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for TD The Great Detective

5/11/2018 c7 StoryQueen10
I am loving it! Please continue to update the story! It’s AWESOME! :D
5/2/2018 c6 StoryQueen10
Awesome! I think Cissy is either going to say she's leaving Wagstaff or that she loves TD or both! Update soon please!
5/2/2018 c5 StoryQueen10
4/12/2018 c4 StoryQueen10
Hey! Still StoryQueen, just getting used to new user name…I love the story! Continue to update it PLEASE!
4/1/2018 c3 StoryQueen
What’s going to happen next in the story?
4/1/2018 c2 StoryQueen
4/1/2018 c1 StoryQueen
What’s going to happen next?
1/15/2018 c3 Cartoon critic
Will Martha, TD and Alice solve the next clue? Can't wait for chapter 4 to find out.
1/8/2018 c1 Zuma lover
This Martha speaks story is really good. What does the poem means? Can't wait for chapter 4 to find out what happens next. Where in a mine is the next clue?

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