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for Team Evershade Valley: Take Two

4/26/2020 c9 Guest
I'm looking forward to this! Great job!
7/11/2018 c8 2nitrogaming555
Hello! Happy to see my OC appear! Only thing is you misspelled my account name, but that's ok!
6/12/2018 c7 5Lucent Shadow
Heya! Don't worry about a thing! Real life is more important. Get done what ya need to get done! Don't stress!
12/17/2017 c3 5NeoWolfe
BTW! I finally created an extra character!Here he is!

Name: Silvanus
Age:?( He's pretty old)
Race: Lycan
Personality: Seems to be serious all the time, as the leader of the Lycan's should be. Much like Wolfe,he can be harsh but mess with his people or (Grambi forbid) his daughter, he'll tear you to pieces!But despite his coldness, he means well and loves his daughter more than anything.
Attire: Appears as a giant silver wolf that looks like the night sky with a black chain necklace. Has a human form that's basically an older version of Wolfe with brighter hair and wearing a gray business suit,black gloves, and his necklace.
Where are they from: A Lycan village hidden in Ice Land
Relationship with OCs: Wolfe (Father/Namesake),Imari(Uncle)
Support or Against: Against. He's very overprotective over his daughter, especially since his wife and brother was killed when she and Imari were young. Now is constantly worried for their safety.

hope you like him and sorry it took a while.
12/17/2017 c5 NeoWolfe
Good chapter! It's always great to see an update!

Humor here is pretty good, too. I can't wait to see what can wrong next!
11/20/2017 c3 1Ecliptic Plasma
Here's another OC!

Name: Kirsten Laverre
Age: 11
Birthday: November 15
Race: French
Appearance: long straight blond hair, icy blue eyes, (yeah the typical blond b*itch), pale skin, average height, skinny
School Attire: yellow top, blue overalls (shorts), white socks, yellow sneakers
Activity Attire: denim shorts, yellow turtleneck top
Sleepwear: yellow tank top, blue shorts
Formal Attire: yellow long gown
Near of far?: Far
Best friends: Pauline and Jojora
Enemies: Any girl who goes against her
Love Interest: Lance, Luigi, any human guys, even OCs
Type of style: Boy-Crazy, Bossy Diva
Dream: "My dream is to be an agent someday!"
Personality: a big bully, rebellious, disobedient, is not friendly to anyone but her friends, judges people by their looks, boy-crazy, girly, sexy-like, blames people even if it is her fault
How'd they end up in EA: She did a terrible crime in her hometown so she escape in order to not get caught
Likes: winning in arguments and fights, gossiping, anything that has to do with beauty
Dislikes: Any girly shy girls, homework, going to the principal's office with someone she hates
Fears: her social media accounts getting hacked
Optional Classes/Clubs: drama, stage crew, dancing, survival, soccer
11/4/2017 c4 W.D. Guest-er
Where are you!? :(
10/15/2017 c2 Ecliptic Plasma
Wow, I forgot that I reviewed this story like a lot of times...
...Whoops. I thought it was my first time seeing this when I realized my penname was on the reviews XD
10/14/2017 c1 Ecliptic Plasma
I'd like to send an OC soon! I love the story, it's really hilarious. Although I wish there were romance in it. For me, that's what makes school stories interesting.

I'll keep a look out for this story!
10/13/2017 c4 ThatSmashBrosFan
Here are my votes!

Section: Poltergust
President: R.O.B. (I think he fits this)
Vice President: Mario
Secretary: Diddy
Treasurer: Kooper
Auditor: Moon
Business Managers: Keirleah and Lance
Class Rep: Shy Guy

Section: Propeller
President: Luigi
Vice President: Light Blue
Secretary: Dixie
Treasurer: Bullet Bill
Auditor: Gabby (I figured that she will end up in this section but correct me if I'm wrong)
PIO: Luma
Business Managers: Yoshi and Boshi (I want to see them work as a team XD)
Class Rep: Muffina

Section: Banana
President: Tiny
Vice President: Toad
Secretary: Fushia
Treasurer: Kylie (I don't trust Wario because I think he will end up stealing it)
Auditor: Boo
PIO: Dry Bones
Business Managers: Goomba and Bombette
Class Rep: Roy

Section: Spiny Shell
President: Toadette
Vice President: Goombario
Secretary: Vivian
Treasurer: Richard (well...)
Auditor: Larry
PIO: Wolfe
Business Managers: Monty and Parakarry
Class Rep: Waluigi

Section: Boomerang
President: Peach
Vice President: Toadbert
Secretary: Kal
Treasurer: Spike
Auditor: Metal Mario
PIO: Toadelynne
Business Managers: Bridget and Goombella
Class Rep: Lenard

Section: Lightning
President: Toadiko
Vice President: Daisy
Secretary: Loraline
Treasurer: Shroob
Auditor: Iggy
PIO: Chip
Business Managers: Mazora and Imari
Class Rep: Paragoomba

Section: Poison Mushroom
President: Rosalina
Vice President: Ludwig
Secretary: Koopa
Treasurer: Dreambert
Auditor: Gary
PIO: Jason
Business Managers: Dimentio and Red
Class Rep: Xylnn

Whoo, there! I'll be rooting for these characters on the elections!
10/7/2017 c4 2Miss Mario
Woah! Sorry for not seeing this until now, but this story is absolutely amazing! It's really hilarious and I can see how much dedication you put into it!

Are you still accepting OCs?
If you are, here's an entry:
Name: Gabby Gadd (Professoer E Gadd's granddaughter)
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Birthday: December 21st
Race: Human
Appearance: She is a pale skinned, slim, medium height girl with yellow eyes and has mousey blonde hair just below her shoulders. She wears glasses (can't see without them). At school she wears a plain uniform and outside of school she wears a beige jumpsuit and boots.
Personality: A bit more reserved than her grandfather, but still has a humours character. Compared to E Gadd, she is lazy and laid back which can annoy him; as a result, he is normally asking her to help around the labratory or to go out and try new things, which, in turn, annoys her. She is also a smart alike and can be sarcastic. She is also a little vain. She never flirts and is not interested in love.
Occupation: Training to become a ghost hunter, like her grandfather.
Friends: Anyone who don't annoy her or creep her out.
Enemies: She isn't the kind of person to make enemies.
Love intrest: Doesn't have one, never will.
How did they end up in Evershade: E Gadd made her go (of course)
Likes: Relaxing, getting her own way, luck, support, fast food, inventions, art.
Dislikes: Jerks, work, not getting her own way, athletics, failing.
Fears: Dentists, operations, disease.
Optional classes: Cooking (she wouldn't mind this as she actually wants to learn how to cook).
Extra info: Gabby refers to E Gadd as 'gramps'.

That's it!
I hope it's not a pain to add a new OC in so far into the story which means that I don't mind if you don't add her in.

Regardless, this story it great and I will continue to support it! :)
10/7/2017 c4 ThatSmashBrosFan
Nice! Lance made it in! I'll send in my votes soon, I'll have to think about it.
Overall great chapter! I'm looking forward to what happens next!
9/17/2017 c1 ThatSmashBrosFan
Got the form from your forum

*Name: Landence Anderson
Nickname: Lance (everyone will call him that since he doesn't like his real name and often gets angry whenever someone calls him Landence)
*Age: 12
*Birthday: March 2nd
*Race: Human
*Appearance: pale white skin, blue eyes, short blonde hair, around 5"5 tall, skinny
*School Attire: white polo, black slacks, black dress shoes, white socks
*Activity Attire: plain blue shirt, black shorts, blue and black tennis shoes
Sleepwear: black shirt, black sweatpants
*Formal Attire: tuxedo, black dress shoes
*Do they live near or far Evershade Valley?: far
*Best Friends: All OCs (except for Samuel, Magenta, Toadelynne and Lucette) and the Koopalings
*Enemies: Wario, Waluigi, the three Bros (Hammer Ice and Fire) and Monty Mole
Love Interest: Your OC, Alina Verdue (I imagine her to look pretty which is why I chose her) ;)
*Optional Classes/Clubs: Basketball, Survival, Drama, Dancing
*Dream: "My dream is win my soon-to-be-partner's heart!"
*Personality: Sweet, social, has a small sense of humor, mostly sensitive, blushes easily, gets nervous when he sees his love interest
*How did they ended up in Evershade Academy: he was encouraged by his parents
*Fears: swimming. he can't save a person when they're drowning 'cause he's afraid of swimming

What is their opinion on these characters and how do they treat them;

Mario's Gang - he tends to treat them neutrally
Bowser's Gang - same as Mario's gang, except for the Koopalings whom he treats them as if he were their sibling
The Staff - respects them
People outside the school - he doesn't care about them, unless someone's in trouble
Students from other schools - he doesn't care about them either unless if he knows them
Lenard Diddley - his closest friend in GoldenKnight8's OCs
Richard Troopa - he treats him neutrally
Samuel Shye - he gets jealous of him due to his crush's interest
Gary Royals - same as Lenard
Magenta Velvet - doesn't care about her
Toadelynne Mush - makes fun of her laugh
Lucette Quetzal - gets annoyed at her girliness
Muffina Verdue - he gets really nervous when communicating to her and tends to blush a lot
The Other OCs: treats all of them as if they were his closest friends, mostly Chip and Kal (since he loves technology as well)

There! Sorry to those whom I kinda offend their OC, I just wanted to give my OC an in-depth submission to help you write him
9/5/2017 c3 10Candela Monsoon
Okay. So here's JustTheClassicalGirl with a little note.

For the numbers for the Special Characters, you CANNOT choose these numbers for the kingdoms in parenthesis because they are already taken, UNLESS they are from a different school and kingdom:

Boys - 20 (Northern Kingdom [just a kingdom we made up]), 15 (Sunshine Kingdom)
Girls - 33 (Northern Kingdom), 14 (Sunshine Kingdom), 37 (The Underwhere)

Then, the following OCs will have their back story introduced on Chapter 4 (I've picked these OCs first because I've already had an idea on how will I write them):

1. Xylnn Loud
2. Imari Hanzou
3. Loraline Lenox
4. Sallie Wallison
5. Kal Hearthy
6. Jason Norbert
7. Toadelynne Mush
8. Richard Troopa
9. Samuel Shye
10. Lucette Quetzal
11. Chip Yoshi
12. Mazora Mikos

The other 12, I will write their past story a little later, around Chapter 5, because I haven't actually planned out on how will it go.

Note that starting Chapter 4, NOT ALL the characters will appear anymore. There will be focused characters on each chapter, so don't freak out if your OC didn't appear on one. They will appear on the next one.

Lastly, please bear with me on late updates. School has become really hard for me so some chapters might be written by GoldenKnight8 (well, since he goes home earlier than me hehehe).

Okay, I guess this note wasn't little after all. XD But anyways, Chapter 4 will be up hopefully before I turn 3 years old on this site. And hopefully as well as Sunshine Kingdom To Mushroom Kingdom. I'm starting to have a hard time on writing Chapter 22.

So, see ya next time!
8/29/2017 c3 2Ariole195
Hi again. Firstly, you did a great job on Kierleah, Sallie and Kal, plus, can't wait for the next chapter. Secondly, here's a special character.
Name: Vera. She has no last name.
Age: 14/15
Race: Demon (Kind of like the Shadow Queen from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)
Appearance: Medium height, very slim, red eyes and black hair with pink highlights
Personality: Outcast from her classmates, untalkative and generally shy.
School Attire: Red sweater; blue, ripped jeans and dark grey trainers
Sleepwear: Blue shirt and matching shorts, along with dark blue slippers
Formal attire: A skin-tight, blood red dress with matching heels
What school do they come from?: Underschool for demons
What kingdom is the school from?: The Underwhere (Super Paper Mario)
Do they know anyone?: No
Number: 37
So, here you go. That's Vera.
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