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for A Trip to Remember

8/5/2003 c4 55Alcandre
O, I want more! I really like this and hadn't realized it had been updated til now! I really want the rest!
7/14/2003 c4 2Phantom Tippy
7/10/2003 c4 3Charmedchic72
i loved it. is the nurse a whitelighter? never mind...obviously if she orbed. the question she paige's whitelighter? what's gonna happen next...i can't wait.
7/10/2003 c3 Charmedchic72
oh, i liked this chapter and the whole prophesy thing.
7/10/2003 c2 Charmedchic72
i liked this chapter, even if it was a bit boring. some things are needed to move the story along.
7/10/2003 c1 Charmedchic72
i liked it and now i will read chapter 2.
6/19/2003 c1 Charmedin London
Very good can't wait for the next chapter
6/5/2003 c4 Susan 23
I don't mind you doing a trilogy. I can't wait to find out more so please don't take too long to update. I hope you don't mind me pointing out that if those girls are the ones to fight that ancient beast than perhaps they might need someone to train them and maybe even be their bodyguard until they are ready. An example might be an immortal male witch known as the Firelord (a character I created but you can use him if you want to) the Elders appointed him as the Guardian of Childern and Gates. His job is to protect those under 18 years of age. He is so great with them and they love and trust him. The guardian of Gates part is because he is entrusted to enforce the restrictions the Elders placed on creatures of different realms. Creatures who disregard the restrictions meet a death by flames. This man is aware of ancient creatures and ancient magic and will be perfect for tutor and protector. He will be aware it is their destiny to kill the beast and he is the one to help them get them there. Only you know what is best for your story and where it is heading. I hope you don't mind the suggestion. I didn't know if you are having writers block or just don't have time to update. This story is getting better each chapter and I am waiting expectedly for the next chapter.
6/2/2003 c4 Susan
this sure is good. I can't wait to read when Paige really goes home and meet her family. please continue soon
5/27/2003 c4 17AMEDASANI
very sweey. PLease continue. It's very good.
5/2/2003 c3 KariAnn
Nice start.

Personally, I think if the grandmother of my adopted child told me she was a witch, I would think she was nuts and there would be no meeting. You might want to rework that. Maybe Penny should prove it to Julie.

You need to work on your spelling. You bear with someone. That person who has no clothes is bare. Your spell check can't tell you if you use the right spelling for the wrong meaning. Get someone to proofread it for you.

The story is interesting. I am keeping an eye out for your next chapter.
4/30/2003 c3 11hyperpiper91
Keep going this is awesome
4/30/2003 c3 9Charmed Writer P4
Do you even have to ask? Yes, continue, soon, please! This is absolutely awesome. I cannot WAIT for more, so please don't make me. lol. Fantastic job, keep writing
4/30/2003 c2 Charmed Writer P4
that was NOT boring! I love the sisterly teasing, it gives insight into their relationship. This is a really great story!
4/21/2003 c2 11hyperpiper91
Keep going please
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