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for Harry Potter and NANCY DREW Crossover

9/5/2010 c1 gregor girl
oh my goodness! That was hillarious! I love the Pixie Power! As I say, anything is possable when you're hyped up on jelly beans, or in this case, pixie stix! :D
3/16/2009 c1 4aep2398
Your weird. And very hyper. :)
7/15/2007 c1 anonymous
LOL I love it! crossin my 2 fav seris
5/29/2004 c1 Lea
yes, i'd have to say u do have an evil mind. KEEP IT UP! *grins evily* i'm not gifted like u are when it comes to writing, but i am weird.

oh, what was that part about when bumblebee dances? (yes, i know that dumbledore is an old english word for bumblebee. *looks around* WHAT?) it made me laugh, (of couse, all your stories do) but it was um...strange.

oh yhah, before i forget, WE WILL WIN THIS BATTLE, THEN STUFF OURSELVES WITH PIXIE POWER! LONG LIVE PIXIE POWER! MWA HA HA HA! (uh...ha ha ha? pixie power is addicting and powerful.) well, i've got to go review another story of yours now, so uh...bye!
1/25/2002 c1 Visitor
7/21/2001 c1 me
Very interesting.
7/11/2001 c1 Jackie
That was probably the wierdest story I've ever read yet it was kinda cool. 100% Goofy 100% Hilarious 50%Good 50%bad ya know what I mean all together confusing and ludacrious!
7/8/2001 c1 Ebony Cream
Oh you know, I forgot to tell you, 2001 is the official year of the pixie sti... I mean pixie POWER. now on your story, it wasn't as good as the BSC one, but pretty funny anyway.
6/25/2001 c1 2Lizahd
Ahahahahahaha this was so insane, just like me! I loved it! And the pixie stix is a revolutionary idea for Fanfics, we'll just have to remember that for the next JFH Middle School/Harry Potter crossover, now wont' we?
6/20/2001 c1 Miss Drew
I absolutely love Harry Potter and Nancy Drew, but that was just wierd. I didn't get it at all.
6/18/2001 c1 Kylia
That was...strange.
6/12/2001 c1 1Florafauna
Hahahaha! I used to read Nancy Drew, but only the exciting endings, lol!
4/13/2001 c1 Libby
do a little dance, make little flub...!
4/12/2001 c1 McTalon
I'm not insane, as of yet, but I likes pixe power and I'm becoming insane

right, good story, makes no sense what so ever; aww who the Pixe powered cares?
2/24/2001 c1 Young Lilly
I'm with you. You got me stuck on OKIES to. But I don't care! I LOVE OKIES! And you got me stuck on shnikes 2!
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