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for Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Reconnect

3/1/2019 c6 3Dario Flaman
Wow, I take a break to deal with some stuff and beat KH3 and now this is happening! Damn! That fight was awesome! I laughed a LOT when Madoka questioned the Sora Cosplay. Pfff . Limit Form Madoka ftw! And Sayaka at the end...what did Homura do to you? Ahhh I want Madoka to get a new lead on Sora soon! I really want to see them interacting! And Sora could help her save her friends. Heck, maybe even purificate Homura! Maybe I'm wishing for too much but I'm just hyped for next chapter!

Btw, did you beat KH3? Are you okay? I mean, with it?
2/16/2019 c6 2merendinoemiliano
Very cool story, can't wait for more. Best of luck with the fights.
2/8/2019 c6 Hadiz
Man got this Rec at the KH Fic Rec Thread on SB.

Really liking the Original story of the World's. The power of connections of the Hearts is strong. Hopefully Madoka hold strong in coming chapters.
2/8/2019 c6 34equach
Interesting, especially with how Madoka went into Limit Form with the sweet special moves.

However, I felt some stuff were missing like characters being gullible and saying "Ok I believe you." Huge amounts of talking about Darkness and Light. Then again, this is just me watching too much JustaPancake videos.

Besides that, if you plan on making Madoka travel to a new world, not sure if you are going by the order of KH1 or going in random order. Just hope that something interesting can happen on the way.

Even so, spare her the pain of Atlantica. Her actress Aoi Yuki can sing, but the world is too much for her innocent mind lol!
1/29/2019 c6 50ptl
So, Madoka is backtracking Sora’s steps or will she visit an unvisited world, like RWBY or Jojo? And will she obtain more Drive Forms, apart from Limit? Maybe some based on her former Magical Girl uniform, a Keyblade transforming into a bow is too good to not use it. I look forward for the Keybladers to face off Homura, some Incubator bashing and Xehanort making plans around this ‘interesting twist’. Bastard may not have god-like power but makes it up with intelligence, experience and pure hamminess.
And I like that Madoka is beginning to show off determination against Homura, that she isn’t some scaried girl that can’t take care of the dangerous supernatural elements of the world. And I haven’t watched Ducktales in a long time, seeing Scrooge there helping Madoka made me remember those times.
This is after Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden second visit, right? So Sora is near end-game and going to the World That Never Was. Thus that means that Madoka will encounter Sora before or after KH2?
1/29/2019 c5 dashunterman
I see what ya did there with that "Much bigger on the inside" line. Seeing as how Scrooge in the Ducktales remake's voiced by David "10th Doctor" Tennant
1/29/2019 c6 Patrick the observer
I took time out of playing kingdom hearts 3 to play this and im glad I did (not that it hasn't been amazing so far, but because if I hadn't I probably would have lost the notice for this new chapter.) Man I can't wait for when Madoka is strong enough to Whack Homura in the face with her key blade.

That said I wonder if she will get pulled into the story of the KH world, like having to face Pete or sephirot (late game of course).
1/29/2019 c1 Dracus6
Mortal Kombat and Akame ga kill crossover
update next chapter of puella Magi madoka redemption
this idea is for you Monkeycyborgninja good luck and do your very best.
1/29/2019 c6 OrionGold
Sorry, I actually pressed the Post Review by accident, so let continue where I left off:

Another thing to note from this chapter is how at one moment, Madoka's thoughts actually show her getting frustrated at being treated like a fragile porcelain doll. Not only that but there is one moment where Madoka is resting her Keyblade on her shoulder with uncharacteristic confidence, making me think that Madoka might inherent some of Sora's personality traits as the story goes, which might anger Homura.

KH3 better come soon at where I'm at because I really want to see the conclusion of the Dark Seeker Saga.
1/29/2019 c6 3OrionGold
The chapter overall is great. I like the fight between Madoka and Nagisa, showing the former of what's to come later on in her journey. I like how the camera plays a part on KH series' theme of friendship and it was really sweet of Madoka to take a picture of her and the White Rabbit while also giving it to him.

One thing to note from this chapter is how Scrooge is basically giving Madoka a push in the right direction when dealing with Nagisa. It goes to show that Scrooge knows that Madoka has to stay strong during a tough moment. This is making me think that Scrooge is basically going to be a father figure for Madoka.

Another thing I like is how the Cosplay forms are implemented at the worse possible time so far for Madoka. The Queen of Hearts' determined to be right to satisfy her ego.

Another thing to note from this chapter is how at one moment, Madoka's thoughts actually show her getting frustrated at being treated
1/28/2019 c6 1keybladelight
Glad you have put the chapter and also cannot wait for tomorrow is kingdom hearts 3 finally This going to be the end of master xehanort the end of all i hope to see you in the next chapter and hope you respond and i hope madoka find sora he help save madoka world but also riku could help.
1/27/2019 c5 Guest
Will Madoka meet Sora before or after the final battle with Xehanort?
1/19/2019 c4 xirons20
very good chapter
Soura's memories are very useful and full of information.
well ... at least madoka met someone friendly.
1/19/2019 c3 xirons20
very good chapter
Madoka was lucky that that heartless release a potion.
1/18/2019 c2 xirons20
very good chapter

poor madoka
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