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3/29/2019 c5 4FireFox2590
Dont most clouds look like dittos Lol.
3/13/2019 c13 Draconic Neo
Of course I enjoyed this chapter like the other 12. The wait between them is worth it and one of the few reasons that I check the Pokémon section.

Some of Alex's family ties were revealed and his brother was named. I imagine that he'll find out about Alex's pokémon, if not his "interests" in their species. (Bonus) I also work in retail, so I can relate. Although I wouldn't mind seeing trainers and their team.

Not much to say about Hannah expressing her dislike of the police. I have done something similar though once though thanks to alcohol.

Now for the biggest takeaway from this. Thomas and Hannah's past seem to be really dramatic and/or something bad must've happened, though not enough to where she would be working with him at his ranch...

Wren is still my favorite Pokémon in this story, and he teaches people new words? What a character.

It seems like that you're putting yourself first, and that makes me glad to hear. I also feel like it makes your chapters more steady and fleshed out due to the slow process of it.

Well, I think I said everything that popped in my head now.

Take it easy, best of luck with your studies. -D. Neo
3/11/2019 c13 Shadow15951
Aaagh! You can't just leave it like that, with such a teasing hint of backstory! We need more!
2/12/2019 c12 Weaponv200
1/20/2019 c12 7DarthLeo
that was adorable!
1/20/2019 c12 Draconic Neo
You're doing extremely well so far and it's only 12 chapters in. I'd say the experiment with the third-person perspective worked quite nicely in my opinion.

I've said it before, Wren and Eloise are amazing characters. The dynamic between these two works so very well together that It's hard for me to imagine otherwise. (And I don't even care for the Altaria line so I think that means something for me anyway.).

I will say that I'm surprised that you jumped to the end of the night after the "party". It's not a bad thing though. I am curious as to what a conversation between Wren and Oleander would entail seeing as they both seem to have morbid thoughts of different kinds.

As usual, your effort shows in this story no matter if the chapter is short and sweet or long and filled with plot. I'll always read no matter the difference.

Even if juggling three things at once may be possible, just don't tire yourself out. Your wellbeing is important.

Great chapter.

(P.S. Whenever I leave a review, things that I want to say usually pop up in my head after I post a review so I may have missed something that I wanted to bring up or talk about.)
1/20/2019 c12 Shadow15951
Woo! New chapter!

First things first, much as it pains me to say it, life is more important than fanfic so don't get too stressed out trying to balance them! That said, I think I can speak for most of us when I say WRITE MOAR!

Now, seriously here. I like this one. I think you've got his eloquence and eccentricity down well. It just works. I also quite like the idea of shorter chapters from other perspectives. A little bit of character-building and the different viewpoint (i.e. with Wren opening up and relaxing a little bit more here) makes sure it doesn't feel too much like filler. And a little bit of this sort of filler now and then to help you detail the main plot better is not a bad thing, either. I'm definitely for more of these sorts of chapters.
12/30/2018 c11 Matt
12/16/2018 c1 Silver
Hi there. Just a small request, could you make a note of the bisexuality in the summary. I don't really have a problem with it, but it's just not really my thing and there were no hints about it until I was already almost finished with the first chapter. I was almost invested in the story but then it took a turn and I had to drop it.

Again, I have no issues with that sort of stuff, I just don't really enjoy reading about it and would have liked to know before I clicked on it.

12/10/2018 c11 Nanonta
It's great to see this story again. Getting an update for it always brightens my day.

Anyway, review time.

The lead up to the orgy was absolutely amazing. I loved all the details added that quickly got Hannah's pokemons personality through. Also the orgy itself was wonderful. Femboi Sylveon is a new fave.

If your still doing requests I think going to a few different characters POV in this orgy would be amazing. I'd love to get more detail on Wren's and Eloises escapades.
12/10/2018 c11 Shadow15951
Oh, man, I never would've seen this if it weren't for the fact that you updated so recently. I read the whole thing last night. Jeez, 100000 words in a few hours. Who needs sleep, eh?

It's rare that you find a story that is this good in both plot and setting, and the fun stuff. Seriously, even fun stuff aside, that ranch sounds like a dream job! I want to work there!

I hope your life is working out better for you now (and for this story, admittedly. I need more of this! It's great!)
12/10/2018 c11 JessieSavacu
i am so glad your back please dont leave again!
12/8/2018 c11 Sky
Hey man great stuff. I really like your story. Sorry if its generic. But it is the ULTIMATE compliment. U r an absolute legend.

Keep it up.
12/9/2018 c11 Draconic Neo
I can only speak for myself when I say I understand that shit happens in life and it can make one not very enthusiastic about doing what they like. I do hope that you don't feel too bad about the impromptu hiatus and staying silent, privacy is important after all.

I suppose I should review now, huh?

This chapter was another great one (of course). I still appreciate the amount of thought and detail that goes into this story as a whole. I think when Alex meets Chief and Victoria is a good example of that, as well as the orgy. Oh lord help me, that orgy got me riled up and I feel no shame. The best (or is it worst?) part is that it looks like it isn't over yet. So many opportunities of partners.

If I may reiterate what I said, please try not to feel down. I'm not sure what's going on in your life but I am sure you can pull through. You have a good following and a wonderful story to be proud of. -D. Neo
12/8/2018 c11 DarthLeo
I know how hard it can be to write. I myself too over six months to write a new chapter for my story. Taking a break is really important. Play some video games, watch and/or post on YouTube, read other fanfiction. Sometimes reading other fanfiction from fandoms you're not familiar with is what you need for some inspiration. I also read My Little Pony fanfiction for some ideas when I'm stuck. sometimes FNAF. Just take your time and you'll be fine!
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