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10/18 c38 Rebecca Crouch
very very good and I will continue to check for updates
10/5 c38 kelsiecb
Absolutely wicked story! It’s so unique and just absolutely painful to read sometimes but I can’t stop! I just blasted through everything up to this point and I wish there was MORE so I didn’t have to stop! Thanks for writing :)
9/10 c38 peachx89
Love this update
9/8 c38 3Daughter-of-the-Moon-7
Updates for this story always make my day! I love Harry and Hermione’s dynamic, poor Harry is such a mess lol. Theo and Hermione are interesting, I wonder how he will act when SooJin is around. I can absolutely wait for WinterWitch to happen in this story. You have written such a detailed and interesting back story for the magical community and HYDRA, the eventual pairing is well worth the wait. Thanks for updating!
9/8 c38 Jas Rys
Yaaaas an update. Great chappie! Update soon please!
9/8 c38 szabo.alexandra1991
Thank you for the update! Virtual hug!
9/7 c38 Catzandbookz8
I love your story, even if I am missing Bucky. :)
9/7 c38 pwrmom2
Loved this chapter. I’ve missed you
8/20 c37 7Cassie-011
love this
8/19 c37 2Apathy Undone
Just wow. You have done a brilliant job building up the tension with Hermione and all her conflicts and relationships. I can't wait to see how things turn out for Hermione with the muggle and magic worlds, and especially Nat and Bucky. I so very desperately want her to make the good choices and redeem herself but it is also so very difficult to see how that is going to happen. You have left me horribly emotionally invested in the outcome of this story and I have to applaud you because I have no idea where it's going, so please and thank you for it so far, and for future chapters.
8/18 c37 peachx89
Love this update
8/17 c37 3Daughter-of-the-Moon-7
Another great chapter! I’m glad Umbridge is dead, no matter the universe lol. I wasn’t expecting Hermione/Nott but I love it for the story and hope SoJin finds out. Thanks for updating!
8/17 c37 Beetlejuicee
Yay! you uploaded!
8/17 c37 szabo.alexandra1991
Thank you for the update! Virtual hug!
8/17 c37 Anya
I love this story. Was so happy to see an update! It’s really interesting what you’ve created, this post-war world where the winners didn’t feel like they won and started another secret war. Also I’m trying to think of muggleborns from the books who could be The Mentor, is it Soo-Jin or someone that went to school with Harry and Weasleys? Honestly though, I’m really looking forward to this part Being over, killing Soo-Jin and the Mentor, and Hermione being reintroduced to the Winter Soldier And Black Widow. Can’t wait to read the next chapter!
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