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12/26/2017 c4 disneygal18
The storyline is very good. It's entertaining, thoughtful and fairly true to character. My only issue is that a beta would have improved some of the English; I'm guessing that English may be your second language by some of the construct. It can detract from the flow of a great story when oddities in language pop up. I have to admit that I don't usually keep reading when the grammar gets in my way, but your storytelling is compelling enough for me to keep going! :)
12/24/2017 c14 2JavaJunkieGermany
Oh my heart!

My happy, sappy, poor little lost JavaJunkie heart 3
You put all the pieces back together!

Amazing story!
I have no problem imagining this was exactly what could have happened. You pushed them to their limits and out of their comfort zone. Luke having problems with the ILY is a thing I can totally imagine happening.

I love how you made them be content with what they had. Which is a crazy lot. A lot of wonderful things they've created for themselves. Because seriously, isn't what we all want a relationship like Luke & Lorelai's? They are perfection.
And you, with this story, proved that once again.

Very very well written! I absolutely adore you and can't wait to read your other stories :*

Merry Christmas and thank you again,
Julia :******
12/2/2017 c14 kgibson97315
*sobs* But, I wanted to see the wedding. In all seriousness though, I loved this story, and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Out of everything in the story, the thing I loved the most about it was Luke persuading Lorelai to let him come, because it’s what led to where they end up at the end of the story. In any case, thanks for writing such an incredible story! I’m saving this story so I can read it again in the future and relive everything I loved about it <3
11/30/2017 c10 kgibson97315
Ugh, I’m still sobbing after reading the next chapter! I’m just so happy that this fic exists, and that you were willing to write a story that resolved all the issues we saw in the Revival. Once I finish your story, I’ll have a clearer picture of how much I enjoy this fic, and I’ll let you know about it in my review.
One more thing, I know I don’t have to do the s, but I’m gonna apologize for all my reviews. I just have a tendency to forget what I want to say if I don’t write it down, which I usually forget to do, so it’s why I write a review on the chapter/story on here lol.
11/30/2017 c9 kgibson97315
Okay, I’m now sobbing, that chapter was beautiful. I always thought it’d be wonderful to see Luke and Lorelai have their own kid, to see Luke holding his son or daughter, and them watching their kid grow. But to me, all that is better as a thought than a reality, if that makes sense. Like you said in your A/N, they’re happy and that’s what matters to you, and it’s what matters to me. They don’t need a kid to have the whole package/their middle, cause they seemed happy with the way things were the past 9 years. Bleh, I’m rambling. But, my point is, this chapter was beautiful, and I’m glad the kid thing is resolved (unless there’s more to discuss in future chapters. It seems complete to me, but maybe there’s something I missed that you want to bring up).
11/30/2017 c7 kgibson97315
I wanted to make a quick comment before I forget: it was funny to hear Luke actually took a duck selfie with Lorelai, it was fun to picture lol. Anyway, still loving your story so much!
11/26/2017 c1 kgibson97315
I just wanted to say how much I’m already enjoying the story! I always believed it was good that Lorelai went on her own, but you convinced me that maybe Luke going with her will help fix what issues they’ve dealt with over the years since they’ll be away from the town, and it’ll just be them on the trail, leaving the, to face their issues. I’m excited to read this whole story! I’ll be back to review a chapter on the future! (Or maybe wait till the end, I haven’t decided yet lol)
9/26/2017 c14 tina
oh god they've really been through SO MUCH! and apparently they can make it through everything bc they are so meant for each other. i love how they trust each other so much now, and how they both understand each other deeper than ever. i still can't put everything into words bc i'm still speechless about the whole thing but i just want to let you know that this is such a great story, and this deserves so much praise. i know this was really big for you, and you should be proud of it. i couldn't be more proud of you and i'm so glad to be a part of this journey of yours. congratulations, anja! xoxo
9/23/2017 c14 IowaHawkeyeFan
Thank you for such a wonderful story. You captured L and L so well and look forward to your future stories, whether it's an epilogue or something brand new!
9/23/2017 c14 17frazzledsoul
So I've delayed reviewing the other chapters until we got to the end and I just have to say I'm very happy with the way this ended and I'm so proud the final product is out there in the world.

I also love that there was an "I love you" for the engagement scene since so many people (including myself) felt that it was specifically missing that.
9/22/2017 c14 24Natalie122333
A sweet, perfect ending. I really like the part where Lorelai made Luke promise that they would kiss for at least three seconds a day :) I feel like we didn't get nearly enough kisses in the revival! (maybe there will be a couple in the deleted scenes on the DVD? I sure hope so!)
Anyways, thanks for writing and sharing this lovely fic!
9/22/2017 c14 Takemewhenyougo
Not much of a reviewer but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this story! It was written perfectly and it was funny and smart too and theres nothing like it. Most stores are over done or not written well. Can't wait to see what you will write next, I will definitely be on the look out.
9/22/2017 c14 CountessCora
Thank you for such a lovely story! The pleasure is all ours, everyone who read this beginning to end and shared the journey with you, Luke and Lorelai. I hope you do write an epilogue because there are a lot of directions you could go with it! Best wishes! Xoxo E
9/22/2017 c14 kpop381
No! It can't be over! I guess all good things must end. I loved this last chapter. Lovers reuniting, promises made, homecomings, and one of the best Luke declarations I've ever heard! So my first reaction was WHAT? Did they get their magical fresh baby? But as I thought about it, maybe we shouldn't know. Those readers who want them to have a baby can imagine they did. No one would be disappointed. But who doesn't love a great epilogue! Thanks for a wonderful and "wild" story!
9/16/2017 c13 IowaHawkeyeFan
I am not ready for this story to be over. You have written them exactly as I picture it in my mind. You have a gift, so I hope to see more stories from you in the future. I loved the direction you went with this and look forward to the final chapter!
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