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for KaiyaWoman: Heroine Of Sadala!

12/20/2017 c8 Left this website
Well, now Cabba knows that Kale is Kaiyawoman. It's good he'll let her go now too.

Also, a Saiyaphone? Is that the Saiyan version of a Iphone?G

Going to meet Hit again huh, that'll be interesting.

Caulifla wouldn't be able to kill Hit lol, that's funny.

So Kale and Hit are going to fight? Also I just want to let you know, he doesn't create a mini universe. He makes a pocket dimension. A mini universe would be a pocket universe, and yes there is such a thing.

Also wow I'm surprised to see Kale beat Hit, also "This is for Caulifla, love, and Sadala was cute!" was cute lol.

So they're going to get married? That's sweet, I hope they're truly happy together.
12/20/2017 c7 Left this website
Cabba is good enough, Frost is just a asshole.

Something weird is going on, I can feel it.

Geez Frost is a douchebag, calling him uneducated like that lol.

Yep I knew it, Frost is going to put the blame on him. Also Frost, it probably wasn't the best idea to tell him your WHOLE plan you know.

Caulifla better help him, and yea I know she is going to lol. So she unlocked Super Saiyan already? Huh.

Frost thinks she's Kaiyaman lol that's funny.

Damn, Caulifla killed Frost? Didn't expect that, no idea when this takes place so yea.
12/20/2017 c6 Left this website
Hit respects Kale cause she survived his attack, that's pretty cool.

Poor Caulifla, I didn't expect her to start crying. Everything will be ok though.

Oh a flashback, so Caulifla saved her from bullies. Cute that's she going to take her out to dinner, to get some meat on her bones haha.

Kale is right she can do better, cause better is right infront of her lol. Also I know how Caulifla feels, I already told you about what happened to me so yea.

Wow Frost, he just demoted Cabba? What an asshole, not surprised that he would do that though.

Not surprised that Frost set up the prison riot, something he would do.
12/20/2017 c5 Left this website
Hey Zoey, I'll go ahead and review this now before I go to bed.

Poor Kale, she did a fine job at protecting her. She saved her life so it's ok!

Caulifla is very egotistical haha, but that's what makes her awesome. She's so cute, she's going to take Kale out on a date.

Oh hey, that's really awesome! Kale confessed her feelings for Caulifla, and Caulifla shared her feelings back. I'm happy to see them share a kiss.

So Kale left to go fight someone huh, If I'm right it's Hit since he was at the end of the last one.

Yep I knew it was Hit lol, awesome to see him. Damn did he kill her? Did he kill Caulifla too? I mean he couldn't of because there's 3 more chapters left. Which I will continue to read!
12/5/2017 c4 Left this website
Cabba is trying to protect her lol, she's way stronger than you Cabba. You don't need to protect her. She slammed Cabba into the ground?! Damn that's just mean.

They'll have their way with her? Wow that's messed up lol, that's not going to happen. I'm surprised that they're giving her a hard time honestly!

Hey, good job Kale! You saved them both. Knew that she would be the one to do it.

You wont be able to stop her Cabba lol, she's way way waaaay more powerful than you. What is Frost going to do, Cabba? She's still way stronger than him.

Yea, I knew that Kale was going to easily defeat him, Frost isn't very strong. Good job, Kale!

That's really cute, Kale gave her a kiss on the forehead. I hope they have a kiss on the lips later, that would be so so cute.

Ooooooh, I didn't expect Hit to appear in here! That's really really awesome, Kale is going to have a really hard time against him. I can't wait to see that!
12/5/2017 c3 Left this website
Damn, Caulifla is having a emotional moment. She will come around Kale, don't worry!

I'm guessing it's totally Cabba that was knocking at the door, and yep I was right lol. Oh so he's taking both of them into questioning instead of just Caulifla? Interesting.

I'm really surprised that Caulifla went peacefully instead of putting up a fight, that's cool of her. Also don't worry Kale, you done the right things.

Wouldn't be surprised if Frost is one of the people behind the gangs honestly, and Cabba is right. She is shy and sweet, so she hasn't done anything wrong.

Kale would lie for Caulifla, she totally would. Who took the picture of KaiyaWoman anyways haha?

Someone cut off the electricity? I bet it was Frost, he would do something like that for sure. And there's a prison break? Awesome.
12/5/2017 c2 Left this website
Huh, so Frost is in here? Not surprised that he would want Cabba to arrest her, he's pretty dirty like that.

Wow Caulifla, she just snapped at Kale like that huh? That's pretty mean, I feel really bad for Kale.

So Caulifla wants to join some random gang, and Kale is going to stop her I bet. This guy is real sleazy, her makes her call him daddy, and forces her to give him a kiss, just wow.

I hope Kale comes in and kicks their asses too! Which I know she will lol. Don't lose your Caulifla, Kale. Geez, this guy is a douche. he really needs an ass whooping.

Kale is right, why would she want to join a gang full of people that are weaker than her and who will use her? That is very sweet, what she said.

Haha she called the defense force and Caulifla ran, that was a smart idea.

So Cabba is going to bring Caulifla in for questioning huh? Interesting, can't wait to see that.
12/5/2017 c1 Left this website
Hey Zoey, I will start to read and review this now!

Poor Kale, she is being ignored because Caulifla is too focused on her gang.

Don't worry Kale, you're really strong, you can do something about it!

So there's a comic book in Universe 6 called SuperSaiyajin? That's pretty neat lol. Also it's really really sad that both her parents are dead in this story...

Haha so she's in a costume while in her Berserk form? I bet that would look pretty funny.

Good job Kale, she found proof that they were doing illegal things. Now she can show Caulifla.

Kale is so much stronger than both of them lol, she should be able to kick their asses pretty easily...yep I knew it, she did. Kale is so cool.

Oh so Caulifla is going to try and get revenge on her huh? Wait until she finds out that Kaiyawoman is Kale.
10/3/2017 c8 2Steel scorpion
Yes! Cabba gets his job back and the respect of Caulifla and Kale. The ending reminded me a lot of how Jim Gordon would flashes the batsignal into the sky to call batman. Mmmmm I did not like how there was not much interaction with Cabba and Caulifla in this last chapter, you just said they bonded rather than adding dialogue between them like... I don't know Cabba cracks a joke and makes her chuckle. I think you captured hits personally well. Hit does give respect to those that can keep up with him. That's my criticism really. This was a fun story to read
9/20/2017 c8 40yangri
It's done? Congratulations!
9/20/2017 c8 28Jss2141
Nice ending. The snake, Frost, that was plotting behind the scene meet his just desserts, the hero claimed victory and new power, and finally Kale got to be with the one she loved with new power to protect.
9/20/2017 c8 8GoHaNViDeLSoN
This is the third-multi chaptered fic, I have seen get completed ... which I followed from the very first chapter ... good work on with it.

You say, you are unpredictable, eh? Well, let's see ...

9/9/2017 c7 GoHaNViDeLSoN
The Cabba/Frost part went too ... business-y and formal for my taste ... but it was alright.

And also the death of Frost happened all too sudden. I didn't anticipate that. Let's see what's to follow next ...

Nice chapter.
9/9/2017 c7 40yangri
Glad to see that you're still continuing this one while Love Triangle is on hiatus.
9/4/2017 c6 yangri
I only used the term 'lesbian' to describe a girlxgirl relationship. I didn't mean for it to have any sort of negative connotation.

Yikes, poor Cabba got demoted ;-; Recently, I've come to love his character a little more... shame. Goddammit, Frost you evil bastard ;3; Also, I'm curious: You use the name "Hero" as Cabba's surname in both Love Triangle and Kaiyawoman. Is there a particular reason you do?

This may or may not have already been mentioned by other reviewers but I think for flashbacks you could probably format it better. Perhaps use italics?
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