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for A Day Off

4/10 c1 18Idreamofivan
That was cute!
2/5 c1 Ed
:) amazing
1/31/2019 c1 Bert
Very very good but, not long enough :)
12/24/2018 c1 Guest
It was a cute story. I enjoyed it ... besides loving the scenes with philip and poppy. S2
8/27/2018 c1 136Exceeds Expectations
this is incredibly sweet. i love the idea of our faves just having a cute day off from saving the world! good job :)
1/12/2018 c1 jojojurado
Oh that was lovely! I would like to read more from you!
1/5/2018 c1 Eric Bakke
I really enjoyed it. I think it actually would make a good episode.
9/14/2017 c1 21Jacob Denness
that was really endearing great work also i would add you need to do stuff like that just to keep your sanity
8/10/2017 c1 pottermind
this is an amazing story! I hope you write more Travelers fanfiction, because there is way too little!

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