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12/16/2022 c4 ANONYMOUS
I know you probably won't see this post but omg this is one of the best fanfictions I've ever read . I love your take on the characters and there relationships (especially stain) and I love the reference of Stan Lee, freaking brilliant . Anyway that's all!
10/17/2022 c6 cassnova5424
of course it ends here...*sigh* thx for the ride
10/17/2022 c1 cassnova5424
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
8/10/2022 c3 Guest
Finally, a fic where the heroes' actions have actual meaningful consequences.
Izuku pisses off multiple organized crime syndicates, yet Inko lives a very standard life that's never mentioned, except when she's moved into the 1-A dorms for not a single reason other than an implied 'why not'

Biggest reason All Might is so damn successful? It's not his strength or his idealistic spirit, mind you. It's the fact that he has zero known connections to any civilians. The only person in Japan people actually know he has a connection with is Nighteye, who runs an entire highly ranked hero agency. Only AFO knew about Nana, and that was cause Nana herself had OFA before him.

(personal rant below)
Probably why I hate most of BnHA is cause of how poorly developed the worldbuilding is and how character interactions don't matter if it doesn't directly make certain key characters look good. Also, Bakugo is simultaneously a very important, complex character yet at the end of the day is still a complete piece of shit. Ultimately, he's an asshole, yet is treated so well by people when he hasn't done anything to deserve it. Seriously, why the fuck did Izuku, after merely days of seeing him again, spill the most important secret he's ever been trusted with and understands to be integral to society, to his LIFELONG BULLY? Because he felt like he had to explain to Bakugo so he wouldn't feel bad? That's literally the entire (nonsensical, usually anyway) reason he hates Izuku so much.
God, BnHA has so much potential and interesting designs, but such piss poor J.K. Rowling level writing designed to appeal to people that don't think and just accept dogshit if it looks cool.
7/30/2022 c6 tim2604
Oh come on, for once we have an amazing story with Papa Deku, Mama Ochaco and sweet cinnamon roll Eri-chan, don't give it up. It's touching while not being too cheesy. The plot is great and I loved seeing all the old villains, especially Stain. I like how you pictured him. I love to see a darker Deku when someont threaten or insult the one he loves (especially Eri !). So pleaaaaaase I hope that one day you'll continue, this is too good to be already finished.
3/2/2022 c6 kidomaru uzumaki
This was an amazing story and I hope that one day you will continue it. Your storytelling of these events are well made and I could really see this all happening if canon had decided to go that route. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see you return to this story
12/17/2021 c6 4SoaringxDragon
Hopefully you continue this cause this is such a realistic take on things unlike the fairy tale crap that’s canon. From the moment Shigaraki watched the sports festival coupled with his visit to Izuku at the mall I always wondered why Inko or other families were never targeted like actual villains would do. So it’s great to see this. However, kind of weird that you had Izuku not even try to use his quirk to break the hospital room door down and had to have another nurse do it using their quirk.
10/18/2021 c6 jsha7281
Please just murder chisaki already into can pop a blood vessel in his brain
8/7/2021 c6 Guest
7/11/2021 c4 Mayathesnowqueen
Hi there I really like your story it's pretty cool the way your giving your POV without completly getting to much out of the plot, pls don't stop updating and keep up the good work
6/27/2021 c6 Navarone
Another great story seemingly dead, makes me incredibly sad to see.

Have a nice summer everyone reading this!
3/17/2021 c6 Joeys1231
3/15/2021 c6 Dr. Valentine
Holy shit, this deserved more favourites. It's such a breath of fresh air considering all the edgy, badly written Deku fics out there. Pity it hasn't updated in awhile, but understandable.
3/15/2021 c5 Dr. Valentine
Awww, meeting the Bakugo's was so cute. Really underutilized.
11/16/2020 c1 goten lssjb
when deku finds out you'll find out why you dont fuck with family
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