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1/17 c5 blackwolfcub21
movjohnoojonohohoo job o he
12/28/2020 c11 SleepIsMeantToBeOverdosed
I keep imagining their bonds changing all his bonded to be able to flawlessly transform into a mix of fox, cat and dog animagus forms instead of their normal ones and literally making a pile of fluff on him as if it were a cuddling ritual every few hours. Foxes because kitsune are known as passionate, lusty and cunning and foxes are the non-magical ones; cats because their passionate lovers who care; dogs because they're protective as fuck towards their mates and children, care for their pack and the general mating between male and female dogs is the male dominating the female which is the case for several of the women. For their relationship so far I know at least Nym, Narcissa, Rita, Hestia, Tracey, Rosmerta, Chu and Luna would be foxes; Cho, Minerva, Padma, Parvati and Katie would be cats; Susan, Hermione, Amelia and Daphne would be dogs; the rest are between the three or not shown enough such as Bellatrix.
12/28/2020 c8 SleepIsMeantToBeOverdosed
I prefer calling him either "Fumblemore" or simply referring to him as the "Budget Gandalf, Dumbass Ripoff Edition".
12/28/2020 c4 SleepIsMeantToBeOverdosed
I like how you put it as "and Bellatrix, well, she's Bellatrix." as if it's the obvious answer.
12/5/2020 c62 DeadAccount1113
Didn't Andrew and Sarah get divorced in 96?
11/14/2020 c56 7zugrian
It's strange that Harry is banging pretty much every single female character from the series except for the one canon sex bomb (Fleur), kinda disappointing too.
10/29/2020 c13 marvinkitfox1
OK, i really don't understand what the fuck is going on in the Author's mind here.

Hermione detects that HARRY has a flash of jealousy when Ron gets the prefect badge, and comments on it.

then, later , he "allows" her to re-enter the bond by brutally raping her to the point where her healer worries she may DIE of it.

And then HERMIONE gets blame for breaking the bond?

W T F ?
10/29/2020 c9 marvinkitfox1
In this world muggles are capable of "atomizing the isle of Wight" with an ICBM?

That would be a device *several billions* of times stronger than the Tsar Bomba, the biggest thermonuclear device to date.

I think someone is ever so slightly over-exaggerating there.
10/27/2020 c13 kalpeshsatpute26
don't read chapter 13
10/25/2020 c1 azphxbrd
I've Read this before and like it, I saw it on HPFFA. I don't know how to HPFFA since updates windows 10 causing internet connection problem. Glad I Found your story again.
10/1/2020 c2 The God of Perverts
I cant keep the grin off my face.
10/1/2020 c12 Tactical-Magician
Wow that scene aged poorly with the prince.
9/30/2020 c9 PGHammer
Didn't I point out in my review of the previous chapter how hacked off Harry is FOR Narcissa? The rest of it shows up in THIS chapter - and even Narcissa gets it. (Narcissa has never - as in EVER - had someone willing to literally go to the wall for her - ever; rather embarrassing, since that is what the Lord of a Manorial House - magical OR muggle - is SUPPOSED to do. Read the material; it's there - and it's not fiction, either.)
9/28/2020 c1 Tactical-Magician
Good story.
9/18/2020 c3 PGHammer
What Hermione said about Harry is actually cold, hard, fact - and can be seen in all the HP fiction to "Order of the Phoenix" - even where it applied to Ginny AND Hermione - as much as we wish it wasn't so. That is, in fact, why Ginny burst into tears in this chapter - elbows in butter dishes, anyone? Hermione is, in fact, likely in little better shape.
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