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7/18 c4 1KINGShaheed
Really enjoying this story
9/20/2023 c10 2Da Lone Ranger
I fuckin hated English class even though it's my native language I just hated writing.
9/4/2023 c4 Wheatley9001
I ship izuocha mainly, but I also love reading Izuku rareships like this... It is quite refreshing to see a story where Ochaco isn't a major point of conflict, such as being super jealous/heartbroken or a toxic ex or things of that nature. Good job.
5/3/2023 c14 1Taskmasterxyz
I can imagine the pain you felt when it was revealed that Toru was green-haired lol. It was a good guess though, red and green are contrasting/complementary colours.
5/1/2023 c2 Taskmasterxyz
This story has been intriguing thus far, and I too am an Izumina lover! I have always thought about how a Toru and Izuku ship might go though after reading some fanfic I have forgotten about a long time ago. The similarities in their personalities also makes it enjoyable, but the subtle details also make it unique. I love your take on the character, and if you don't mind me, I shall be reading on now!
4/12/2023 c1 jimmy.oz
Well seems interesting. i wonder why she never thought about getting old of something that cancels quirks so that she could be seen or even see herself.
4/8/2023 c48 kax321
title drop and a complete canon deviation? outstanding.

I'm glad to see Izu and Tooru progress their relationship as well.
4/6/2023 c48 Yoyon586
Great chapter
4/5/2023 c2 2ProjectIceman
How long until Izuku helps Tooru find a way to make herself visible? LOL
3/12/2023 c46 8Cosmyk Angel
Uh, I think Izuku goofed. Hercules was Greek, not Roman.

Cosmyk Angel
2/15/2023 c47 Jurodan
Where is the vore content?
2/16/2023 c10 26Lestat719
Her speech about why she wanted to date him. Damn ninjas cutting onions
2/16/2023 c1 Lestat719
Great Start
2/15/2023 c47 5Akakaze22
Always a great day when you update this masterpiece.
2/5/2023 c4 6Musical Dragon Rider
broo... tenya coming in as wingman is so weird but cool. I would have expected Ojiro to be the wingman but Tenya still works especially if you're making Tenya the guy best friend and he gets together with Ochako.
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