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4/18 c4 Minna Kivel
Hah! Go takumi! Beat up that rapist!
4/18 c1 Minna Kivel
Aww. I like how real it's feel
3/13 c1 MushroomGloomCorner
3/6 c13 4Sxshxaa
I really hope you update soon 'cause I'm really curious on how this will turn on btw I love your other books aswell ! !
3/4 c13 13Nightfire k'Vala
great story!
2/8 c13 1wakathottie
your story got me cryin in the supermarket thanks for that

it so good tho high key best akatsuki no yona book I've ever read
1/31 c13 Guest
QnQ why would you do my heart like this, rip yeri, this feels so unfair, but I guess his mother is teaching him unselfishness.
1/29 c13 Koshuu
I just sped through the chapters and I think takumi's a incredible character. The sort of lazy sleaziness but serious when he needs to is such a captivating trait. Hes so human but the story being kept at a lighter mood made me happy reading it too!

Looking forward to the next chapter and incredible nervous of how the story unfolds! Will hak be joining them TT It's too much of a lonely path for Takumi to do it alone TT
1/25 c10 iluvfairytale
Dark purple hair tended to attract attention and Takumi would like to keep his head as low and out of the spotlight as possible. He also wanted to avoid the laws of Plot that subjugated any individual with brightly colored hair.
After rereading this... foreshadow?
1/25 c13 iluvfairytale
Nooooo, how could Yeri do that? He genuinely wants nothing to do with "trouble" Yona whose a real life PROTAGONIST that has handsome men lining up to die for her. It's creepy. He wants to be with the people that matter to him, his mom. Why would she abuse her power like that and make him? What about HIS happiness?
12/25/2020 c13 1Mistyriverbank
Sh!t man. Don't do that! Fnck! WHO THE FnCKING HELL IS CUTTING ONIONS!
12/17/2020 c13 GoAnimeGo
This is a pretty interesting story and I've really enjoyed it so far. I do hope that Hak joins the princess but either it's going to be interesting to see how things play out
12/16/2020 c13 KKVixen
Tears...tears are falling down my face right now. That ending was a big OOF holy moly. Thank you for the update!
12/11/2020 c13 Slaggedfire
Thanks for the chapter.
12/11/2020 c13 Amaspa
Well now I’m crying in a corner too! Yeri! She’s so strong and wonderful, it would take so much to say that for the sake of the princess (and I think for her son’s sake too).
Thank you for updating!
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