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2/6 c3 SephirothTrueHeartlessAngel
interesting...where's the rest?
10/14/2018 c3 Michaelluciferking
More please
9/24/2018 c3 draculyn28
Hi i liked your fic., i hope you continue at some point, greetings.
1/18/2018 c3 experiencerocker7
Love this please continue yeah
1/8/2018 c3 1yindragonkiba
Love it
12/8/2017 c3 Jojotheshadow
Amazing chapter, looking foward on what happens next. Naruto what is he?
12/7/2017 c3 SPark681
Something tells me Sheamus isn't long for this world and will turn soon anyways keep up the great work!
12/7/2017 c3 1grudgematch
Like it

Can't wait to see how the teams react to meeting Naruto
10/15/2017 c2 Jojotheshadow
When you going to be update this story? It already been while.
10/10/2017 c2 Clown Naruto
Nice story so far I like that kurama is a A.I update soon.
10/6/2017 c1 Rafael moraes
olha eu gostei dessa vez naruto vai luta contra as armas bio-organica da unblellar
8/29/2017 c2 1TheBlackCatSwordsman
Is Kurama similar to the queens shown in the RE movies or more in line with cortana from HALO?
8/23/2017 c2 Guest
Glad you update, and good story. But can't you at least make the story longer?
8/22/2017 c1 Guest
make more please
8/23/2017 c2 10Fido123a
This is cool. All I'd say is, think of your mobile readers. Less wall of text. Other than that it was fuck'n awesome!.
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