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for Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Reconnect

1/18/2019 c1 xirons20
interesting start
12/30/2018 c5 3OrionGold
I have to admit, I enjoyed this chapter a lot more than the previous chapters. It's probably because Madoka is dealing with the mad world that is Wonderland and I like the characterizations for the Disney casts so far.

I think it's because there's a lot more energy in this chapter than the previous ones so far.
12/30/2018 c5 Patrick the observer
Jesus. I have never watched Madoka Magica but holy help is Homura scary as heck. btw found this when the link for this chapter was posted to a space battle forum a few hours ago announcing the new chapter. glad I clicked on it cuz this was really enjoyable. just hoping that Madoka is able to escape Homura… though givin all the comments about darkness I'm kind of waiting for Homura to loss her heart.
12/29/2018 c5 1keybladelight
Wow im happy that you continue the story for kingdom hearts 3 that is going to be one month one month and we going to have the final game i hope some puella magica characters meet riku, lea or kairi since this is going to kingdom hearts 3 saga i hope one of the girls could fall in love with riku hey riku is handsome so i guess some of the girls could fall in love to him and maybe react to is death the one we see in the final trailer.

Madoka gonna need to return sora power since he going to need it in order to defeated master Xehanort in scala ad caelum in that final battle.
9/16/2018 c4 34equach
At first I thought it was just a story where Madoka gets a keyblade with some elements of Rebellion Story. Now you added not only world traveling and Uncle Scrooge, you literally made a unique concept of a crossover between Madoka and Kingdom Hearts. Madoka and Scrooge go traveling and stuff. Really want to see how Madoka fares through all of this.

I understand that you are busy but I do hope to see more chapters soon.

Also want to ask if it would be funny if you made fun for how confusing the plot to Kingdom Hearts is? Like if Madoka meets Sora and explains her situation, Sora would just find the whole confusing part as typical since it's Kingdom Hearts. Sorry, I just find it funny.
8/14/2018 c4 11SunsetScrewball
Fantastic story absolutely love Kingdom Hearts and Puella Magi series so Its fun to see a Crossover between them with Madoka wielding the Key. Hopefully we get an update soon definatly looking forward to seeing Madoka meet other KH characters and maybe Homura meeting Riku.
7/20/2018 c4 necros434
Good story so far other than a few grammatical errors nothing really stood out as being wrong with your writing I wish you work on your novel and really hope you come back to writing this story in the future
4/29/2018 c4 NatNicole
I freakin' LOVE the Restoration Committee an' Scrooge, so it was a major delight to see cha keeping 'em all In-Character while also delivering a new story!
The fight scene is badass yet realistic (well, as realistic as a battle against a Heartless can be); Madoka wasn't overly confident or too skilled for a beginner, but did a good job of staying alive.
4/29/2018 c3 NatNicole
*grins like a gleeful Kyoko* SHANNARŌ, this is pure AWESOMENESS! That 1st scene with Homura & then the scene where Madoka instinctively protected Sayaka's Heart both have me major chills, pleasant ones. An' between those 2 scenes was that hilarious yet 100% natural scene of Madoka, Sayaka & Kyoko hanging out. :D
Rest of Chapter is BRILLIANT too, but I liked that 1st third of it da best due to the aforementioned reasons. B.t.w., your writing flows really well!
3/26/2018 c4 Recovery-one
I really like this. Leave it to Sora to invite another person into his heart. I can honestly believe the world you setup with Madoka having a Keyblade and her connection with Sora. I really want to see where you go with this, with Madoka on her own Kingdom Hearts adventure.

I imagine she's not gonna find Sora right away but I can see there being pretty good buildup for their encounter already. Also with the threat of Homura coming after her and her own missing memories I can see this being fairly interesting.

Can't wait for more!
3/20/2018 c4 CyberRaccoon
I found this story not too long ago. I don't usually read these kinds of crossovers, but now I'm glad I did. The grammar's good from what I can tell, and the characters seem like themselves. I'm actually pretty curious about how Madoka and Sora will interact.

Don't worry if you think you're writing slow. Polishing your story is crucial to making something special. I'm looking forward to seeing this in the future.
2/23/2018 c4 1JCake
nice work with the chapter and congrats on following your dreams! good luck!
2/22/2018 c4 brave kid
great job on this buddy
2/22/2018 c4 Theinzmann111
I have a question, later on in the journey is Madoka’s Goddess powers going to peek out later in the story, or is it all keyblade?
2/21/2018 c4 3OrionGold

Anyways, yeah there is a bit more exposition in this chapter. However, I do like how the Restoration Committee are doing their best to figure out what's up with Madoka, what with the darkness in her heart and her connection with Sora.

I didn't expect to see Scrooge become a traveling companion for Madoka, but it makes sense why. How else is she going to travel to different worlds? It doesn't help that Madoka is back to what she was like during the beginning of the anime.

It helps that the DuckTales reboot is currently running on Disney XD so readers who watch the show would have an enjoyable time having Scrooge play a role in Reconnect. Now we can really get going next chapter.

Considering that it's been a year since Homura had become the Devil and overtaken reality, her mental health probably would've gotten worse over time. It doesn't help that Madoka ran away from her world, albeit unintentionally.

BTW, next chapter, you should try to put in a "sense of fun" when Madoka and Scrooge travel through the Disney worlds. By "sense of fun", I mean try to incorporate some Disney-styled humor so that when the drama comes in, it'll hit us really hard. If you don't know what I mean, watch Frustrated Jacob's A Sense of Fun video.
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