worthy. As the expression goes, "Not all heroes were capes" or in this case, costumes.

I kinda hope at one point we get Straw Hats (all of its core members) meeting the Justice League for like a talk in their watchtower! :D
I always did like big "hero" team-ups. I don't know if you've ever seen Power Rangers/Super Sentai, but those scenes where you got one team meeting and teaming up with the previous teams.

Um... oh, a question. Hmm, I guess, will they ever do a meet-up and talk?

And what will Batman think when he finally sees/discovers just how Luffy's personality and why the other members respect their Captain? :D

Well that is all I got today. Thanks for the chapter and I will see you next time! :D
3/18 c27 31Tailsmo4ever
If you wanna find a way to include more of the Dakota cast, you can have Rubberband Man as another recruit for the JL.
3/18 c27 LugoD321
LET'S GO, SO HILARIOUS AND SO AMAZING! I can't wait to see the madness, the fight, and all their might. I really want to see Luffy display his haki, Conqueror's haki. It would be epic to see Luffy knocking out the whole army or at least, in presence of Vandal and the Justice League.
Amazing work! Great update!
3/18 c27 1Sauwk
Such a good chapter to read! I even think it's my favorite one for now (and I'd like the previous one as well!)
3/18 c27 scl04
Great to see a new update at last, I’ve been looking forward to reading this one where a certain princess had her episode and one that she would fit in perfectly in the line up of royals that befriend and are saved by the Straw Hats…and it didn’t disappoint at all!

At first the chapter starts as it does in the canon episode in which Wonder Woman goes to a high class party and there as she’s overwhelmed by the attendants she meets Bruce Wayne and they seem to hit it off, a good first meeting between the Amazon and the billionaire right there…LOL. They also talk a bit more because of a lack of a terrorist attack there, interesting the bit of Diana’s “transition” as an ambassador (in which she obviously has to improve but more on that later) as well as Bruce’s influence in Gotham and how they could partner with Themyscira.

While they’re at the party however it’s revealed the reason for the change from canon and it’s that in her way to the party Audrey had a bit of an accident with our beloved pirates and company, mainly the women with Clayface being their chauffeur for the occasion, and this was set up by a mention of them going to celebrate Maureen’s birthday in Paris before so those details are very cool.

Anyway at first they don’t know of Audrey and so the fun loving princess decides that she’ll hang out with the pirates since they seem interesting, I can’t blame her ;P, and after learning that it’s Maureen’s birthday she decides to help her in doing what she wants which includes visiting the Louvre as well as dining and dashing as well as bond with her as well as Ace…overall very nice even if the stealing is a bit much for the wild princess LOL, which of course ends with her confirming to the SH that she’s a princess in the first place…oops? XD

Back with Diana she goes to the bathroom, even Amazon princesses need to take a leak or poop ;P, and she learns how nasty people from high society can be with an old lady badmouthing Bruce due to his reputation as well as jealousy of her looks if I can guess that seeing the bombshell as she tried to mask her imperfections being pointed out was a hint for it. Anyway she goes back to the billionaire and talk about it as well as the time in which Ivy had deceived him and other rich people to take their fortunes by making them marry her plant creations, and yes Diana doesn’t take it well either understandably, as later is shown with Ivy’s conversation though the plant user might be internally suffering from having changed, more on that later though.

Afterwards the change of perspective returns to the pirates and the princess with Nami being pretty much done with ending up in a situation in which they meet a princess and they end up having to protect her and her kingdom, the fact that she was referred as if she was some stray dog upsetting Audrey made me cackle XD, which awes the people there as well as makes Audrey notice how she’s truly valued as just another person by them which has only happened there in her entire life and surprises her greatly. As the conversation continues Audrey’s lightbulb activates and comes up with the idea of aligning themselves to her/Kaznia and this way they can get diplomatic immunity as well as make a new Cherry Blossoms Medical and having Soul King perform again, which after her arguments it makes the pirates think about it.

Things go back to canon with Batman getting one of Vandal Savage’s stooges in a theft and then it goes to Green Lantern and Harkgirl investigating and discovering about the abducted teens that the “illegal military program” (sure if that helps you sleep at night, then again they still don’t know just how deep AND knowingly all of this goes…as it’s shown moments later with Waller having made preparations when this happened so they couldn’t get deeper into all of this shit while she sees it as a warning for her underlings of Project Cadmus, a lovely lady as usual :V) and put together that they’re with the Straw Hats now, which of course is not of their liking, but hey they have the upper hand now after witnessing what the other Straw Hats are capable of doing so there’s no way that they can catch them off-guard somehow right?...right? LOL.

The focus then goes to Hourman, I didn’t know that this character was a thing to be honest, but our introduction to him is rather short since the Joker attacks and kills him as he continues to get useful stuff in his arsenal for whatever he plans to do in the future…so yeah worrying for what this clown has prepared in store even if when it comes to fighting.

Meanwhile while all of this stuff is taking place Luffy goes to have a conversation with Ivy after having noticed that she’s been distant with everyone as of late and as usual what can I say about Luffy really, she’s just a great people person with him noting what is making the dryad tick as well as disarming her arguments to the point that she loses control and attacks him, that last gut-punch of how she deep inside understand how people can’t be replaced unlike plants really got to her which certainly is a contrast to the anecdote that Bruce was mentioning that had happened before and now I wonder how this will continue, quite a journey for Poison ivy as she’s confronted with her emotions and development is to come that’s for sure…and I’m all for it!

The focus goes to Diana and Batman with the detective informing the Amazon about what took place before with this time the Amazon not having a close connection with Audrey like in the original episode, so they do think that maybe they should investigate her in a less personal manner. While doing so Wonder Woman then proceeds to ask Batman about his opinion of Bruce Wayne with her telling him to be interested in the billionaire and how she would like him along for the party as her partner…hmmm I wonder why she asked Batman’s input really, how strange XD.

Afterwards the canon continues with the targeting device being delivered to the dude with Black Canary’s abilities as well as the mention to him of Batman being close to finding out about their operations, and then we return to the pirates who are discussing about the offer from Audrey with Maureen and Ace being the major supporters of all of this while the rest are skeptical, I’m a bit confused about why wouldn’t they tell anything about this to Luffy at first, I mean I do get it but as the captain aren’t they the type to inform him…it felt a bit weird but anyway I do get that they wouldn’t want attention at that point and Luffy would agree to all of this the moment that the princess offered him a banquet, and anyway they do inform him about it at the end of the day ;P. Getting back on track though, at the end of the day Ace speaks frankly about how all of this can really be beneficial for their worries about the heroes as well as not having to do as much crime to cover their expenses, as well as how they do seem biased a bit (aren’t we all though) which the pirates don’t deny with all of this changing things for the better…and so they end up accepting to go see Audrey at the party to talk about it (even if in part it’s because it’ll give them more freedom, of course LOL).

Afterwards the moment between Shayera and Big Barda was nice, seeing a bit the perspective from the ex-resident of Apokolips with this new world and how not everything was great in New Genesis for her and her partner, Hawkgirl even drawing a parallel as to how she viewed Themyscira with them being paradise but being far from perfect in the level of hubris in both places, not that she can talk after seeing how are her people but I guess she’s too blinded by patriotism to see it at that moment, it’s after that she realizes this when they attack Earth and all that jazz.

And so said party starts with the pirates and company (the descriptions of the dresses of the ladies that they “borrowed”, just as Nami did with the Mona Lisa…:P, were great by the way, showing that the training is paying off too though in the middle of the holidays one has to be careful still and not drop your guard LOL) as well as the coupl-I mean the partners Diana and Bruce Wayne attending, which of course all culminates with all of them coinciding with the princess as well as Vandal Savage and things getting quite tense to say the least, even with the comedy of reading in the middle of it how the immortal was freaking out to such an extent…which Robin noticed as well, that's my smart queen right there. Back to the tense moment Diana is pretty frustrated by all of this quite obviously, she seems to have given up the chance to talk things out with the pirates but due to the circumstances of Audrey putting her in her place (LOL) she can’t do anything, yeeeeeah she has a lot to learn as an ambassador as I mentioned, not out of character for her at all though and as a side note that bit of why isn’t she supporting me when I’m a hero…she says to not be fighting the pirates out of hubris but she sure displayed quite a bit there when someone confronted her heroism careful there Amazon princess. All of this takes to a halt thanks to the terrorist attack, who would’ve thought that huh?, from canon that had to happen at the start happening at that moment and Ace as well as Maureen showing off their stuff (AWESOME!) which lightens the mood and they all decide to leave it there for the time being, or rather Savage orders it with the heroes having to comply and the pirates being okay with it…not without him using that moment to “endear” himself more to Audrey by consoling her, tough luck for him that he is no way near as empathetic with her in comparison to the Straw hats ;P.

Speaking of Savage of course he’s quite “irritated” with how things are turning out just as his plan is about to come to fruition, not just the heroes but the pirates that he’s been dreading for years go right to his doorstep without him being completely unable to predict them, also worth noting how apparently he has someone important giving him information since he knows about Aresia being in fact free…then again if he’s so high up in a country I guess he would…does Audrey know about that as well?, but yeah as I said the heroes he can deal with but he can’t with the pirates who have been tormenting his nightmares for decades and who he now has to deal with directly because they befriended the princess that he’s been using to get to power much to his “annoyance” (he also thinks that Luffy is a master strategist I can’t XD), still since things have come to this he decides to eliminate the pirates and so stages the poisoning of Gustav so they all go to Audrey when she asks for Chopper’s help, it was heard however by both Batman and Robin (the Nico one I mean ;P) who were spying and so they both go prepare with their groups for whatever will come.

And so the poisoning of Kaznia’s king happens as in canon even if for another objective from Savage’s part, not before we get a bit from the Gustav’s perspective in all of this and yeah obviously the annoyance is understandable from his part, also more perspective as to why all of this of the space program is important to him…too bad that he was being played all of this time but oh well if things go well and the Straw Hats continue to ally with Kaznia then his country will indeed prosper so hopefully it’s a good compensation for him, if Chopper cures him which would be nice, and if he didn’t die but more on that later.

And so back to the pirates they discuss what has taken place now as well as the evidence piling up of Savage being a wolf in sheep’s clothes thanks to Talon, and just then they receive Audrey’s call informing them about what has happened with her father in which they conclude that being a trap, one that they’re willing to spring because it’s about time that all of these people thinking that they can do whatever they want with them get a taste of what they can really do, and so Luffy is called to take action next, man I’m looking forward to read how he makes all of the people present piss themselves with the heroes seeing that they really didn’t know shit as an army is dropped in an instant (just an example but you know…that would be cool :3), same with Savage as well as all of the people in the attendance witnessing the might of the pirates including the reporters present.

Of course Batman, Wonder Woman and the other members of the Justice League available discuss this, not before Batman tells Diana to calm herself and to not expect that she’ll always be praised by the population…something that he has way more experience with in comparison to the rest as he thinks to himself, and they all are trying to come up what would be the best outcome from all of this which is that they stop Savage as well as the Straw hats from sealing the deal with Kaznia (just as they can start doing more honest profit and benefit Kaznia and the world, I get it’s because of not excusing crimes and all but I mean…isn’t this for the best? Maybe a bit of hurt ego there after all just saying).

And so everything is set in motion and both pirates and heroes go to Kaznia, the members of the crew who still had not interacted with Audrey meeting her and Luffy praising her for stepping up as a queen as well as Chopper straight up calling her an idiot bashfully much to her surprise and the anger from the bodyguards cracked me up, as well as the captain being released and the queen in functions worrying about what has been unleashed XD. When Wonder Woman and Batman arrive they’re greeted by Franky who they see for the first time, they have yet to see him only in speedos I guess since it wasn’t mentioned ;P, they see the pirates once again and with the information of the thefts that have taken place by special ops from Kaznia to investigate and they’re worried of Luffy as well as being told by Audrey of the Straw Hats and company being made officially citizens of Kaznia (something that Savage wasn’t able to prevent) so no funny business from them…;P.

And to end the chapter well what can I say except that hell breaks loose, Savage decides to ambush the Straw hats as well as the duo of heroes with the army and infiltrated people in attendance, the heroes find Luffy and of course he forgot about them for a moment much to Diana’s shock (man I’m looking forward for the interactions between her, the pervert and Luffy XD), Orion goes to fight the pirates, which yeah…he really is going to screw over the Justice League here, and Nami questions Audrey about the army’s nature as Chopper find out of Gustav having been poisoned and the attack commences. And meanwhile something completely unexpected for me and brilliant takes place, an army of Harley’s OH MY GOD this is going to be insane, heck I already laughed out loud at her speech towards her clones, this is going to rule…Ivy sure has been busy, but now she’ll have fun too with her bestie!

So in conclusion, a great chapter, but man what a cliffhanger I really want to read the next chapter! I’ll be waiting for it even if it takes you a while though, thanks for all of your hard work as always!
3/18 c27 5moonl337
im pretty excited to see how all the threads weave together
3/18 c27 sevae
Well thats about par for the course.. Encounter a princess and free the kingdom from a sinister plot
3/18 c27 2Jack Inqu
Things have definitely taken a turn for the different in this arc. Lots of big changes, especially if the Straw Hats can get their legitimate businesses set up again, as well as getting citizenship and possible diplomatic immunity. We'll see how things play out.

Hopefully Ivy will be able to sort out her feelings and come to terms with them.

Wonder Woman definitely has a trend towards self-righteousness at times, particularly where the Straw Hats are concerned. Though to be fair to her, she's working on getting better, and the rest of the League has the same tendency. I'm really looking forward to them finding out about the Justice Lords; perhaps knowing how far they went after one of their own was killed will show them that they aren't so different from the Straw Hats of the alternate timeline. How that will affect their attitudes towards the pirates, I'm not sure.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
3/18 c27 4Le055Li0n
this was such a fun read. it was really interesting to see how all the different characters bouncing off each other and the interaction between Ivy and Luffy was really cool, love to see Luffy's people skills show up.
3/17 c27 8CRUDEN
Always looking forward to new chapter they never disappoint
3/17 c27 MimicKing800
Ivy you crazy SOB! She made an army of Harley Quinn clones!?
That is the most amazing and crazy thing I've heard, but it fits Ivy so well!
3/17 c27 1buterflypuss
good chap
3/17 c27 8The Keeper of Worlds
Shit getting wild!
3/17 c27 gaming-is-served
looks like things are about to get very interesting
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