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7/22 c12 Innieminnie
This was a lot better than I thought it was going to be for a fandom I just looked up today. I keep hoping it's gonna be BL though xD it's simply criminal such pretty men are only interestes in women lmao Yona's art is amazing though..
7/20 c12 666Neko
good story glad I found this thanks for sharing it with us readers
7/2 c12 Guest
GEEZ this is so good... i dont even know whats going to happen next lol
7/3 c1 Thundqh
Just asking, are ye ever gonna update Praedulium and Allegro? I’m really loving it so far. Same goes for The Clarity of Everything.
6/28 c12 25AnimeandFanficLover
Now, I'm rooting for Yona/OC!
6/28 c12 KKVixen
Oh goodness. Things have definitely begun heating up. I wonder when it will start to boil over...

Thank you for the update~ It was very interesting to see the changes brought about by Takumi.
6/27 c12 Oliver98
How will this play out? Takumi can’t just brute force his way through like hak can.
Look forward to next chapter
6/27 c12 Reactor-3

I wanna know what’s gonna happen so badly...I’m hooked. Poor Takumi, not knowing if he did the right thing. And I wonder if it will still follow the general plot...or will it change completely? Either way, this is amazing and I can’t wait for the next update
6/27 c12 TomasDark
Totally retarded and stupid decision made. Oh, well it's a fanfic. I will continue reading even if it is disappointing.
6/27 c12 Amaspa
Ugh yeah that Asuka is gonna be trouble when she discovers Takumi brought a girl to the brothel :/
Hopefully Takumi and Yona can escape the capital before Soo won discovers just who rescued her... without implicating the brothel and Yeri (I wishhh haha). They could die Yona’s hair and run? Will Hak find them first and stop them? Can’t wait for next chapter, thank you for writing this!
6/27 c12 2Valen Goncalvez
I will look forward to the next chapter!
6/27 c12 BlueberriesGoneBad
It's getting interesting! Thanks for the thrilling chapter. Looking forward to more!
6/27 c12 1TheEccentric1
I'm emotional wrecked by this chapter. I love it.
6/27 c12 1ephemeral-times
Oh my fucking god. I don’t know what to think. Like, the predictable part is that he gets Hak and sends them on a search party for the dragons or that he acts as Hak’s substitute but the latter is something Takumi wouldn’t want to do. I just, oh my god, I can’t fuck with this. It hurts my heart
6/27 c12 GalanthaDreams
This was such a cool chapter to read, Takumi going off to rescue Yona despite his normal reticence regarding approaching the plot-going from his actions, he's an unreliable narrator-speaks volumes about what drives him. Either his morals are firmer than originally thought or he sincerely came to care for Yona despite his aversion to her naivety. Both choices have great implications and opportunities to explore. Reading him drink the next day away and pity Ogi made me laugh in sympathy for him.

Also, Hak not being with Yona is a major game changer-one that I particularly appreciate as the Hak/Yona romance is rather boring and cliche to me. Honestly I would rather ship Soo-Won/Hak before I'd ever ship Yona/Hak (though I do appreciate the friendship)

Things being what they are, I don't see Hak doubting Soo-Won and finding out what actually happened any time soon. Soo-Won is a smart guy and even if his methods are twisted he is a "Greater Good" character and in the midst of tragedy all these events would do is bring his loyalty even closer to his childhood friend as he believes that his friend has lost all the family he has left in the world.
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