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7/19/2017 c1 Princess0Bunny
Its absolutely amazing! I'm probably the only person who says angst is amazing but oh well. This was great! Good job on reminding the readers that Pidge is still a young girl. I would love to see some more voltron one shots! What better way to spend my time? Maybe some Shrio angst with some team fluff at the end?
7/17/2017 c1 Guest
While not bad (Actually, pretty good), after having some dude talk down to her for being a girl, it would have been nice if she got her moment of badass. And since the idea is instead something like this, than perhaps the story could do without the cliché 'Oh, you're a girl. Only guys can be soldier' scene. After all, that dude and his topic has nothing to do with the attacker and his political agenda. So you could just have Liam come up to her at the buffet table and start a conversation on another topic completely. Perhaps something like, "It's a shame that there are still some Lyh that prefer Zarkon's rule over freedom." Since that does lead into the conflict.

Storytelling is like gardening - sometimes you need to prune, sometimes you need to plant seeds, and sometimes you need to do both.
7/17/2017 c1 bayboo20
(Not logged in bc I forgot)
This is amazing. I love it. And I relate bc I need glasses too. Once I broke mine (not sure how) and I had to spend three days at school looking at things through my phone camera (don't ask). It's a good thing I wasn't in Pidge's situation. (Which I can picture when reading your one-shot)

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