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2/11 c21 TheFatGuy2020
Binged and enjoyed. lookin 4ward 2 more
1/31 c9 Malkeus
Why oh why did noone step on riser's head to keep it from inflating. Beginning from the first moment he referred to himself in the third person...
2/2 c21 1stSlug
Really, really enjoyed reading this story.

It's a real shame there's been no updates in quite a few months now. :(
12/28/2022 c21 ashleyclarke943
Love it! Please write more.
12/26/2022 c20 Sebine
This is the girl that destroyed Valefors eyes
Yeah she'd definitely find fire spiders to fuck with someone
12/25/2022 c14 Sebine
Taylor and Rias need to lesbian already
12/24/2022 c1 Sebine
I don't know shit about Highschool DxD, can I still read and enjoy this?
11/25/2022 c21 1Draco0905
it's . . . not dead? i was so very certain. hmm. well, i suppose this is a good thing, at least.
11/21/2022 c13 1Bearmauls
This, THIS is what we expect from our lady of escalation :)
11/21/2022 c5 Bearmauls
Wow, young Rias is really bad at politics.
11/19/2022 c21 24Lexarius
Very well done!
When I saw there was a new chapter, I binge read the whole story, and I’m very happy you have come back to it.

Great interactions, everybody in character, and growing, especially Gasper, who is certainly coming out from a very difficult place.
11/19/2022 c21 1darklinks100
It lives yet again! good job can't wait for more.
11/17/2022 c21 ramul
11/16/2022 c21 vmage2
I really enjoy reading how someone like Taylor can help Rias and her peerage to evolve and become more than they were canonically.
11/15/2022 c21 WearyCurmudgeon

- Familial unrest
Something that the SB crowd overlooked is that classic HS:DxD is an ecchi/comedy series with some elements of fantasy.

YOUR story on the other hand has undergone a genre shift by being combined with Worm (which has the grittiness of a film noir), Taylor has had a butterfly effect.

Canon Rias inexplicably dropped the ball with regards to training, hence why most fanfic authors come up with the mental mojo solution by the parents to sabotage her possible rebellion, but in a more subtle way, that won't lead to political blowback, because the Gremory straddle the line between Progressive and Traditionalist to further Sirzechs political stance.

(Example: "Gods and Devils and Wild Horses, Oh My" by "Vimesenthusiast".)

It just doesn't make sense for Rias to mess around/laze about with her future at stake. In canon, it's all part of the comedy and setting up the Issei/Rias pairing, but from a logical pov, it's weird to say the least.

So Rias "magically" forgiving her parents is perfectly normal in canon, because it doesn't delve into the issues deeply and it wouldn't fit the tone the author wanted.

Even if from a realism POV, that's utter nonsense. People just don't behave that way in RL. And family screwing over family tends to lead to rifts and low to no contact.

So you handled that just fine. That this Rias is less forgiving... Well... Taylor has been her mentor/big sister figure.

She'd have her grow up sooner, start to plan and create contingencies as you indicated in previous chapters. They've spent years working on this.

Her mother was too concerned with the politics that she didn't see that Rias wasn't a little girl any more, but a young woman driven and determined to be free of the shackles her supposedly loving parents tried to clasp onto her.

Her father may have noticed, but caved to his wife and they now have to pay the Piper.

(And they were still better off than the HS/DxD fanfic I mentioned above, even if that Rias is closer to the canon one.

As the mind mojo issue is a major hurdle, even if she's more inclined to forgiveness than your Taylor.

Compare it to two roads, one short but filled with obstacles, the other longer with just a few bumps here and there. Your Taylor is the latter. The Vimes one the former.

The length is their willingness to forgive, the obstacles the issues dividing them. His may be more willing to forgive, but the obstacles are serious issues that will take time, even if they are indeed patching things up. Whereas with yours. Not that inclined to forgive, but the problems are minor by comparison.)

They also drastically underestimated how much Taylor would effect Rias. As stated in this chapter. This was Old School Devil kind being shown to the younger generation who've grown soft, mostly, Saiorg being a noted exception.

This is the concept of the velvet glove with the steel gauntlet underneath. She tried the civilized way, it didn't work, because her parents wouldn't listen. So time for the gauntlet to appear and remind them that not everyone is soft and that some lines should not be crossed.

Like Lord Phenix, they've been confronted with the horrible truth. And now they're scrambling to fix things.
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