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for The Lady of the Flies

6/8 c20 Ariel Juarez
Loved this chapter already
5/17 c20 DragonEyesBlue
repugnante, odio a las araƱas
5/2 c21 Jamerz06
Can't wait to see the next chapter
4/29 c21 Aedwards179
this is great. I wish it didnt get abandoned on such a big spot, I'd love to see outside reactions to the fight but its still great
4/12 c21 6TimberlineWolf
really enjoyed the story mate. i'll be hoppin' in to check out yer other work ya mentioned.

i know the muse is likely dry on this, but hey, i'll follow anyways. mabey ya just need a couple o' years between chapters is all ;)
4/10 c13 sol.leksthewolf2021
Holy fucking shit, this version of The Queen Of Escalation is BRUTAL!
4/3 c21 Jenna Gem
I don't like the perverted anime, never even watched it. but i came here for Taylor and i have no regrets. thank you for your work! <3
12/13/2023 c21 2Pinkypi
This was really good. QA is going to be super smug once she finishes making her host best host. As Taylor keeps growing and her power becomes strong enough so she isn't just squished by QA's presence.
12/11/2023 c13 Pinkypi
This broski has no idea. Taylor killed a 3 year old to spare her the fate of a Grey Boy bubble and then later body jacked hundred if not thousands of people to send to their deaths in order to whittle away her enemy. xD
12/11/2023 c10 Pinkypi
also.. if she's teaching English she can be the teacher over their club without them worrying about interference or needing to "clean up" for inspections. Something I know is glossed over in canon for DxD but technically school clubs have a teacher that volunteer their time for it.
12/11/2023 c1 Pinkypi
Interesting. The best part is technically Rias can still get Akeno as a Bishop. Since her specialty was magic anyways and relied heavily on it even as a Queen Piece.
11/6/2023 c21 ShadowPhyr
"hopefully nothing close to a year long break" well... you have 8 days still I guess?

in all honesty I have enjoyed this story so far regardless of whether or not you continue writing it. hope you are doing well!
8/25/2023 c21 1Wicked.A
Love that ending (presuming it's riss now wanting to help Taylor find her dad) very nice story so far
8/25/2023 c16 Wicked.A
I really like how you included issei's parents at the end there shows that Taylor still retains her humanity where it matters
7/9/2023 c6 SMB
You still had Akeno be 10 and didn't change it. You're skipping all of the important parts we want to read about. Where's Taylor training? Magic learning? At this chapter, it's been 4 months and she's done nothing important. You also skipped reporting the stray devil and Taylor getting major props for it.
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