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9/21 c176 Mouse Fan 59
Please do an OMAKE where Mouse Protector meets All Might! That "I'AM HERE!" had me laughing? As for magic, give Mouse Protector Hammer Space!
9/17 c176 doraemax
Hmm... you are asking for suggestions?

well, i guess the most obvious starting point is Taylor. Her power is Control and Multitask at a ridiculous degree. Hmm, at the simplest...perhaps a really really high level telekinetic? Jean Gray/ Phoenix Level, i mean. Or perhaps we can augment her Shards, and she can now create short term small construct (insect golem) or maybe she can now control and administrate small inanimate objects (dolls: imagine she's directing small gundam robots)...

Tattletale: maybe she could learn Archive Magic. A magic for information/ programming, Would be perfect for her.

Grue: Of course, actual Shadow Magic. Shadow Walk and such like. Maybe even Shadow summoning.

Bitch: Shapeshifter. Specifically Lycan shapeshifter.

Clockblocker: Arc of Time (Fairy Tail).

Vista: Portals.
9/18 c176 yann0406
More the waifu scrolls please
9/17 c176 5Luke Dragneel
So what your saying is Taylor will get a Mana Stone shoved in her chest and have a really dramatic Conversion into a Mage right when she's Triggering, cause that's what it sounds like to me.

As for powers; Lisa is a nosey parker even without her shard influencing her, so definitely some form of divination/scrying. Brian is someone who values his physical prowess and has a preference for CQC, so something that either enhances his strength/physical abilities in a Brute-like manner would probably be the best for him. Aisha, the little ADHD ninja she is, would probably prefer Shadow Magic(as in being able to travel either as a shadow, in a shadow, or basically pull of being a ninja).
I am kinda curious as to how turning into a mage will effect people like Shadow Stalker, whose world view is altered to the point of Prey vs. Predator philosophy. More subtle than say, Labyrinth or Burnscar, but definitely affecting every aspect of her life. It would be rather ingrained into her thought process by that point, but if the conversion does remove the influence reinforcing that behavior then its more likely that she will become less aggressive and actually realize what she is doing even if she doesn't give up on her philosophy. Still people like Amy and L33t, whose powers are actively messing with them, are bound to be in for a world of surprise once it does happen.

I do think Amy shouldn't get healing magic(though if she did, it would probably be far less exhausting than her biokinetic abilities currently produce and allow for some Shaker type effects), as her power while a large contributor to her current status as a burnout waiting to snap, it is not the only one. It would actually make more sense if a couple weaker OCs(particularly nurses or doctors) got healing spells. It would actually be kinda funny for Amy to get a Fleshcrafter Grimoire if only to she her face when she reads it.
But for her real Grimoire, it would make more sense if she was either a Golemancer or Magical Item Crafter. The former being more a nod to her canon self's Red Queen alias, while the latter imo fits her much better as a supporter type heroine who supplies items for the frontliners but could easily use her own gear to perform heroics.

Legend is definitely a Light Mage, Eidolon would be a Final Fantasy Blue Mage(the mages who gain monster abilities after defeating their opponents, although a spell based around some else's magic/parahuman power would make more sense), Alexandria should get either Anti-Magic or Summoner-style magic(maybe a Dressgrid?). Contessa should get dimensional style magic, even if fortune telling would be more in line.

Is it bad that I want Vicky's magic to be a reverse of her current power set(primarily in the aspect of becoming a glass cannon or potentially a Cleric with a specialty in Remove Status Effect) so that she can't run around claiming to be invincible?
9/17 c176 9Leechblade
Holy mackerel.

That's... Those crafty little rats!
9/17 c176 Ether02
0 to 100 in a moment my god you have talent
9/16 c176 14RedBurningDragon
One stands as the paladin who baths in the light the other an enforcer the strikes from the shadows
How would the conversion effect mastered people asking cause panacea
9/16 c176 10ultima-owner
that was quite a reaction
9/16 c176 shugokage
Great job on this chapter!
9/16 c176 13yukicrewger2
you do realize that you may just have to turn this into a full story to keep people happy, as this is too good to just leave as is
9/16 c176 Hotshot6
Ch 176: Brockton Bay is screwed when Taylor gains Magic, because Escalation. Possibly Metaphorically, and Literally. At the Same Time.



9/2 c175 32Anime PJ
You won't catch me complaining about an Isekai version of Skyrim. I'm all for this idea.
8/30 c175 Guest
Genderswapping three people outside of the dragons hmmmm. 1) is Farengar as shown 2) i am guessing is Cicero due to the mod e.t.c. 3) hmmmm an important male character i wont guess a Daedric Prince... Miraak? im admittedly lost i didnt expect Farengar at all. I shall eagerly await more chapters of this especially for the arrival of dragons such as Mirmulnir. As for Kara no bloody idea who they are.
8/30 c175 Artyom-Dreizehn
Im looking looking for what shennanigans will he be pulled into on this bizarro modded Skyrim lol. Thumbs up!
8/29 c175 2Fenris-wolfprince
Ha! okay these latest two chapters have a great deal of potential for a full story and I'm rather curious at what other little twists you've come up. Looking forward to you next update!
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