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for The Night Unfurls (UNDERGOING REVISION)

5/20 c33 Sseth Enjoyer
Your remake got Thanos snapped. Everything alright there? We hope you are well.
5/8 c33 Guest
Yo mate what happened to your remake? I think it was been deleted please i hope you can answer this
3/13 c33 8Man285
nooo you can't end it hereee!
12/16/2021 c33 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
11/9/2021 c5 ace.cierra
"Don't open it"
... welp maybe you should've wrote that in the first page
9/23/2021 c1 1huongdaoroma
story is incomplete but not going to be updated again for sure. The story is labeled completed. It's a good story. Just a heads up!
7/5/2021 c31 Alexandar von Cartein Zarovich
Poor tieves and kids
6/8/2021 c4 3Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R
Good story so far,and each chapter is of very generous length.
6/8/2021 c1 Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R
Good intro chapter with hook aspect (hook the reader, interest).
5/22/2021 c23 leleletsrize
I remember someone complaining about the absence of a TVTropes page for this fic.
Made one here: /Fanfic/TheNightUnfurls
3/29/2021 c11 Mastersgtjames
this is beyond unrealistic. Some rando mercenary hurt him? fought on equal terms? bull.
Also, these enemies are Waaaaaay too competent.
3/29/2021 c8 Mastersgtjames
this... is inconvceivably dumb.
3/29/2021 c4 Mastersgtjames
ugh. wtf? Why is he just accepting being subservient to the upstart goddes? He has killed gods. As an Ascended hunter, I imagine that means he killed the Moon Presence, becoming a god himself. So, hows about he have some backbone and tell her no. He is not her servant, or her slave.
3/21/2021 c33 Bittersteel626
A truly beautiful story, wished you finished it but it was worth the read.
12/14/2020 c4 Reee
Claudia you jinxed it
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