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5/7 c8 2thewordshaman
This story is great and your writing skills are impeccable. Please, when you have the time I ask that you pick up and continue this story as well as your ATLA fanfic, “The Clarity of Everything.” It’d be a shame to see such great works of art not to be complete, but I understand how life can get in the way of things and motivation/inspiration can wane.
3/5 c14 Mizucolk
this story is without a doubt impressive
2/20 c14 adolebitque
Greta story, hope you are able to continue this!
10/29/2021 c14 9Asuka1920
Can’t wait to read more!
10/24/2021 c14 khinoia
this is sooo good i couldn’t stop reading until the last chapter. hoping this is not a dropped book, i really enjoyed it! looking forward to new chapters
10/7/2021 c14 katsekala
Awesome story! I could not stop reading it!
8/17/2021 c13 1Aria.RedMika
damn this story is so well planned. Look at the details and no confusing parts at all
i really enjoyed reading until this chapter

and what is twice-blessed? aren't takumi a dragon too?
8/17/2021 c14 Aria.RedMika
bye asubitch
8/17/2021 c14 Aria.RedMika
oh damn this is so good
8/1/2021 c14 1BankaiTensa
I have just reread the whole thing, and it’s just soo good! I can’t help but think that Takumi and Jae-ha will get along swimmingly! Question: will we get to know how it went at the brothel? ‘Cause Joo-doh and Yeri meeting would be interesting anyway, absolutely love this and hope you are well!xx
7/20/2021 c14 Cloudspirit91
This has become my favorite yona of the dawn Fanfiction and I mean it when I say thank you for keeping this fandom alive with quality content.
7/16/2021 c14 lucel18
Yes! To Asuka getting evicted. Lol! As for Takumi..i wonder what will make him listen to those voices in his head...and what unnamed emotion deep inside him was bothering him when he sees Yona in a pitiful state? Same as what bothered the dragons when Yona appears before him? Hmmm.. can't wait for more!
Thank you so much for this update!
7/16/2021 c13 lucel18
Oof..this breaks my heart for Takumi..i just hope he doesn't resent Yona more for it...
By the way, love the song..reminds of the one sung at the animated movie, Anastasia.
In Takumi's travels, i wonder if he'll meet the dragons himself and what role he'll play in Yona's life..looking forward to it! Thank you!
6/20/2021 c14 55ShadowPillow
I'm glad Asuka was kicked out. It was right. She would only have been more trouble if she had stayed, anyhow – she was petty, and vindictive, and dangerous. She should find her own way from here... but I think her future might be gone on the streets too when word gets out that she's a snitch. Beh.

Looks like those prophecies can't be avoided. The princess... she's holding up well. She's tougher than anyone would have thought.
6/12/2021 c14 Innieminnie
This fic was the first one that introduced me to this anime slash manga. Thank you, and great chapter! :D
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