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6/17 c1 Guest
Found this while looking for a Jatie FFN and I love the intro.
I love how you inserted the Ross/Rachel thing, but they could also be a Chandler/Monica with the LittleSister/Bestfriend thing. Looking forward to the group interview in Chapter 2 as well as the next snippet from their show.
6/17 c1 Guest
Hi, this is a great read and interesting plot, for the cast to actually portray a liking to themselves, somewhat the same to BTR TV show and the band.
As always, Jatie is my favorite, looking forward for the group interview you mentioned, on how Katie will behave especially with James being there, hope there's a continuation after 3 years, with the Band having a podcast last May and hoping for a comeback as well. Hoping for a BTR 10 year TV Special. :):):):) ~fingers crossed
6/17 c1 ToffQ
Loved the read, I know this was last 2017 but hopefully you'd be able to continue this series.

This pairing is one of my favorites for tv shows really, as for me they are perfect together.

If not for the show's abrupt end, I believed we'd be able to see Jatie fluffs once Katie turns 18, I would blame it on the show's decision to make Katie 6 years younger than the guys thus a longer time needed for them to get together, instead of making Katie the same to Ciara, which at season4 she would've been 15/16 at the time and James at 20, not at all impossible as long we only have fluff material for the LA setting.

Not that the 6 years age difference is a big deal once both of them are of legal age, seeing as my Dad is 5 years older than my Mom, and that he was a good friend of my Uncle as well, so romance between the Bestfriend and the Little Sister really is up there.

Hoping for a Chapter 2 ! *fingers crossed
Especially now that we have a gorgeous Ciara, and James still the usual.

Been rewatching BTR TV series for 3 weeks now and been reading Jatie fanfictions almost the same.
7/28/2017 c1 2LuciaDiAngelo
I really liked it! It's a very interesting story and i can actually see all that happening , i hope you continue it :D

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