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4/4 c1 sophia
lLOVEE this
2/27/2023 c3 Wika0304
please update, it's a brilliant story
5/18/2021 c3 5Cody Furlong
This has been a very nice three chapters, Ivreally wish there was more of this. To see how their relationship develops, and the adventures they would have.
11/27/2019 c3 Nina Arevalo
so when are you going to update this story? I really would appreciate it. it is really good. I am looking forward to see what happens next.
3/29/2019 c3 pokefan366
Is this story finished? It's great so far.
1/2/2019 c3 stumill31
OMG, i love it :D saw Bluelighthouse give u a shout out and came over to see what was happening, glad i did cause i cant wait for chapter 4 xD great continuation of the original story, keep up the good work :P
11/5/2018 c2 Guest
I miss this story...
2/18/2018 c3 Guest
que lindos se ven acurrucados jaja
11/28/2017 c3 4Vi-Violence
I like the looks of this!
10/29/2017 c3 6RavenKatThingz
Awwwwwww snuggle! Cute and I'm loving it! Keep up the fantastic work!
10/21/2017 c3 Guest
Loving this story! Keep it going!
10/21/2017 c3 28Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Looks like Jealous Judy made a marginal appearance here, though felt well inserted at the moment considering what is happening between them. And Bogo had an impressive appearance here so well done on that scene too! :)
10/21/2017 c3 66Fanreader26
already love this story
cant wait for the bext chapter
10/20/2017 c3 Stubat
Fun and fluffy, just the way I like it... Interesting OCs, a good take on this important time period in Nick and Judy's history. (And, oh yeah, that Zootopia place...)

Thanks! Good stuff, happily awaiting more!
10/20/2017 c3 2Misolho9
I love this story! Please, don't take too much time to update it, I'm really excited for the next chapter!
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