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12/8/2017 c3 1Erdrick117
If your looking for ideas I did have a fun one you could try. If you remember there's that crazy scorpion faunis that loves Salem. Well what if he's sent out to kill this supposedly super strong Hunter by Salem, but once he sees exactly how strong Saitama is he turns his devotion twards him and starts to do the whole Genos thing. Just an idea.
Either way, great story and hope you continue.
11/11/2017 c3 1Bowser3507
Heh, if you made a story of Raven trying to surpass Saitama I would definitely follow it, just like I'm going to follow this one
10/30/2017 c1 Guest
Just a question do you have autism?
10/13/2017 c3 17Boggie445
well clap clap clap clap clap This is a great story I kind of want the jaune part but also not of him to be seen as a weakling
10/13/2017 c2 Guest
Hey I got bored and looked up an OPM and RWBY crossover and let me tell you I was not disappointed by your story at all! I love these first two chapters and would read a full story based on either one, seriously you did good. You handle Saitama as an OP character wonderfully and I would ship him and Velvet after reading chapter 2. I'm sorry I'm gushing a bit but really this excellent and keep up the good work!
10/12/2017 c3 Lloyd RPGFan
Jaune; "Make me your apprentice!"
Saitama: "Huh, what?"
10/12/2017 c3 Guest
Two funny things I thought of. Firstly if Speed-o-Sound Sonic was a hedgehog faunus. Secondly if Sonic, Adam, and Raven were all fighting over who Saitama's rival was.
10/11/2017 c3 Flow
That abrupt slap across the cheek was expected yet still funny! Well done, friend.
10/9/2017 c3 Guest53824059834
Lets make it short, your story is really good and there is not a lot to criticize.

Especially Praiseworthy is how you keep Saitama in character, with him being a hero fighting monster but depending on situation might be not so heroic.
And how he misunderstands the situation but when he knows whats going on he acts, fatally decisive even how fast he instantly takes care of the problem.

Wish the battles had a bit more description like how the fighters move but this is a minor complaint and especially for fics with Saitama which are honestly mostly about waiting for him to show up and blow the enemies away, not so important anyway.

So honestly I hope you continue this.
10/9/2017 c3 Guest
I need a sequel to this chapter
10/9/2017 c3 Kritical K
Hahaha... Simple solutions right?
10/8/2017 c3 SeijuroRen
Superman may be the hero we need, but Saitama is the hero we deserve. Great chapter. Hope this continues eventually.
10/8/2017 c3 guest
Cinder didn't seem all that shocked that the Grimm Dragon died.
10/8/2017 c1 16Firestorm808
Actually, Saitama doesn't get hot or cold because of his training with no AC or heater.
10/8/2017 c3 Firestorm808
Prais the Lord for Saitama has come again! This is so what would have happen at the Battle of Beacon.
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