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11/13 c17 Nikki
Absolutely adore ur story keep up the good work
11/11 c18 Reaper200851
I just checked your profile and realized what you've said. THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK TO US! I'm fine if you take a bit of time to get back into things. I just hope that we get a chapter in a year or so.
11/11 c18 Reaper200851
MOAR, Please come back. Don't abandon us.
11/11 c14 Reaper200851
I enjoy reading about your OCs just as much as Mordred.
11/5 c13 G119
Summer dabbing on a mentally comatose Mordred is what brings me back to this fic every few months
10/24 c14 Vigriff
The Roses are certainly an eccentric bunch.
10/22 c6 Vigriff
I'm loving this story.
10/10 c1 Guest
Ah yes I am going to be reincarnated in a world filled with dangers. Let me spin the gatcha for my powers. What kind of stupid thinking is this?
9/28 c14 mangouschase1
i'm dying lmao
9/27 c13 mangouschase1
"-wax and feathers" oh shit oh no
9/27 c12 mangouschase1
certified Percy Jackson moment, ngl
9/27 c7 mangouschase1
uh, summer, i don't think 12 sugar cubes even fit inside a cup full of tea
9/22 c18 1Dracco
Just found the story, I like your version of Megum- I mean, Summer
8/19 c18 Saik0Desame
king moment
8/11 c18 1Godsend Sperm
I like the King’s referrence in the last chapter where Raven thought Summer slashed Mordred without moving lmao
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