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for A Trip to Remember

10/21/2016 c6 8showerofcunts
When will that more come? I wanna see them grow tiger her fighting evils and going through normal sister staff as well and is Kim only Paige's white lighter? Or all of them? And how can she throw things around with her mind? Is she half witch too? You
9/25/2014 c7 showerofcunts
Can you update again whoop whoop haha
10/18/2012 c7 Vy67
I love your story...paige is SO cute and adorable! cant wait for her sisters to bond with her. ;p
Please update ASAP, cant stand the suspense... (TnT)
7/31/2009 c7 1icekrim91
interesting story...i love the plot and the idea of the whole thing..very good..can't wait to read more from it soon
1/23/2008 c7 askjhdashd
How touching.
6/26/2006 c7 13charmedbaby11
Please update soon
10/23/2005 c7 30CaseyJr
yeah,update,I would love to know the relationship betw.paigeand Phoebe(jealousy,litle fights...)
4/4/2005 c7 3washedout
3/4/2005 c7 andy20
cool chapter! yay! paige met patty! please update soon! :)
2/15/2005 c7 Susan
I am so glad you updated. I will be waiting for chapter 8.
2/13/2005 c7 futuregirl05
passions here , luv the chapter , update ASAP

5/29/2004 c1 16Witch
I just wanted to let you know that I care about all my reviewers and want to know how my fic is affecting them.

Your review really disturbed me and I'm not saying all this to make you feel bad or anything like that so please don't feel bad about anything!

I wasn't really sure about what you meant when you said that you weren't sure about what to do and that since reading my fic you have foudn the answer...

I hope to God... well at least the pagen gods that you mean you've decided to get help... i may be way off target here but i hope you meant that you've decided to get help and talk to someone about things.

I hope you don't mean that you've decided to take Piper's way out before Dan showed up... incase you weren't aware this story is based on my real life experiences to an extent, and i've thought about doing what Piper was going to in the last chapter but I got through that.

But i didn't do it by myself so I hope that you can too... in fact i know that you can too, but there is no shame in asking for help. I'm sure your loved ones would help you, and you can contact me at any time you want...

I just hope my fic is not causing you unessesary pain or hurt, this fic was meant to shed light onto the other side of self injury about the relatives of a self injurer... i hope that its not affected you in such a way that you feel badly...

I'm not trying to sound big headed saying that I could affect people this was but i wish that you could talk to someone about this even if its me, or your friends, your parents, a teacher, anyone... you shouldn't have to deal with this alone.

Contact me at anytime - preferably as soon as you read this - to let me know that you're alright... i do care about what you're going through and I won't judge or ridicule you.

Please contact me

Blessed Be

Witch x
11/22/2003 c6 Susan
I am glad you updated. I was afraid that you gave up on this story. Don't take too long to post the next chapter. A triology would be nice.
11/20/2003 c5 1Pandora-Halliwell
cool i love this story you have to write mreo i cant wait for you to write mroe i love this story!
11/12/2003 c2 41Home And Charmed
Hi me again just letting you know cuz you are just too nice i am putting u on my msn k it called don't be surpised
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