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12/2/2017 c14 Frwt
I vote not becoming boss
Anddd,,,, who is tsuna's husband? Kyouya? Karma? Or what?
Sweet,,,, can karma with tsuna?
11/23/2017 c14 1Shiho-Akemi
Gods! I do not know if I had skipped the previous chapter or what the hell but oh gods! It is so cool! both of them! Devils ~ I already want more chapters ~ Fufu ~ I have the little doubt ~ ... Tsu's guardians will be the usual ones or will they be the students of class E?
11/23/2017 c14 yachiru-chan92
Where are the olds poeple? Tsuna bas broke his seal? Cool!
Thanks for your work and the chapter.
11/23/2017 c14 29kuu.mochizuki.3
This chapter was great i am looking forward to seeing what happens next and as always i look forward to forward the rest of this incredible story ;3
11/23/2017 c14 13foxchick1
I can't wait to see what happens next.
11/23/2017 c14 Nennae11
can the twin be the boss, please! it would be hilarious to see vongolas reaction to tsuna!
11/23/2017 c14 Magic29
I am glad tsuna is free again!
Please update soon
11/23/2017 c14 5Creatus O' Spiritus
Dhsbshdhgsffsfjadgxhhxuowp! Oh my god! Korosensei and Tsuna flame bonded!? Now all Korosensei needs is to do is meet Reborn and the unholy alliance will form! Lol. I can just picture Karasuma-Sensei expression. I Love it! I can’t wait for the next update.
11/19/2017 c13 yachiru-chan92
I realy LOVE your story !
Thanks for your hard work and chapters.
10/26/2017 c13 kagewolf25
BRILLIANTLY AMAZINGLY FANTASTICALLY MAGNIFICENTLY GENIUS I really hope imetsu and the ninth get punishment
10/24/2017 c13 Magic29
I thinkthe person listening should be nagisa and she should decide to help tsuna. I also think they should be able to get rid of the seal and free her
10/17/2017 c13 2ElecFlameFox
First, is it decided who is Tsuna's boyfriend?
And second, who used the time bazooka?
10/17/2017 c1 Lamialia
this is great! looking forward for more!
10/16/2017 c13 29kuu.mochizuki.3
Yay tsuna is going get help with unsealing her sky flames, is her child going to be male or female? and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this incredible story ;3
10/16/2017 c13 1Shiho-Akemi
What? Who? Nagisa? Koro-sensei?
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