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10/3 c39 Guest
So I read this story for the first time ages ago, and didn't think that I'd be back because it was a little more gory than my usual tastes. I was sucked in, however, and after I saw the Black Widow movie, I had to come back and reread. Thanks for sharing your fantastic work with us!
7/15 c39 aliceinwonderln4d
6/9 c39 Kasey
On the edge of my seat! I can't wait for the next chapter. Will this silent war that's being waged by Soo-jin end in the Wizarding World being exposed?
4/26 c39 1LoganLiet
damn damn damn it's getting chaotic and i love this issue better than the muggles mcu right now like literally...
4/26 c38 LoganLiet
god damn you're an amazing writer no doubt
4/25 c17 LoganLiet
damn what a coward indeed. idk how it feels when your powers being stunted inside your super soldier body lmao
4/25 c12 LoganLiet
its gonna be wanda right?
4/17 c39 ashens95
This is an amazing story I cannot wait to read more. I'm very excited to see what happens when her and Nat meet again.
3/30 c39 3mUmaRhz
Omg I didn’t realise how hooked I got! Completely different take and I absolutely love it!
Can’t wait for the next chapter!
3/19 c39 Mallues
I'm loving the narrative direction of the last 10ish chapters.
3/7 c39 Jas Rys
Update please and thank you!
2/19 c39 alannalove1990
This story is marvelous and I cannot get over how much I love it! Please please please update soon!
2/19 c38 alannalove1990
Oh my snaps
2/19 c37 alannalove1990
Where is Bucky? Haha
2/19 c36 alannalove1990
This is so good! But I’m confused in the timeline some
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